12 July

Stop Doing These 8 WordPress Web Development Mistakes

WordPress Web Development Mistakes

WordPress is one of the highly acquired platforms for developing simple to complex websites. It is a powerful tool for enterprises to create their digital presence and showcases the same to the targeted audience.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert professional, committing some mistakes is common. Even most people who are familiar with custom WordPress development do a lot of mistakes and learn from them to make their platform better and operational.

Similarly, if you are thinking to avail of WordPress customization services for your next project, then better to look for possible mistakes. Because such mistakes can adversely affect your website in the coming time and hamper the performance of your business.

So, instead of feeling regret at the later stage, the ideal way is to look for the below-mentioned 8 WordPress web development mistakes.

1. Stop Using Poorly-Coded Themes

It is the initial stage of thing to look into when you decide to develop a feature-rich WordPress website from the scratch.

Most of the time, what enterprises do is pick up the already build WordPress theme from the repository, download it for free, or even purchase it from a vendor. In the midst of all this, enterprises never evaluate some of the most critical points of theme that we will be talking about here.

A. HTML Validation: In some cases, WordPress themes have invalid HTML that can cause serious rendering issues. It can affect both the website and user experience to an optimum extent. If something like this happens, then there is a big mistake on your part. When this happens, you started losing visitors and find a poor ranking of your website.

B. HTTP Request: There are times when some of the irrelevant WordPress themes load several fonts, scripts, images, and other types of files. This might happen on every page of the WP website. As a result, your website starts showing slow speed and results in downgraded performance.

2. Stop Using Page Builders

Those who are deeply immersed in WordPress must have got an idea of what we are talking about here. For some, page builders help to add and edit customized content to the WP site.

However, sometimes they create a whole lot of bloated code, load unnecessary HTTP calls, and introduce HTML errors. So, a better way is to avoid page builders and rely on the custom WordPress web development capabilities of a pioneer agency.

3. Stop Installing Excessive Plugins

One of the benefits of using the WordPress platform for web development is getting hands-on with so many free and paid plugins. All you have to do is install the plugin and ready to use it on the site.

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This is where the strategy might backfire at times. What happens is that some pre-built plugins are poorly coded, slow down the speed of the site, and have HTML errors inside.

Therefore, go the old-school yet profitable way of custom WordPress plugin development to create the required functionality free from irregularities.

4. Stop Ignoring Optimized Media

A common yet most affected mistake to avoid is to stop using the smartphone images on the WordPress website. When you click the image on your device, it looks larger that does not match the size criteria on the WP site.

Sometimes when you directly upload the image from your smartphone to the WP site, the website resizes it. But not at all times. Instead, use resize plugins on the site to make your visuals in the appropriate size and look.

5. Stop Skipping Updates

It is another common mistake when website owners skip the necessary updates time after time. As a result, the site starts losing its credibility by finding security, usability, speed, and performance issues. There might be several data breaches hole in your site that allow hackers to hack the data of businesses and customers.

6. Stop Ignoring Schema

When thinking about WordPress SEO services, schema plays a vital role in getting a positive impact on clickthrough rates.

It happens when your site gains click rates by gaining visibility on other high ranking websites.

Now, here comes the role of schema that manages the two-way communication between your website’s content and the entities within your content to relate to each other.

There are times when WP site owners forget to implement the schema. As a result of which their website fails to meet the SEO standards.

7. Stop Improper Configuration of Permalinks

Do not use default permalinks for creating the URLs of the WordPress site. Default ones are not relatable from the search engine perspective and can hamper your site page URL structure. So, you need to fix this issue at the early stage before creating additional links and indexing your site.

8. Stop Ignoring Backups

Another loophole experienced by WordPress website owners is ignoring the importance of automated backups. It is important to backup your necessary updates speed up the store, prevent hacking of the site, do necessary security patches, and more. Thus, try to get an automated back of this site at least or on a monthly basis.

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Final Note

Now, you might be aware of all the mistakes with WordPress web development. Next is to correct the same by getting in touch with a reliable WordPress web development company like WordPress India.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Worth Buying WordPress Theme?

Buying a WordPress theme totally depends on your requirement and budget. If you find the need to buy a paid theme meeting your business prerequisites, then you can do that.

2. Is WordPress Website Secure from Hackers?

Not just WordPress but other websites do not guarantee 100% security against hackers and cyberattacks. However, regularly updating the security patches and taking the automatic backup of your site can safeguard your platform against hacking.

3. What is the Exact Cost of WordPress Website Development?

The cost estimation cannot be decided like this. Several factors of the website are taken into consideration like features, functionalities, size, resources, challenges, complexities, and more.

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