28 November

Squarespace vs WordPress – Which is the better option for your business website?


WordPress has, by far, gained the reputation for being one of the most popular CMS Platforms but there are many other alternatives as well when it comes to beginner-friendly website builders. One of these is Squarespace, which has features that are comparable with the CMS and gives it tough competition. So if you are not a techie by core but still want to build an impressive web presence for your business, you can rely on one of these platforms. When it comes to making a comparison between the two, here are some parameters that you can consider and find the one that matches your requirements.

Ease of Use:-If you want to build a basic website in the easiest way, Squarespace is the clear winner. It makes Website Development as painless as it can be, even beating WordPress development in the game.

Squarespace:- With this platform, signing up for hosting or buying a domain name is not a worry. All you need to do is only sign up for a Squarespace account and you are good to go. Choose a template, answer a few simple questions and you have a working website. Now you can customize the text, images, and do more within minutes.

WordPress:- With WordPress, on the other hand, you need to sign up for hosting and buy a domain after which you can install the WordPress software before going ahead. Once WordPress is installed, you get a basic working website. There is a little extra involved this CMS but going further, it proves to be more customizable as compared to Squarespace.

Design Parameters:- When it comes to design parameters such as flexibility, customization, and responsiveness, each of the platforms has their own pros and cons.

Squarespace:- It offers around 60 clean, modern and professional design templates that can be used for creating a variety of online stores and fashion websites. It also facilitates a high level of theme customization. The entire templates of Squarespace are mobile responsive, which means that your site will be impressive enough irrespective of the device being used to access it.

WordPress:- There are thousands of WordPress Themes that you can pick from, making it a more flexible choice for business websites. The CMS relies on coding and plugins for customization which makes it comparatively more complex. Mobile responsiveness depends on the theme you choose because come older themes are not mobile optimized.

Features and Functionalities:- A huge library of third-party plugins and themes makes WordPress the winner on the functionality and control side as well while those in Squarespace are comparatively limited.

Squarespace:- With this CMS, you can make several changes from a single interface. These include content changes, design tweaks, analytics set up, choice of social share buttons, and control over the basic SEO settings for the page. On the other hand, the one front where it lacks is third-party plugins.

WordPress:- It has everything that Squarespace offers but much more too. Besides all the key offerings, it also provides tens of thousands of plugins which can be leveraged to enhance the functionalities of business websites. On the downside, this very feature increases the complexity and makes the interface less useful for the beginners.

E-commerce Compatibility:- If you are running an e-commerce business and selling goods online, you would want to compare these platforms on the basis of e-commerce

Squarespace:- It supports e-commerce with general functionalities needed for an online store. However, it misses on the plugin ecosystem that the other platform gives. Also, it supports only three payment gateways, namely Stripe, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Additionally, it charges a high transaction fee which elevates the merchant’s cost.

WordPress:- There are numerous WordPress Plug-In Development that can easily turn WordPress into a fully functional e-commerce store in just a few clicks. WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are two of the most popular ones. Besides these basic e-commerce plugins, there are tons of more to add functionalities to your store.

Ongoing Maintenance

Squarespace is a closed ecosystem, which means that you need not to worry about maintenance. Conversely, WordPress is an open ecosystem, requiring a more active maintenance approach.

Squarespace:- Maintenance and updates are not a concern because the platform itself handles them all. On the other hand, the major challenge is that it does not help you in site backups, which is one of the essential maintenance functionalities.

WordPress:- With this CMS, you need to handle updates (in software, themes, and plugins), security, and backups on your own. But the best part is that there are several plugins which help you with the same.

Cost:- Finally comes the most crucial parameter for comparison, which is the cost. The pricing depends on a range of factors which are further influenced by the kind of site you want to create.

Squarespace:- The pricing plans of this platform are well-defined, making it easier to come up with a cost estimate when you start working with it to build the site. It starts at $16 per month as the cheapest plan and the e-commerce plan reaches to $46 per month.

WordPress:- This one is comparatively expensive as it includes the cost of hosting and domain, in addition to the expense to Hire WordPress Developers to build your website. You can cut down the expense by opting for cheap shared hosting, but it can cause performance and security issues. Similarly, the use of paid themes and plugins may elevate the cost as well.

Squarespace or WordPress: The Final Word:- Even after going through the comparison, the choice between the two platforms may not be that simple. It really depends on your requirements; if you need a simple website and flexibility is not a concern, Squarespace is a solid option. WordPress, on the other hand, offers more in terms of functionality, flexibility, and ownership. This makes the latter the better choice for businesses. In fact, a large number of organizations are contemplating WordPress Migration if they already have a website on the other platform.

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