25 July

Key Tips For An Optimized Performance of Your WordPress website

An optimum loading speed of your website is necessary in order to ensure visitor retention and minimize bounce rate. Moreover, an efficiently loading website also ranks better in search engine results. In order to Optimize Website Performance, certain measures must be adopted. These include caching your web pages, deploying an efficient host, employing compressed images, keeping your database clean, employing the right theme and plugins, and etc. Let us see how these measures can be adopted for a WordPress website and help render an optimum performance to your WordPress website:

Enable Caching:- The saving of your web page files to the local drive of a website visitor so that the web page loads faster is called caching. A WordPress website can be cached by deploying plugins such as the W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

Deploying A Content Network Delivery (CDN):- A CDN is a network of globally distributed cache servers which serve website content based on the proximity of a website visitor to a cache server. Such a network system allows websites with high and distributed traffic to load its web pages efficiently. Moreover, a CDN can be integrated with the caching plugins of WordPress very easily.

Employ Optimized Images:- Heavy images hinder website performance and thus, it is necessary for you to employ optimized images on your WordPress website. With plugins such as the WP Smush plugin, you can reduce the file sizes of your images without compromising upon their quality.

Clean Website’s Database:- A lot of unnecessary information such as post revisions, deleted comments, transient options, and etc. are saved to a website’s database, which further slows a website loading speed. With the WP-Optimize plugin, you can delete such insignificant data and optimize your WordPress Website Performance.

Employ The Right Theme & Plugins:- Employing a badly coded theme and several Java Script heavy plugins on a WordPress website, hinder site performance significantly. Thus, ensure that you employ a W3C validated theme and a minimum number of plugins for your website.

With the implementation of the aforementioned measures, you can optimize your WordPress website’s performance and consequently ensure minimum bounce rate and good search engine rankings.

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