22 July

Important Factors To Select Plugins For WordPress Website Development

WordPress Plugin Development

Plugins are small codes designed to uplift the performance of a website. However, selecting an appropriate one is a challenging job to do. WordPress is a great platform to build a website, but some functionality that is missing can be added with the integration of plugins. WordPress has simply changed the traditional website designing with the inception of drag and drop user interface. Experts, as well as the beginners, can show their creativity in website designing with exceptional functionality. With hundreds of WordPress plugins available for the website development, one has to pick the right plugin having desired features. But before you simply opt plugins, here are a few factors that help you to find the perfect plugin for your website.

1. Read Reviews:- One of the simplest approaches to pick the right plugin is to analyze their ratings. The reliability factor comes with positive ratings. It basically means integrating a plugin having positive reviews and ratings, instead of randomly installing on the website. It would be a great decision to ignore a plugin having a rating below 4 stars. Installing low rating plugins will definitely hamper the performance of the website. You have to select higher reviews plugins before you install them on your website.

2. Number of Installations:- Another factor to select a plugin is to find out the number of active installations. This will help you to get a proper idea about its reliability, functionality, and usefulness. You can make the right decisions keeping all these factors in the mind. If you download the plugin from WordPress official website, then definitely you will get information regarding the number of active installations. As per the experts, one should opt premium plugins and not the free versions. Make sure the plugin you are selecting has a minimum of 1000 installations. You can also opt for the third-party plugins as they are also released by the WordPress Plugins Development team and offer the same level of functionality to a website.

3. Compare:- There are hundreds of plugins having similar functionality but to select a one check for certain aspects. Most of the free plugin that you hire can’t offer adequate performance to your website. It is hence suggested to do a background check so that there is no error in the near future. There are numerous websites that can help in boosting your website functionality without affecting the user experience. Sometimes a plugin’s size can cause slow loading of your website in comparison to your competitor’s website. In such situations, analyze the plugin you are using and check if it is too bulky for your website. If so, simply skip it and find another one offering similar functionality

4. Check Screenshots:- Plugin screenshots play a significant role in deciding the best one for the website. Most of the plugins available offer adequate screenshots, which definitely helps in analyzing the way a plugin could customize the functionality of the website. A description alone is not sufficient, which is the major reason behind checking the screenshots. There are plenty of reviews that reveal missing features when they installed the plugin which was mentioned in the description. In addition, the back-end view, as well as the features, can also be checked that you can include by installing a plugin. Another prominent way is to analyze the websites that have similar functionality as you are looking for your website. You can avail of the plugin details that they have integrated into their websites, which is again a great way to check the responsiveness as well as the actual feel of the plugin.

5. Testing:- There are numerous scenarios when you face issues related to the plugins that may slow down your website. This is because a plugin is not updated or appropriate for your website. Proper testing of the plugin is one of the important tasks that you need to undergo before making your website live for the audience. You simply can’t afford a lag with your website particularly if you are planning to launch your business website. Hence, it would be great to test the plugin before making your website live. Since the installation of an inappropriate plugin could impact the complete layout of your website, it is highly advised that you test before you deploy the website for the audience.

Wrapping Up:– There is no doubt that WordPress has completely transformed the conventional web development services. The availability of multiple plugins has significantly offered numerous possibilities to the WordPress Website Developers and beginners that are trying their hands on the CMS. One just has to take care of a few things related to the use of plugins as described above.

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