14 January

What New Security Changes WordPress 5.3.1 Release Bring?

New Security Changes WordPress 5.3.1

WordPress 5.3.1 was released last year in December 2019 and comes with multiple bug fixes, extensions, and security fixes. This latest version is mainly focused on security and maintenance features. With the removal of bugs and the availability of enhancements in the release, the productivity of WordPress development service providers has increased to a great extent.

Mostly, whenever a new WordPress version is released, users without any delay update to the current version to avoid any online threats. Experts suggest that update to the current version helps in making a website more vulnerable because bugs are removed and are an easy target for hackers.

Let’s discuss the major changes in terms of security & maintenance in the latest version.

1. Security Fixes
WordPress 5.3.1 resolved 4 security issues and all were reported by the WordPress community. These security issues were present in the earlier versions, from 3.7 to 5.3, that have been squashed in the new release.

  • Users having false access permission could make a post sticky via the REST API
  • The issue leading to cross-site scripting (XSS) to store in different links
  • Hardened wp_kses_bad_protocol() to make sure it knows the named colon attribute
  • An issue with a stored XSS vulnerability where it’s using block editor content.

If you want to stay away from such security issues, it is best to hire WordPress developers from a reputed development company having the expertise to deal with such issues.

2. Maintenance Updates
There are plenty of maintenance bugs in the earlier version but some of the important issues are highlighted like:

  • The earlier versions were full of unstable form controls but this latest version 5.3.1 introduced some prominent CSS and administration-level changes. Core developers cleared numerous top/bottom margins and added standardize height to all the control forms
  • The alternate color scheme readability issues
  • Troubles with the block editor including fix Edge scrolling errors and intermittent JavaScript errors
  • Twenty-Twenty theme: Include customizer option to show/hide author bio, replace smooth scroll with CSS and resolved Instagram embed CSS
  • Date/time: Fix non-GMT dates calculation, addressed date format output in particular languages and make get_permalink() more advanced against the PHP timezone changes.

To download WordPress 5.3.1, open Dashboard > Updates and select Update Now. But if automatic updates are enabled on the WordPress CMS, then this version is by default installed on your site.

Step by Step Instructions
Before you update to the latest version it is important to do a little bit of homework:

1. Save WordPress XML File to Hard Disk
This can be done by clicking on the Tools icon present in the left sidebar and then Export. Moving to the next screen you get Download Export File. Make a new folder on the hard disk to keep all the Website files. Give it a name like WP Backup to ensure all backup files for WP is saved there. It is a great idea to back up the XML file once a month regardless if an update is present.

2. Backup WordPress Database
If you are using a Managed WordPress Hosting platform, open your hosting Dashboard and create a backup-point. On most of the WordPress Managed hosts a feature is available to create a “backup-point” in the hosting dashboard which backs up your site at that instant of time.

These steps are very important before making any update to the latest version. It is the very first step followed by the WordPress customization service providers to business enterprises looking for update service. Running on the latest platform helps in improving the speed of the website. End-users avoid websites having slow loading speed and it is a big business loss.

Advantages of 5.3.1 Update

1. Block Editor Improvements
This update introduced more than 100 new features and usability changes, including advanced large image support for uploading heavy and non-optimized pictures taken from your phone or cameras. Combined with bigger default image sizes, pictures always seems best.

This latest release also introduced the Twenty Twenty theme providing the user additional design flexibility and integration. Creating beautiful web pages and advanced layouts have never been easier.

2. Advanced Design Flexibility
WordPress 5.3.1 introduced more robust tools for building amazing designs.
• The new Group block helps in dividing the page into colorful sections.
• The Columns block supports fixed column widths.
• The advanced layouts make it a cinch to arrange content into the latest designs.
• Heading blocks now offer controls for text and background color.
• Additional style options provide liberty to set the preferred style for any block that supports this feature.

Having several advantages, it is quite evident for the brands to go for the latest version with the assistance of WordPress development company having expertise in similar work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my WordPress version?
Log in to the WordPress admin dashboard and check at the bottom right of the page. The WordPress version is displayed on the screen. In fact, the WordPress version is displayed on every screen in the admin dashboard.

Is WordPress software free?
WordPress is free to avail of software and easy to download and use. But you will need WordPress Hosting to run a website on the web.

How do I upgrade WordPress?
WordPress can be updated with a single click. You can simply launch the update by opening the link in the new version banner or by checking the Dashboard > Updates screen. Once you see the “Update WordPress” page, click the “Update Now” button to start the process.

Will updating WordPress affect my site?
Updating WordPress doesn’t affect the theme. If you update plugins and CMS, your theme shouldn’t be affected. It is important to make a backup whenever you update your WordPress if something goes wrong restoration can be done easily.

Wrapping Up
WordPress 5.3.1 update brings out plenty of security features that will definitely make the life of the website developers simpler. If you own a website or looking to build a website from scratch it is the perfect time to get the services of this latest version. WordPress speed optimization service can be consulted to build an engaging as well as a secure website. They have all the resources to build, customize and migrate a website.

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