5 August

Top Security Measures For Your WordPress Website

Top Security Measures For Your WordPress Website

With frequent instances of WordPress sites getting hacked and the CMSs long history of security exploits, it has become difficult for organizations and individuals to trust the CMS for their website. But proper measures can actually render strong security to a website built upon the seemingly insecure platform. Here, follows a list of some of the important security measures for a WordPress Website :

Use A Strong Password:- Choose to employ a unique and strong login password for the admin panel of your website. Make sure your password is of an appropriate length and is a mixture of special characters, alphabets and numerals. Additionally, you can check the strength of your password by using an online tool.

Employ Security Plugins:- By employing suitable security plugins in your WordPress website, you can scan your website and hosting for potential threats and malware, remove them, block attacks and add security layers. Example of a popular security plugin is the WordPress Fence plugin, which has features such as website scan for malware and malicious code, blocking brute force attacks, and scanning website hosting.

Update WordPress Version, Plugins & Theme:- 83% of hacked WordPress blogs do not use an updated version, 23% of hacked WordPress blogs get hacked due to vulnerable plugins, and 29% of WordPress hacking instances have happened due to vulnerable themes. Looking at the data, it is important that one employs updated versions of WordPress Plugins, themes and the platform itself. Moreover, since the platform notifies about available updates through its admin dashboard, keeping your site components updated is not a difficult task.

Perform Regular Back-Ups:- Our digital world sees new kinds of threats everyday and it is very much possible that despite adopting the best security measures, your site gets hacked. So always keep copies of your website databases, content, images, and other website content. It will help you restore your website easily.

With the implementation of the above-mentioned measures, you can keep your WordPress Website Secure to a great extent.

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