24 April

What Steps are Required for Seamless PSD to WordPress Conversion?

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A website is the face of a brand and it needs to be different from others to stay ahead in the competition. It is very important to have a unique website and it is possible with WordPress CMS. It is the best website development platform having amazing features and functionalities. If you own a website developed in HTML or have just got a PSD design of the website, then you can easily create your website in the best CMS by hiring a professional PSD to WordPress Development company. Select them on the basis of their expertise and qualifications. In this post, we are discussing the steps needed to convert PSD to WordPress Theme.

1. Get a PSD Design File:- In this conversion process, the main element is PSD file which acts as a base of any website that is customized as per business needs. This file is offered by the client or a designing team can be hired to create the design file of the website. An expert designer knows every functionality of designing in this popular photo editing software. It is Adobe Photoshop and is used by designers all over the world.

It is a detailed approach and requires an experienced designer to design. Files need to be chopped and sliced into small sections that will be placed into the website theme. Save these sliced design elements in different folders so that no confusion is present at all. We will discuss the whole process in the next step. Photoshop software is used to slice the files for PSD to WordPress Conversion.

2. Slicing:- Once a PSD file is created, it needs to be sliced. Slicing is the process of breaking a single large image into several small images. The benefit of doing this in your HTML page is the faster loading of the web pages. A single large image will take a lot of time for the page to load, which ultimately affect the user experience. Image slicing is done with the tool present in PhotoShop. Normal, Fixed Aspect Ratio and Fixed Size types of slicing are available in PhotoShop for breaking a web page into small pieces.

Another method to slice the file is by using the ‘Slices from Guides’ option in the tool. The file will by default get sliced by this tool. Once the PSD file is sliced, make sure to save it. Go to file and click on “Save For The Web.” Save them in the ‘images’ directory, which you have created earlier.

3. Create Index.Html and Style.CSS Files:- The next step after slicing is to create index.html and style.css files. This helps to design the website as per the business requirements. In this step, a static HTML and a dynamic CSS is created to give the website a structure. Once these files are created, just name them as index.html and style.css.

Now, the PSD files designed and sliced in the above steps need to be placed to the right files that are created here. This is the best time to make a website responsive which is a very crucial element of website success. Dynamic designs are also added to the website in the development process.

4. Integrate Some Additional Functionalities:- WordPress is an open-source CMS, thus, there is no restriction to add functionalities and themes to get a highly innovative and appealing website as per business requirements. With this addition, we are done with the efficient completion of PSD to WordPress Conversion. An expert website developer will put some unique functionalities with his/her skills of coding.

Now, the website designed will be of top-quality because it is made according to the requirements, moreover, it is responsive as well as designed according to the latest trends. In fact, if you outsource a WordPress Developer, you can avail the power of this CMS to customize your existing website when required. So, with the help of WordPress, you can design, develop as well as edit the website with full liberty. A lot of themes and the plugins are supported to build a high-quality website.

Conclusion:- You may be thinking to perform the above steps by yourself, but we suggest you to avail a PSD to WordPress Conversion with the help of an expert web developer. An expert will understand the requirements and then convert the PSD design files accordingly by keeping all the design ethics in mind. Moreover, person without any knowledge about the conversion process can easily fall victim to the glitches and errors in the future.

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