16 December

A Complete Guide On How To Switch Your PSD To WordPress


Creating a website is a very creative work and if you want the best design then it should be attractive, user-friendly, robust and fast. If any of these criteria is not met then the website is good for nothing. Usually only experienced developers with good knowledge about PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript can develop the websites. However, today there are many techniques using which people with less knowledge can also design a good website.

WordPress is a free tool for the people with less knowledge about programming languages who want to create a beautiful and robust website. Moreover, there is an easy technique PSD To WordPress conversion to create images using images and below mentioned are the detailed steps about the process.

1. Slice PSD File:- Slicing is a process where the image design file is sliced and divided into different files and then attached to a website. Normally, image editing software is used for this process and it should be done accurately to get the best result. This feature is used by the developers to create different segments of the website. However, it is very important to know to slice the image file according to the segments or else the end result will not be as desired.

2. Creation of CSS and Index File:- After slicing the image files properly then the next step is to create CSS files and Index.html file and coders should have proper knowledge of HTML and CSS to accomplish this task. For better PSD To WordPress Responsive, CSS file should be modified accordingly. CSS file decides the format of the website and how the different segments should be arranged in the website. So, CSS file should be correct.

3. Breaking Index.html File:- Creating your own website using PSD To WordPress Conversion is the process of creating a new WordPress theme. So, while creating an index.html file it should be broken according to WordPress theme structure. Usually WordPress Theme file will have many php files like header.php, index.php, single.php, footer.php etc. So the index.html file should also be separated. However, one should be very careful while breaking because all files have their own functionalities and missing even one file may result in improper functioning of the website.

4. Add WordPress Tag:- This is the portion where a developer uses the functionalities and features of WordPress theme to add life to the website. There is no need of knowing hard HTML codes but above basic knowledge would be helpful. All the broken HTML files in the previous steps will be added with WordPress PHP codes to make it a complete theme. This task should be done carefully because these codes will decide how the website will function.

5. Add Functionalities:- Now as the complete theme is ready, you need to generate codes that can add functionalities to the website. Here also there is no need of knowing complex coding because there are many plugins that can be simply installed and configured as per requirement. Moreover, there is no need of going through line by line of codes to modify the website, that part will be taken care by the plugin itself.

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