16 June

Protect Your WordPress Website From Vulnerable, Old Plugins And Website Versions


Best WordPress Security Tips To Help Secure Your Site

Experts report that since May 27, a number of WordPress websites running the WordPress Mobile Detector Plugin, have become vulnerable to attacks by hackers. The vulnerability has been found in the file “/wp-content/plugins/wp-mobile-detector/resize.php”  of the popular plugin, that has further let hackers infect websites with porn-spamming scripts. The plugin vulnerability had put 10000 WordPress websites at risk. WordPress responded with an immediate removal of the plugin from its directory and has very recently, restored the plugin back along with the announcement that users must employ the version 3.7 of the plugin. If your WordPress website is incompatible with this version of the plugin, then you must upgrade the website to a compatible version.

The mobile detector plugin detects if a visitor is accessing a website through a standard phone or a smartphone, and thus loads a website theme that gives the most optimum view from a certain mobile device. The plugin makes use of advanced mobile statistics, image resizing, automatically formatted content, and detection of 5000+ mobiles to deliver the most comfortable user experience for a WordPress website. Such a plugin is highly relevant in today’s mobile-savvy world, where a huge number of population accesses the web through mobile devices.

The occurrence of the plugin vulnerability has raised web security concerns. Apart from following the standard guidelines of changing passwords frequently, installing a security and firewall plugin, installing plugins from a well-known name, one must keep their WordPress Plugins and themes, up to date as well. Since plugins and themes directly pose risk to breach of security of personal information, the most perfect and secure plugins and themes must be installed. Moreover, one can also enhance the safety of a plugin by its customisation. Often, expert WordPress Developers can help one choose the perfect plugins, customise them by creating another plugin that runs along with the existing one, and update a website’s plugin from time to time.

Another important measure that ensures security of a WordPress website, is its timely upgradation. Upgradation to a higher minor version such as 4.01 requires just a click while upgradation to major versions such as 4.1, often, requires replacing, deleting and creating new files.

Thus, with knowledge about the latest and secure versions of WordPress Plugins such as the Mobile Detector Plugin and ways through which you can keep your WordPress website safe and secure, you can ensure a hassle free browsing experience to your website visitors.

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