17 September

How To Fix WordPress CMS Pain Points Experienced During Website Development?

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WordPress is by far the most popular CMS in existence with 50% of all websites where the CMS is used. It’s an open-source CMS that has helped thousands of businesses to grow and achieve their desired goals. In addition, users can avail of the service of more than 50,000 plugins and thousands of themes to build engaging websites of different functionality. Unfortunately, no platform is perfect, and WordPress has some limitations too.

In this blog, we will find out why brands invest in WordPress Development Company before discussing a few issues individuals and small businesses face while using the CMS. We’ll also mention a few important tips on how to avoid these issues. Let’s find out.

Why WordPress is Best CMS?

We very well know that WordPress is the best in the world of content management systems:

  • Open-source

  • Thousands of themes and plugins available

  • Robust

  • Scalable

These factors are why businesses Hire WordPress Developers when other CMS’s like Drupal and Joomla are also available. It was developed particularly for the blogging purpose and is currently used to build a website for every purpose whether it is business, E-commerce, informative or social networking. In addition, it is supported by millions of users and every web host in the world.

Pain Points of WordPress CMS

All CMS’s have some sort of flaws and the flaws with WordPress impact the website performance to a great extent. Performance, security, and updates are some of the renowned factors of pain points which we will discuss in detail.

1. Security

WordPress security is a big concern for users. The core of WordPress is a bit secure but as a whole, it continues to be the most hacked CMS in the web development industry. This is basically caused by user error and the high rate of usage, making it an open target among hackers. Every WordPress update is released with some security fix. The other problem with this CMS is being an open-source, and self-hosted solution. Thousands of third-party plugins are available to use. If you aren’t attentive, you could end up installing a poorly-coded, and unsupported plugin having security flaws.

2. Performance

Site performance is mostly measured on the load time and is another complaint among the WordPress users. Again, it is mostly because of the WordPress’ open-source feature. The feature to customize the design of the website with a few basic clicks and several functionalities without knowing the code is amazing, but it is harmful from the security point. Every new theme and plugin adds a code to the website. A poorly-coded plugin if installed can have a bad impact on the website’s speed. The website performance will get lowered if you install unnecessary plugins into your website.

3. Plugin & Theme Updates

As discussed earlier a lot of security issues related to WordPress CMS is because of outdated versions of plugins. Since this CMS is a self-hosted solution, most of the website owners are expected to handle updates by themselves. However, the updates are known for breaking the websites they’re implemented on, several people feel the process a bit difficult or completely over their heads. Updates are a huge pain point for several website owners. They want to perform WordPress Theme Customization and update all plugins to ensure that the website is running in the most secure manner. But they’re afraid to update it because of the annoying situation which they’re incapable of fixing.

The process to Fix Pain Points

So how will you fix the pain points? Avoiding these issues is time-consuming, irritating and stressful. Switching to another CMS is not the right way to deal with the situation as it will lose all the functionality of your existing website. If you’re busy website owner who needs time to focus on business growth and not on the maintenance of the website, the best approach is to hire a reputed development company.

The experts working at the company will scan & update the website to ensure not a single breach happens. They will improve the website speed, update on a timely basis and share the report every weekend. You can avail of all of this at monthly membership.

The following are the time-saving and stress-preventing features:

  • Content and WordPress updates.

  • Installation and configuration of Security features.

  • Daily malware scanning.

  • Regular backups to the cloud, to ensure no data loss.

  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure the website remain live.

  • Installation and optimization of premium plugins to boost performance.

  • Image optimization with the installation and configuration of the Imagify plugin.

  • Database optimization to boost processing time.

  • Installation of plugins to generate leads, search ranking, and more.

With these features, it will be simple to secure the WordPress website as a whole from any threat.


WordPress is an amazing CMS and a development platform for building perfect business websites. But when we talk about the performance, security, and website backup, it needs some sort of expertise to manage. People are opting HTML To WordPress Conversion in large numbers as it helps to boost the website performance. That’s why it is important to install high-quality plugins and widgets on the website to make sure they don’t slow down the website performance at later stages.

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