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Optimize the Speed And Efficiency of Website with Best WordPress Caching Plugins

Best WordPress Caching Plugins

A slow-loading WordPress website can cost your business something you do not want. It can be in terms of potential customers leaving your website in frustration, loss of the target user base, reduced conversion, less profit, and several other implications. Overall, we can say that slow running website will have an adverse effect on your business. The only solution you have is of availing WordPress caching plugins & fix the rising issue completely.

What is WordPress Caching Plugins and How it Helps?

As you grow your WordPress website by adding more content, bringing additional plugins, and do major additions, it tends to load slowly causing performance to hamper. Rely on caching as a part of WordPress plugin development to temporarily store the data and improve loading speed.

When every time a visitor accesses your WordPress website when the content being generated and a lot going on in the background including multiple database queries and code executions. It is where caching plugin drops in to create a static version of your website and remove many of the steps that take place during the dynamic download of the page. In short, the WordPress caching plugins result in fasting loading of the webpages and ensuring an improved user experience.

List of Best 10 WordPress Cache Plugins to Choose From

WordPress cache plugin does a remarkable job not only of increasing the website loading speed. But also impressing its SEO, traffic, and website traffic. Most importantly, such plugins help your WordPress website to perform better and faster for your targeted customers. Now, you can hire WordPress developer to integrate the best chosen caching plugin.

But which one you choose out of a wide range of caching plugins list?

To solve this dilemma, we are here to help you by providing a list of the top 10 WordPress caching plugins both free and paid versions.

So, let’s get started.

1 . W3 Total Cache(free)

One of the best WordPress caching plugins is this W3 Total Cache which is free and open-source having millions of installations. It works efficiently for both desktops and mobile-friendly sites. It also boasts a useful companion of websites and SSL certificates that make an ideal solution for eCommerce websites.

Best Features of W3 Total Cache

  • Completely free to use to really fast-forward the website and optimize the same.
  • It has thousands of impressive reviews and millions of installations.
  • It is compatible with all sorts of hosting options like dedicated servers, clusters, and shared hosting.
  • It offers cache for all mobile environments.
  • SSL support is provided to make the online store runs faster.

Source: W3 Total Cache

2. WP Rocket (paid)

WP Rocket is one of the most user-friendly WordPress caching plugins well adopted by several website owners. It is available in both free and premium versions. It has a simple interface and easy to set up without requiring much technical knowledge.

Best Features of WP Rocket

  • It is a user-friendly cache plugin that is easy to set up even by beginners without facing any technical difficulty.
  • It is highly useful for database optimization that helps to clean your WordPress database and remove a number of resources being used at a point.
  • You can preload cache using this plugin.
  • Receive tools for both minification and concentration.
  • You can optimize the Google fonts.
  • Complete support for object caching.
  • Fully compatible with Kinsta’s server-level caching.

Source Link: WP Rocket

3. Comet Cache (free+paid)

Comet Cache is another reputable WordPress Caching plugin which is available in both free and premium version. It is a plugin and plays option that allows developers to install and activate the same. For getting information on this plugin, a whole sort of information in the form of a blog and documentation is available to better understand the plugin. The difference lies with the free and pro version is setting off automatic updates with the later one and doing the manual check.

Best Features of Comet Cache

  • It offers a fast configuration and a reasonable backend for setting up caching within minutes.
  • Caching can be done on categories, posts, tags, and posts.
  • Using the paid version, you can enable automatic cache clearing. It allows you to set up the caching preferences and forget the same in the future.
  • It gives the benefit of caching the RSS feed to ensure none of the content syndications is delayed.
  • Primary and base features are available in a free version that does not require you to go for the paid version.

Source: Comet Cache 

4. Hyper Cache (free)

Hyper Cache is an open-source plugin that does not require you to pay even a single penny for it. This plugin offers an excellent solution on the high-end server and low-resource hosting option. It completely relies on PHP without needing any complex configuration. So, developers can simply run the plugin directly after the installation.

Best Features of Hyper Cache

  • The plugin is free of cost to install and activate. It does not have any paid plan.
  • It helps to cache pages on small devices like smartphones and tablets as well.
  • You will get CDN support to tap into a large network of servers and speedup up the website.
  • It further helps to cache the blog pages on which users comment.
  • It manages compression even for non-cached pages.
  • It moves the complete cache folder away from the blog resulting in taking complete backups of the website cache folder.

Source: Hyper Cache

5. WP Super Cache (free)

It is another open-source WordPress caching plugin that is easy to install and activate. This plugin is available at the top of the list whenever you search for the free cache plugin. It does not require any updates and upgrades after installing this plugin and ready to use in a hassle-free manner.

WP Super Cache offers free different modes of caching web pages. Simple Mode, Expert Mode, and Advanced Mode. The best suggestion is to use the Simple caching mode to compress pages, do simple caching, cache rebuilding, and CDN support.

Best Features of WP Super Cache

  • It has a proven track record of caching services pages of all websites, regardless of the size.
  • Find automatic updates of the plugin without installing it again and again.
  • It offers user-friendly backend support, especially for beginners.
  • The cache is best integrated with CDN support to better distributing the files.
  • The cache rebuilding feature of the plugin helps to cache the blog where the comments are posted.

Source: WP Super Cache

6. Cache Enabler (free)

Cache Enabler is yet another open-source cache plugin that helps in the overall process of WordPress development for enterprises. It is powered by Kinsta CDN which is fast and reliable in terms of WordPress multisite support. It appears to be the first-ever WordPress plugin that serves WebP images without needing JavaScript.

Best Features of Cache Enabler

  • It offers a unique way to serve up WebP images and convert the images to WebP format.
  • It is by far one of the easiest cache plugins that offer a user-friendly interface and configure all the pages.
  • It provides the display of the actual size of the cache space is taking up inside.
  • Minification is possible for both inline JavaScript and HTML.

Source: Cache Enabler 

7. WP Fastest Cache (free+paid)

Available in both paid and free version, WP Fastest Cache offers a distinctive range of features. With the free version, you can do the initial phase of caching the pages. While the paid version offers you more premium features as per your diverse requirements.

  • The Settings is easy to understand even by a beginner with having several lists of checkboxes with information in each setting.
  • Upgrade quickly to the premium version right in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Easily combine JavaScript and minify CSS.
  • You will find CDN integrations possible without much configuration.
  • Find separate space of image optimizations that allows you to find the exact space left for the caching.

Source: WP Fastest Cache

8. WP Smush.it (free)

This plugin is based on Yahoo Smush. It serves the purpose of optimizing images and remove unnecessary bytes from the files. It uses the lossless formats without finding any difference in the quality.

Best Features of WP Smush.it

  • Strips use un-used color from images.
  • Strip mete data from JPEG images are not needed.
  • Optimize JPEG compression.
  • It integrates well with Smush.it API

Source: WP Smush.it

9. NitroPack (free+paid)

NitroPack is an effective WordPress caching plugin that automatically optimizes web pages in less time. It is more than just a plugin, rather a WordPress speed optimization plugin. Just add your website and install the connector plugin to find how it aggressively optimizes all the pages in the shortest possible time frame.

  • Automatic optimization of the web pages.
  • It supports WordPress and other CMS.
  • It includes global CDN and automatically configures the same.
  • It consists of various cache types including page, browser, and more.
  • Automatic image optimization.
  • Converts images to general formats.

Source: NitroPack

10. WP Super Minify (free)

This open-source plugin offers the benefit of minifying to combine HTML, CSS, and JS files so that they can be compressed and served to visitors. In a way, it helps to reduce the website loading times. Additionally, it offers the option to disable compression of JavaScript or CSS in case of avoiding any conflict.

Best Features of WP Super Minify

  • It minifies JS, HTML, and CSS.
  • It offers the option to disable compression of CSS or JS.
  • It is extremely straightforward and easy to use.

Source: WP Super Minify

Final Thoughts

Caching the WordPress website inclusive of all the web pages, comments, and blog section are important to witness the optimized performance. Find here the comprehensive list of best WordPress caching plugins available in both free and premium versions. Get complete assistance from WordPressIndia as a reliable WordPress web development company to offer you the best caching assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cache on WordPress Website?

Caching is the process of temporarily storing information enabling the computer system to quickly access the files. Similarly, WordPress Caching plugins perform the same task of accessing the static information of the webpage and makes it download quickly and efficiently.

Why Caching WordPress Website is Important?

Sometimes your WordPress website takes time to download the webpage, especially during high-traffic times. The downside of the website creates a negative impact on users to wait for more usual than expected. As a result, customers might leave your website. Thus, caching is important to improve the loading speed of the website and make it easily accessible for visitors.

Which WordPress Caching Plugin is Better Free or Paid?

It all depends on the website requirements. Free and paid-to-cache plugins have their own set of features, limits, and advantages to meet your diverse needs. At the initial level, the best recommendation is to go free the WordPress caching plugin to experience its performance. At a later stage, you can switch to the paid version accordingly.

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