8 October

Is It Safe To Use Nulled Themes And Plugins In WordPress?


WordPress users are well-aware of the significance of choosing the right theme and plugins for the website as these have a considerable impact on its appearance and functionalities. Besides the free and premium WordPress Themes, nulled themes is another option that users and developers may come across during their tryst with the platform. Before going further and finding the implications of using such themes and plugins for your website, it would be better to get a complete overview about them.

What are WordPress Nulled Themes and Plugins?

Nulled themes and plugins are the counterfeited copies of the corresponding premium WordPress Themes and Plugins which are distributed unethically on the web. Those who distribute these items argue in the favor of doing so because WordPress, along with its derivatives such as themes and plugins, is covered by General Public License, which means that copying and distributing them is just fine. With this, nulled WordPress themes and plugins seem like an attractive proposition as these are available for free downloading but everything is not as great as it seems.

But have you ever thought what would motivate the providers to deliver premium themes for free? There’s the catch! Such themes and plugins usually originate at suspicious sites and are illegal as you are not paying for them before downloading them.

  • They are capable of doing harm to your website as they have hidden, malicious codes inside an encrypted script. The codes may codes infect your files or run the provider’s ads on your site.
  • They may also fill the website with banners, pop-ups. and spam links. This can render the site slow and increase its bounce rate.
  • In fact, nulled themes and plugins have been identified as a major reason for websites being hacked. This can even cause theft of personal data of the users from the site.Primarily, nulled themes and Plugins can be a big security concern for WordPress Ecommerce Development Services in particular. The reason is that these can pull the key customer information from the database and give their access to unauthorized people. This can be a critical issue for the sellers as it heightens the risks of fraudulent transactions and loss of confidential financial data of the customers.

NO SUPPORT OR UPDATES:- Since nulled themes and plugins are not downloaded legally, you cannot get support if anything goes wrong. Things have to be resolved at your own end. Similarly, you cannot avail the latest platform updates as they are released, which keeps you deprived of the improvements and bug fixes that come with the updates.

SEO Issues:- Another reason that nulled themes and plugins should be avoided is that they can cause serious SEO issues which result in loss of website rankings. They are usually infected with spam and are used to acquire leads for low-ranked pages with black-hat SEO strategy. Since Google penalizes the website that hosts spam links, this practice can have a dire impact on your search rank.

Malware:- Nulled themes or plugins are absolutely useless for your website as they are usually loaded with malware. They can bring a host of problems such as pop-ups, ads, and viruses for the site. This translates into hampered user-experience as well as a security risk for the site and the visitors.

Conclusion:- Considering the serious implications that downloading nulled themes and plugins may have, it is advisable to avoid them. It is better to purchase premium versions rather than opting for pirated ones to save money because you may actually end up spending more for resolving the issues that their use may cause for your business website.

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