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Is It Safe To Use Nulled Themes And Plugins In WordPress?

Is It Safe To Use Nulled Themes And Plugins In WordPress?

WordPress themes and plugins are wildly popular among web developers and designers worldwide. But there are significant risks associated with using nulled themes and plugins for WordPress websites. These risks outweigh the benefits. Whether it’s WordPress eCommerce development or a CMS solution development, it’s safer to avoid these themes and plugins.

Choosing the right themes and plugins has always been crucial to WordPress web development. These are the elements that make your website efficient and attractive. Nulled themes are another option for developers besides using free and premium themes. Nulled themes offer a few benefits, like saving costs. But the risks they possess make them much costlier than you think.

What Exactly Are Nulled Themes & Plugins?

Simply put: nulled themes and plugins are pirated versions of premium themes and plugins from WordPress. As you can guess, premium themes and plugins and expensive. That’s the most common reason so many people are drawn toward the pirated versions that come for free. Every premium theme has a license similar to authentic software. It makes them reliable.

Pirated themes are unsafe and entail risks of severe damage to your WordPress development process. In this blog, we’ll discuss the most potential risks associated with nulled themes and plugins.

Risks Associated With Nulled Themes & Plugins

1.Malware Attacks
Malware is common in nulled themes and plugins. Pirated software usually contains lots of additional content that are malware. Once you’ve installed a nulled theme on your website, malware codes inserted by hackers become active on your site. You can imagine the risks of having active malware on your website. These risks become more intense if we’re talking about an eCommerce website with payment gateways.

2. Security Vulnerabilities
Nulled themes and plugins don’t offer normal security updates. Hence even they don’t have any malware, they’re not safe to use. Users of nulled themes and plugins are not connected with the developers of the original software. So even if the developers discover a vulnerability and release an update, null themes won’t get that update. That means you’d continue using the themes with higher risks.

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3. Lack of New Features
Since nulled themes and plugins don’t automatically get updates, users don’t get any new features. The updates usually include UI improvements, patch security flaws, and deal with bugs, among other things. Newer versions also improve the compatibility of themes and plugins. With nulled themes and plugins, you neither get new features nor better compatibility. To get new features based on your business needs, choose WordPress customization that fulfills your requirements.

4. SEO Problems
Nulled themes and plugins are also bad for your website’s SEO. These software tools are usually infected with spam that damages the site search engine ranking. This is because Google penalizes websites with spam content. So, if you’re serious about SEO, the last thing you should do is to use nulled themes and plugins.

How to Detect Malware in Nulled Themes & Plugins

If you’re already using nulled WordPress themes and plugins on your website, there are ways you detect malicious codes.

To manually scan the malware you need to access the backend of your website. Log into your hosting account and scan the website by browsing the file manager. You can also hire WordPress developers to make the job easy for you.

You can also use a plugin to detect the malicious codes in your themes. Install a WordPress security plugin. Make sure that you install the right security plugin since there are so many of them out there.

Wrapping Up

Avoiding nulled themes and plugins altogether is the best suggestion we can give you for a WordPress website. These pirated themes and plugins expose your site to security vulnerabilities. They also become obstacles to the website’s performance. By hiring programmers form a WordPress development company, you can build the desired website without using any nulled themes and plugins.

At WordPress India, we’ve been crafting websites with seamless performance and robust security. The team of our developers knows well the dangers of using nulled themes and plugins. By using authentic plugins and themes, we make sure every client gets high-performing websites.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is nulled software?

Nulled software, like WordPress plugins or themes, are pirated versions of premium software. These products have been probably stolen and modified, and available for free. Nulled themes and plugins, however, possess a range of risks. Firstly, you are stealing, and besides, the software is likely to include malware.

Q. Is nulled software illegal?

Yes, they are illegal. Nulled themes and plugins are illegal. Because they are products that have been stolen by removing the license key and other copyrighted materials. There are a lot of websites where you can download nulled themes, for free. These are illegal alternatives to premium software.

Q. What is WordPress website development?

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System. This platform is developed using PHP and My SQL. WordPress also includes plugins and templates to modify the website development process.

Q. Can you build an eCommerce site with WordPress?

Yes, you can use WordPress to build an eCommerce website.
You can easily add the eCommerce functionality to a WordPress website with a plugin. Besides, you can also choose WooCommerce that has been a core part of the WordPress development community.

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