21 September

Why WordPress Is An Ideal Choice For Building Non-profit Websites?


Like any other organization, an NGO needs an online presence too. An NGO, though, needs to ensure that the development cost of building a website is a bare minimum. Considering this need, a non-profit must choose a website building platform that offers minimum costs of development. Additionally, the platform must also offer themes and functionalities that are relevant to a not-for-profit organization. Let us see how WordPress fulfills the needs of an NGO website effectively:

Free Open-source Software:- WordPress provides free and open-source code for building any website. The open-source code allows extensive customization and the free of cost software primarily leaves you with the cost of development.

NGO-centric Themes:- There are a variety of free NGO-centric themes that are available for deployment for a WordPress website. Some of the top examples are Charitas Lite, Danko, and Social Organisation. In addition to free options, there are several feature-rich and paid options such as Charity WP, that are available too.

Free Events Calendar Pro Plugin:- Typically, a non-profit regularly launches fundraising events, workshops, conferences, and etc. With the events calendar pro module, an NGO can showcase an event calendar on its website, manage attendees, sell and collect tickets, and import events from its Facebook page. Moreover, all these features can be availed for free by a registered non-profit. Additionally,event calendars can also be mailed to interested parties by integrating another free plugin, the Event Calendar Newsletter plugin.

Free Form Plugins:- Be it for volunteer-sign-ups or accepting donor information, forms are an integral necessity for an NGO website. WordPress provides free form plugins such as Contact Form 7 and Ninja forms that allow you to build customized forms.

Free Donation Plugins:- There are several free WordPress Plugins that allow not-for-profit organizations to accept donations. A highly rated and popular plugin is Give, which comes with a host of features such as accepting multi-level and custom donations, ability to send customized emails, and etc. Moreover, the plugin does not charge any commission on a donation.

Other Free Plugins:- Like any other website, a non-profit website needs a host of common functionalities such as performance optimization, search engine optimization, and security. Most plugins rendering these functions are free of cost.

Easy SSL Configuration:- Even if you are able to appeal potential donors to your cause through your website, unless you do not give them a sense of security, it is highly unlikely that they donate online. In order to make it easy for donors to trust you, getting an SSL certificate for your website is highly recommended. Once you purchase the certificate, you can easily configure it by installing the really simple SSL WordPress Plugin.

Considering the above-mentioned reasons, it won’t be surprising to know that a number of notable non-profits such as the Columbus foundation and Cure International use WordPress for their websites.

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