29 December

Things to consider while Migrating Shopify to WooCommerce

Shopify to WooCommerce

It is clear that as your company expands and changes, your eCommerce store must offer you the best tools and functionality to stay competitive in addition to providing an amazing user experience for your customers. Today one of the top eCommerce platforms is WooCommerce.

If you are Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce are the top-performing eCommerce platforms, with WooCommerce coming out on top for a number of reasons. While WooCommerce is your tool of choice and one that you recommend, understand that it isn’t the only option available and that you should use the one that works best for your company.

 However, if you are migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce website but are currently using Shopify for your eCommerce store, you have the solution for you as well as a few benefits of the switch for your company.

Why do you require migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce?

Let’s go over how to do it now that you understand why you require migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce website. It’s crucial to first set up your WordPress website because WooCommerce can only function on the WordPress platform.


Being an open-source platform, WooCommerce’s offering stands out from the competition in that it gives you the freedom to completely customize your online store. This gives you the opportunity to provide a remarkable shopping experience for your customers and allows your online store to perfectly complement your brand.

2.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WooCommerce has taken great care to ensure that the platform’s SEO performance is superior to that of the opposition. WooCommerce development company made sure users could edit every component of their SEO in order to achieve this, giving store owners more control. Additionally, WooCommerce has a fantastic selection of SEO plugins that help websites adhere to the strictest technical SEO guidelines, giving online shops a better chance to rank higher on Google.


WooCommerce’s adaptability and customizability features are huge advantages. In contrast to Shopify, which is closed-source and has limited flexibility, WooCommerce is an open-source platform, allowing for unlimited source code copying, modification, and change. 

More than 50,000 free plugins in the WordPress plugin directory can help with all design, functionality, and marketing aspects, enabling you to create an amazing online store with all the flexibility you could possibly need.


There is no free service option available on the pricey platform Shopify. In addition to paying a monthly plan fee, you will also have to pay a monthly fee for any add-ons that provide functionality. For example, a wait listing add-on that notifies customers when products become available could cost you $15 per month, whereas the same extension on WooCommerce will cost you $50 per year. 

In addition to the fees levied by payment gateways like PayPal or credit cards, a transaction fee of between 0.5 and 2% (depending on the tier) is applied if Shopify payments are not activated. On the other hand, WooCommerce doesn’t impose any additional transaction fees.

WordPress and WooCommerce are both free platforms; the only expenses a website owner has to pay are for their domain, hosting, and any add-ons they may want for their site. The flexibility and customization features of WooCommerce are some useful things for website development because they let you pick the extensions that are most directly related to your website’s functionality rather than paying for long-term ones that you might not actually need, as is the case with Shopify. Hire developers to start migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce website. Visit their blog here for a detailed explanation of how much a WooCommerce store costs.


The WordPress and WooCommerce communities are tight-knit, cohesive groups of like-minded individuals who want to grow and succeed together. WooCommerce offers exceptional support because all forums are supported and kept up-to-date by dedicated volunteers and contributors who want to make sure that top-notch software powers the internet. The primary focus of WordPress is community success over individual success.

6.You are not locked in

Similar to point one, except that Shopify locks you into their platform. You’d be stuck if Shopify decided to raise their prices by 10 times tomorrow. You aren’t tied to a platform or pricing structure when using WooCommerce and WordPress, so you can easily move your website to a new host or switch website maintenance companies.

How Will You Migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce

The three options listed below can help you to migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce website.

1.Use a Professional If You are not that sure

Before you dive into the specifics of migration, you must warn that hiring a professional web developer with WooCommerce experience is advised if you feel unsure or unconfident about carrying out the process yourself. Call us at Strong Digital to speak with a member of our team who is knowledgeable about WordPress and WooCommerce.

2.Manually Import

Your best option for migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce website is to use this simple, free method. Initially, export and download your Shopify Store’s product data.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and click on the WooCommerce button > Products. Select the Import option at the top. Here you will find a built-in product CSV importer – more information here – That will make the whole process significantly easier. Click Choose File and select the CSV file that you want to import.

You need to see a Column Mapping screen – At this point, WooCommerce will attempt to match your Shopify CSV file’s column names to the product fields. Using the dropdown menus to the right of each row, you can map some of these yourself, which is where things could get a little tricky.

After choosing to run the importer, wait for it to be completed. It is advisable to use either the Customer or Order or Coupon CSV Import Suite extension ($79) or the Migrate and Import Shopify to WooCommerce extension ($79) to migrate customer and order data from Shopify.

3.Use Cart2Cart

Seamless transfer of store and customer data to your WooCommerce store is made possible with Cart2Cart’s assistance in just four easy steps. More details on the Cart2Cart extension are available here. This paid service, with prices starting at USD$69 depending on the size of your store and the data you want to migrate, isn’t offered for free. 

Wrapping Up

If you do not feel convinced to use an eCommerce platform that has limited functionality you need to start thinking about incorporating WooCommerce into your business. In the end, you should be doing what’s best for your company, which is, having an eCommerce platform that both provides exceptional user experiences and aids in the expansion of your company into a profitable one.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q1.Can you migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce?

With a single solution, migrate your Shopify store to WooCommerce. With a few clicks, convert your Shopify store to WooCommerce. Migrate Shopify to the WooCommerce plugin, which allows WooCommerce to import Shopify’s products, orders, coupons, blogs, and pages directly.

Q2.When should I move away from Shopify?

Management of content. Shopify is designed exclusively for the sale of products; it is not a content management system. Avoid using Shopify if you want to combine the items you want to sell with a lot of rich content, such as videos, carousels, and other things that are not on your website.

Q3.Why migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce?

Although Shopify lets you export customer information and orders, you must pay a fee to back up your website’s layout and configuration. However, WooCommerce offers a wide range of fantastic, cost-free backup options. And Jetpack Backup is a fantastic option if you require more sophisticated functionality.

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