28 December

How To Undergo WordPress Upgradation Manually All By Yourself


People with a WordPress website or a blog many time wonders what is to be done when they get the notification symbol asking them to upgrade to the latest version. Although WordPress Upgradation is a very simple process using just few mouse clicks yet, certain things can go wrong. It is always recommended that the websites must be upgraded as per the latest releases made by WordPress. However, you have to consider the associated risks and then decide whether to upgrade or not.

One big reason why people are recommended to keep their WordPress website and blogs up-to-date is that it will make sure that your website or blog is under the latest security measures. Let us see how one can undergo an upgradation manually for their existing WordPress website:


  • The first step is to download the Latest Updated Version of WordPress. After downloading you have to unzip the zipped folder and store it in your hard drive.
  • The next step is opening FTP program and logging in with your account details.
  • Take a note where the WordPress is installed and then navigate the stored unzipped latest WordPress file.
  • Upload this latest upgraded version of WordPress and all the folders kept in your hard drive to replace the existing folders on the site. However, the only file that you will not be willing to overwrite is the wp-content folder as this will have the particular WordPress Theme of your website.
  • After the uploading process is over you have to use the browser and log into the blog or website.
  • WordPress will show a notification if there is a requirement to update databases and you can update it by following the direction it provides.

Once you get used to this upgrading is not a difficult task. However, you can also take help of professional individuals offering WordPress Upgradation Services.

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