14 June

Is It Worth Investing in WordPress Website Development in 2021?

WordPress Website Development

According to W3Techs, WordPress powers over 40% of all the websites on the internet. Although WordPress has gained a lot of popularity worldwide, it has received criticism for various reasons. This has led to people ask several questions – Is it worth investing in WordPress website development in 2021? What are the major problems with WordPress? Why is it still popular? Will it die because of alternative platforms?

If you’re trying to find answers to all these questions, then read this article till the end before you hire WordPress developers for your project.

Major Problems Associated with WordPress Website Development

Here are the major issues that create doubt about the future of WordPress:

• Security Vulnerabilities

WordPress is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Nearly 90% of CMS-based websites that are hacked rely on WordPress. Its worldwide popularity is what makes WordPress the main target for hackers. They can gain access to numerous websites by identifying a security loophole in the core WordPress software or any plugin. As there are numerous plugins and themes available, hackers can misuse security vulnerabilities in any of these to hack your website.

However, no platform can be 100% secure. Users need to be vigilant and keep their plugins, themes, and software up-to-date always. Using outdated core software, plugins, or themes and a lack of high-end security measures can make your website more prone to hacking.

To tighten the security of your website, you can either use the available WordPress security plugins or avail of custom WordPress plugin development services to build robust and highly secure plugins for your website.

• Slow Page Loading Speed

Both users and Google love fast-loading websites as they not only improve your Google ranking but also reduce the bounce rate of your website.

WordPress consumes more server resources and has redundant code which leads to a slow website. Also, the use of numerous plugins or heavy themes makes the website more slow and sluggish. If you want to create a simple website with minimal frequent changes, then static websites can provide better page loading speed.

• Dependency on Plugins

Right from caching to security to contact forms, you need to use WordPress plugins available for most of the essential functionalities. Although WordPress offers plugins for every purpose, installing too many plugins will affect your website’s speed and performance, and even compatibility issues.

Although there are several free plugins available, you will need to buy premium ones if you want to add advanced features to your website. Using subscription-based paid plugins can only increase your operational cost.
Moreover, those who opt for custom WordPress plugin development services to add unique functionalities to their websites, also need to bear this additional expense.

What Makes WordPress Website Development So Popular?

You may be wondering why WordPress website development is so popular in spite of the above-discussed drawbacks. Well, here’s what makes it a powerful and popular CMS and why businesses still prefer to hire WordPress developers in 2021.

• Simple and User-Friendly

WordPress website development is extremely easy and simple. The platform is suitable for beginners or amateurs with some basic computer skills. WordPress provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to navigate through the admin panel.

However, if you’re a newbie, you can hire WordPress developers for professional technical assistance.

• Vast Community Support

WordPress boasts of its vast and helpful community of developers and contributors. If you ever encounter problems with WordPress, plugins, or themes, you can easily find help and solutions on the WordPress support forum or get advice from the experts. This huge and supportive community makes WordPress a premier choice for beginners.

• Availability of Thousands of Themes, Plugins, and Features

WordPress has a wealth of themes and plugins. You can choose from a wide variety of themes that suits your brand personality without coding you’re your website from scratch. If you can’t do the coding yourself, you can hire WordPress developers at affordable rates. If you’re having a PSD file, you can avail of PSD to WordPress conversion services to create your dream store.

Also, you can use the available WordPress plugins and features or opt for WordPress plugin development services to integrate unique functionality into your website.

• Versatility

WordPress supports almost any type of website that you want to build. From blogs to and portfolios to e-learning and e-commerce stores, you can use WordPress to create any kind of website with WordPress customization and plugins.

WordPress customization is another advantage that makes it a popular choice of developers.

• WordPress Ecommerce Development

You can build robust eCommerce stores or convert an existing site into an online store using the WooCommerce plugin. WordPress eCommerce development is another reason why businesses choose this CMS to build powerful eCommerce stores.

WordPress’s Gutenberg Block Editor

WordPress has recently released a new text editor known as Gutenberg to significantly transform the way users publish content. Due to the popularity of intuitive blogging platforms, creating a new way to publish content was definitely needed. However, the complete renovation of the WordPress editor received a conflict-ridden response from the community.

While some loved the new Gutenberg Block Editor as it allows them to add rich content easily, some considered it to be more complex and preferred to continue using the Classic editor.

The latest WordPress versions use Gutenberg block editor by default. Hence, the users who are using the older version of WordPress have forked WordPress into ClassicPress. Also, the WordPress team has introduced a plugin that helps you to switch back to the Classic editor, even with the latest WordPress versions.

WordPress Beats Other Website Builders

Over the years, several website builders or CMS have become obsolete after years of popularity. However, WordPress is still very popular amongst developers and businesses.

Some of the outdated website builders include:

• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Microsoft FrontPage
• Yahoo! GeoCities
• PHP-Nuke

What is the Future of WordPress?

WordPress is still a premier choice for most people. It is free, simple, and a powerful CMS. Although the platform has multiple shortcomings, you can address these problems with the available plugins or custom WordPress plugin development.

The new Gutenberg block editor is one compelling reason why WordPress is so popular despite the divisive response it has received from the community. As WordPress is an ever-evolving platform, we will continue to see new enhancements and improvements in the forthcoming years. So, you can hire WordPress developers for WordPress website development without any hesitation.

As of now, WordPress will still be in use, however, it may get outdated with its aging technology at some point in the future. Therefore, you should consider finding other options in advance.

As a leading WordPress development company, we offer end-to-end WordPress website development services to help you create robust, intuitive, scalable, and secure websites as per your requirements. If you’re looking to hire WordPress developers for your project, you may contact us right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most recent version of WordPress available?

The latest version of WordPress is 5.7.x. If you’re planning to upgrade to the latest WordPress version, you can take the help of the WordPress website development team for a smooth transition.

2. What is the cost of WordPress eCommerce development?

The cost of WordPress eCommerce development may range from $500 and USD 3000 for startups. However, the cost may vary based on the complexity of your website. You can hire WordPress developers from us at affordable costs and as per your requirements.

3. Will you help me migrate to WordPress?

Yes, of course. As a full-service WordPress development company, we have vast experience and strong expertise in migrating websites from other platforms to WordPress smoothly and efficiently, without any loss of data or disruption.

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