6 August

HTML to WordPress Conversion- Which is Better Manual or Automated

WordPress is considered as the best & top-rated CMS for website development & maintenance. More than 35% of the websites are powered by this CMS. There is no other alternative in terms of flexibility & reliability. Seeing its popularity many websites are moving to WordPress CMS. But still, some websites are based on HTML. Thus, being a website owner, you might look for methods for HTML to WordPress Conversion to help your website to remain secure from all odds in the future like hacks and malware.

Before we discuss the conversion approach in detail, let’s talk about the growing popularity of WordPress for better understanding.

• WordPress powers more than 35% of the entire internet-based websites.
• Its popularity is growing at a rapid pace and leaving several competitors behind.
• Joomla, Drupal, are its main competitors but WordPress features more popularity across the world.

However, converting HTML to WordPress is a challenging job. It’s really easy if you get knowledge regarding the method of converting an HTML file into a theme. If still coming across any difficulty to do the work, you could hire WordPress developer to do the rest job.

Though with the availability of different ways but two of which are mostly used for HTML to WordPress Services are mentioned below. Hence, in this blog, the user would learn how they can perform the conversion in a streamlined manner, and which of the tools are best for you.

1. Automated Conversion

There are several tools present to convert HTML to WordPress. Several people are using static HTML websites but are looking to make a move. For such people who are not skilled with the coding, here are some tools available to make their task easy. The user can easily move their content from HTML to WordPress.

• CMS2CMS plugin:
This plugin is the most popular and widely used helping users to move content from HTML to WordPress pages. It is free to use and helps in enhancing the SEO magic too. In addition, it allows the movement of and migration of images and videos. The plugin offers the user a rapid migration service taking average time of 15 minutes.

• Html to WordPress. Io:

The user can move the content with the help of this plugin as well, but for doing so they need to compress all the files and folders in a zip file. Once done, they can upload it to the website. That way, it is easy to see a preview of your website and move ahead with other tasks.

• Pinegrow Theme Converter:

With the use of the Pinegrow theme converter, the themes can be easily edited using the designer tool. It offers a reasonable WordPress theme development with full control over the generated PHP code. The user needs to add CMS features to HTML elements by assigning the WordPress action.

2. Manual Conversion

Manual conversion needs investment in terms of money and time but the end result is of much higher and professional quality. Manual conversion has numerous built-in benefits than an automatic conversion. To make it simple and streamlined method, check these common benefits of the conversion process.

• SEO-Friendly Code

Ranking high to reach maximum users is not an easy job to perform and becomes tough if a well-optimized conversion process is not implemented. Performing manual conversion is the best approach to continue with the regular transforming SEO needs.

• Pixel Perfection

Manual HTML to WordPress Conversion can build remarkable design, no matter how the job is done for your website. No need to concern about the design after the conversion process, as no issues are left to fix. Manual conversion offers the best quality in comparison to the conversion tools.

• Cross-Compatibility

A major drawback of using conversion tools is the lack of compatibility. The theme can’t be functional and operate on all platforms. Only a professional WordPress developer can ensure that the theme loads faster without any trouble on all web browsers like Chrome and Mozilla.

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• Flexibility
A manual code for the conversion process is easy to customize at later stages if the need arises. While automated code is hard to customize at later stages and if the need arises hiring some professional instantly is expensive.

• W3C Validation

Reports have revealed that automated code that is functional is full of small errors. These errors can later make a website deceitful and often cost its W3C validation. While the manual conversion can find out the majority of errors and ensure your website is appropriately validated.

So, these are some of the benefits of manual HTML to WordPress conversion and can’t be ignored if looking to perform for the business website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I convert HTML to WordPress?

Manual Conversion Requires
Step 1: Create a New Theme Folder and Necessary Files. On your desktop, create a new folder to hold your theme files.
Step 2: Copy Existing CSS into New Stylesheet.
Step 3: Separate Your Current HTML.
Step 4: Finalize your index.
Step 5: Upload Your New Theme.

2. How do I upload an HTML file to my WordPress site?

Steps to upload HTML file
• Go to your admin dashboard.
• Click Posts in the left sidebar.
• Click on an existing post or add a new post.
• By default, the Visual Editor will open.
• Click Add Media.
• Click Select Files to access your hard drive, cloud drive, or external storage device.
• Select your desired HTML file.

3. What is the cost of HTML to WordPress Conversion?

The cost of the conversion completely depends on the size & complexity of the website. Once all these parameters are analyzed the cost can be calculated.

Wrapping Up:

All users need an attractive and innovative website that can engage more audiences and boost business ROI. Choosing between the two conversion methods depends totally on the requirements and needs. From above it can be observed that by shifting your HTML website to a WordPress website manually is a better option. Thus hiring a WordPress Web Development Company and customizing it as per your needs is important. If you are looking for HTML developers that are efficient in their work, then WordPress India is the organization for you. We offer our clients with amazing services that help them in their future ventures.