15 December

How to Secure a WordPress Website in 2021 from Malicious Users?

WordPress is a renowned website development CMS offering innovative features and a secure codebase. But that does not help WordPress websites to stay protected from malicious users, which on a regular basis try to breach website credentials. The DDoS attack is common making the website slow in performance and even inaccessible to users. These attacks can be targeted towards both small and large websites. Now, you may be thinking about how WordPress prevents such malicious attacks? In this guide, we have mentioned how to effectively stop and prevent such attacks. You can take assistance from a reputed WordPress Website Development Company to manage your website security.

So, read on to know the security tips to secure your WordPress site.

Tips to secure your WordPress site

Reliable Hosting Services

Always check that the hosting provider you are investing in includes relevant security features. The important features to consider while choosing a hosting provider are:

  • DDOS prevention
  • 24*7 security monitoring
  • Malware scan for timely security backups.
  • Compatibility with the latest MySQL and PHP versions.

So, always make a smart move by investing in an expensive and good-quality hosting provider.

Strong Login Credentials   

Don’t create an easy username and password that is easy to guess. Once you set your login credentials, make sure they are strong and unique to breach. It is a perfect WordPress Security Trick in 2021 to implement without considering a second thought.

Here are a few tips to consider while choosing a password.

    • Go for a long password rather than a short one.
    • Avoid using digits or letters in a sequence.
    • Avoid using common words.
    • Never go for publicly known details as passwords.
    • Apply a combination of uppercase, lowercase, and special characters smartly.

Blacklist Malicious IP Addresses

This method is quite impactful than other ways for WordPress website protection. It includes analyzing the IP addresses looking to access your website and blacklisting those ones that show malevolent acts, such as:

      • An irrationally high number of visits
      • Continuous login attempts
      • IP clusters flooding your website with traffic

WordPress includes a feature to blacklist IP addresses at the server level.

Use Two-Factor/Step Authentication

Having a strong password for WordPress Development is always of vital relevance, there are still chances that someone can access it. To tackle such a situation, two-factor authentication is a perfect technique to implement.

Basically, this authentication comprises two steps in which a password is needed to log in to your website but also a secondary piece of data. This info can be anything ranging from a phone call, an SMS, or a time-based one-time password. In most cases, this method is 100% secure against the passwords. The reason for its success is that a hacker can’t access both your primary password and secondary authentication technique.

Update WordPress Version

One thing that makes WordPress a perfect CMS for website development is that it is regularly updated with improved security standards thanks to contributors and vast community support.

Things to update:

      • OS version
      • WordPress themes
      • WordPress plugins
      • WordPress installation
      • Apache version
      • MySQL version
      • PHP version on the server
      • Any other script or software that you use

In addition to the updating of your WordPress website and its related elements, developers perform all the server-side activities.

Backup Timely

A backup of your website content must always be the priority. Even in the worst-case situation when your website data is lost, it is easy to restore your website in very little time if you have backed up your website data.

On the contrary, in the absence of a proper backup of your website data, it is easy to start from scratch that simply wastes both your time and money. So, always consult a WordPress developer to take backups of your website through WordPress backup services including VaultPress, and CodeGuard as well as plugins like Duplicator, BackupBuddy, etc.

So, these are some of the major security tips to implement for the website optimized performance.

Wrapping Up

WordPress as the leading CMS platform will continue to remain popular among websites of all niches. But the real value of WordPress gets lost when you fail to address the security issues properly. You can install security plugins as well or customize the existing ones by consulting WordPress Plugin Development service from a reputed agency. The above-mentioned measures and tips are tested and tried to make security better for WordPress websites across the niches.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I improve my WordPress Security?

  • Don’t Use Nulled Themes.
  • Install a WordPress Security Plugin.
  • Use a Strong Password.
  • Choose a Good Hosting Company.
  • Limit Login Attempts.
  • Disable File Editing.
  • Install SSL Certificate.
  • Change WP-login URL.

Is WordPress safe from hackers?

All websites on the internet are targets for hackers regardless of which CMS they used to build their site. However, WordPress is one of the most secure platforms. That said WordPress sites are not free from security breaches and threats. You need to take measures on your own to ensure your site is protected.

Why WordPress security is important?

A hacked WordPress site can cause serious damage to your business revenue and reputation. Hackers can steal user information, passwords, install malicious software, and can even distribute malware to their users.

How much does it cost to secure a WordPress website?

The costs to secure a WordPress website vary widely, as per your needs. If you need an engaging & secure website with basic features and a storefront, costs are comparatively lower.

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