2 August

How To Choose WordPress Theme For Online Storefront Optimal Performance?

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Online business is in trend these days and many brands are opting it to reach the target audience. But handling an online storefront is not an easy job to do without a proper WordPress theme. Store merchants often give the task of selecting themes to their team of web designers, without considering it themselves. But, the theme selection will not benefit your store if you don’t plan to revamp it. Selecting a theme without any WordPress E-commerce Development support will make it quite tough for you to get new customers and retain existing ones.

In this blog post, we look at a few crucial guidelines that can help you select the perfect WordPress theme for your online storefront.

1. Look for Simplicity:- Many WordPress themes contain plenty of colors, flashy layouts and complex animations. Sometimes these factors are beneficial, but in multiple scenarios, you don’t really require that. Select a theme that has a perfect layout that helps you achieve your business goal. It must be appealing in looks but without compromising the store usability and simplicity. Avoid the themes that have overly complicated presentation style. The idea of web design is to provide users smooth navigation and to help store merchants to achieve their goals at the same time. If a theme is appealing but does not help in driving new business, then it is of no use. It is also not a useful theme when visitors can’t find their way around the store.

2. Keep Mobile Responsive As Priority:- Responsive themes customize their layout across multiple screen sizes devices. Most storefronts get a significant amount of web traffic through mobile and other handheld gadgets. As per your website’s offerings, this number could go past 50% of the web traffic. Google also prefers websites in search results that have a mobile friendly theme. Regardless of your online store demographics, they must be responsive and completely mobile-ready. Most WordPress themes are by default responsive. But there are still some merchants that sell products on fixed-width layouts that are not responsive. Make sure that the theme you are selecting for your online store is mobile-friendly. You can easily test it by resizing the browser screen. Once you resize the browser screen, it is simple to see that the theme’s layout is perfect or not.

3. Support Options:- One downside that several experts have revealed about using a free WordPress theme is the lack of guaranteed support. While some developers offer timely support for their free themes, many offer no support at all. If you face any trouble with your WordPress theme, then you will have to manage it out on your own. You have to hire a third-party developer to handle the smallest problems. Make sure you opt a WordPress theme having good documentation and support option. Most premium themes offer proper documentation with 1 year of support.

4. SEO Friendly:- Your WordPress theme plays a vital role in the online store SEO friendliness. A visually appealing theme can still generate poorly coded HTML, this could affect the site’s performance on search engine results. It could be tough for the beginners to manage a theme’s source code on their own. This is why several premium WordPress Theme Developers will inform you about their pages being optimized for SEO. You can check if the page generates proper HTML 5 by implementing the W3C validation tool. Make a note that W3C results in multiple warnings that can be ignored.

5. Multilingual UI:- Most of us think buyers are English speaking but the users of non-English language can’t be ignored as well. Popular languages like Chinese, Russian and Spanish are in huge demand these days and it is important to integrate a theme into your store that is multilingual. Select a theme having visual appealing layout, spacing and simple design. Multilingual UI is a popular choice that is liked by online buyers. A theme that supports multiple languages helps store owners to operate in the global market as well.

Conclusion:– The best way to select a theme is by following the above guidelines. Making modifications after selecting a theme is a complicated job to do. Invest some time to find out the theme you want to use for your storefront. If you select the theme appropriately, the higher your customer loyalty rates and engagement will be. You can get proper guidance, by hiring a WordPress Development company. The team will instruct you in the best possible manner about the theme selection, customization and upgrade. Apart from the development, customization, integration and migration services are offered as well in a very systematic manner.

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