21 December

Things You Need to Know While Hiring WordPress Developers

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When WordPress was first made available in 2003, most of its users used it as a blogging platform. And today, 43% of all websites are powered by WordPress. As a result, everyone uses WordPress because it is simple to use and has a wide selection of plugins and themes. As a result, there are many WordPress developers on the market who can assist you in creating, maintaining, and protecting a WordPress website.

By adhering to all coding standards, hiring a WordPress developer can also assist you in creating WordPress websites that are SEO-optimized. However, not everyone is qualified to work for your business.

However, selecting the right candidate can be a difficult challenge for any business owner or manager. This guide on how to hire WordPress developers contains a wealth of information that will assist you in finding the best WordPress developers for your project.

1. Do You Need a WordPress Developer?

Do You Need a WordPress Developer

Asking yourself why you need WordPress developers is a good place to start before looking for one. Your search will be made easier by this. If your website’s sole function is blogging or showcasing your brand, pre-built WordPress themes and plugins will be adequate for your needs. 

There is no need to hire WordPress developers if it is not an eCommerce store, dynamic website, or enterprise-level WordPress website. The best decision you can make is to hire a WordPress developer if your company needs an enterprise-level website or wants to sell products online.

2.Freelancer or a Company?

Freelancer or a Company

You will face a decision when looking for a WordPress programmer: should you work with a dedicated WordPress developer from a WordPress development company or a freelance WordPress developer?

The Solution is dependent upon many factors:

Cost: Freelancers are typically less expensive than corporate services.

Risk: Generally speaking, businesses are much better able to reduce risks than independent developers.

The range of jobs: It is important to keep in mind that hiring a company might be your best choice if you run a big business and want to create an interactive website.

Value: Which of the available options will be able to offer you the best residual price over the long term?

3.Consider Your Needs

Consider Your Needs

Before hiring a WordPress developer, if you aren’t building the site yourself, you should be aware of your needs. You should provide as much information as possible to improve your chances of success.

These are the first details you ought to provide to your selected developer. By doing this, you can be sure that your business partner and you are moving your website in the same direction.

4.Estimate Your Budget

An essential first step in any project is creating a budget. You will be better able to choose the best WordPress developer for your project and have a better idea of the overall cost if you create a budget for the web development process in advance. 

The main reason for budget overruns is scope expansion, so watch out that your project doesn’t grow too large. The complexity of the requirements: assess the project’s difficulty. As a project’s level of difficulty increases, costs typically increase.

5.Check Reviews, Ratings, and Insist on Checking Previous Work

You should also take into account a candidate’s portfolio and the number of projects they have successfully completed, even though a candidate’s platform ratings and reviews are a good place to start. The depth and breadth of the developer’s portfolio serve as evidence of their capacity to carry out high-quality projects.

The next logical step in this process is to require them to pass a code test. Here’s a simple technique for eliminating job applicants who simply lack the required proficiency. Regardless of whether you work with freelancers or businesses, you should always look at their prior work, the caliber of their code, and their portfolio to learn about their previous client relationships.

After reviewing the list of requirements, we had to meet in order to hire a WordPress developer, let’s look at the hiring process for WordPress developers when you are ready to do so.

Top Qualities that a WordPress Developer Requires

1.Soft skills

Technical proficiency is crucial, but soft skills are equally important. You don’t want to work with a WordPress developer who is difficult to get along with, doesn’t share your enthusiasm for the position, or isn’t committed to producing quality work. 

There are countless online horror stories about people who hired developers and technically completed the task, but did so otherwise. Finding workers who can complete the job and share your creative outlook is a top priority.

Here are a few things to consider as soft skills:

1.Communication Skills

You must be able to contact the person by phone or video conference, among other available means of communication. If they are unable to maintain a conversation, it will be difficult to get them to produce the results you want. Additionally, you must be certain that the capacity for effective communication differs significantly from the capacity for speaking.

Attention to Detail: They must adhere to all of your requirements when creating a website for you, so make sure they do. Your developer should be meticulous and able to spot errors and address them as soon as possible.

Ability to Meet Reasonable Deadlines: This point is of utmost importance. The most crucial step is to locate someone who can adhere to reasonable deadlines. Additionally, you should look for someone who can help you if a problem arises in the middle of the project, who can foresee these issues as much as possible, and give you accurate information.

It is essential that you take the deadline into consideration when hiring a WordPress web developer. The main cause of this is that the employer is ignorant of what is going on in the background. Although the worker you hired may have made it seem simple, you are unaware that it may have taken several hours to get everything working.

Confidence and Independence: Someone who has faith in their skills and knowledge would know what to do in an emergency. Communication is still essential, of course, but in the event that you are unable to be reached, they must be ready to act based on their knowledge of the best course of action.

Instead of a person who says yes to the project but can’t deliver, you’d need someone who can confidently tell you whether your website requirements are possible or not. However, be wary of putting too much trust in people with a poor track record of success.

2.Basic Technical Skills

Since WordPress is currently one of the best CMSs on the market, it is constantly evolving. You must determine whether your WordPress developer possesses the fundamental technical abilities to assist you with your project.

HTML: It is among the most crucial foundational skills a developer ought to possess. so that he can give you the tools you need to build a website from scratch with ease.

CSS: It determines how the page’s elements, such as the colors, font size, style, blocks, animations, backgrounds, etc., are shown on the screen. In essence, the aesthetic appeal of the content is a result of the page’s graphic design.

PHP: This is a server-side programming language. They must be fluent in this language because it powers WordPress’s backend.

SEO Knowledge: SEO is the process of driving traffic to websites from natural search results. Typically, expanding a website’s audience is advantageous. A unique and pertinent web page title and meta description must be created using a variety of factors, including site content.

Security: Automated systems routinely scan the Internet for common flaws. The majority of hackers don’t attack your website to steal information; instead, they do it to spread malware, direct users to fraudulent websites or use your server as part of a botnet. They must therefore be aware of how to protect your WordPress site from any of them.

Speed Optimization: Website speed is crucially important. According to Google, 53% of mobile users leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. Therefore, they ought to create a website with efficiency and speed in mind.

3.How Much Does It Cost

Cost is a critical consideration for business owners when hiring WordPress developers, whether they choose to work with seasoned freelancers or established WordPress developers from a reputable firm.

Freelance WordPress Developers: Hiring WordPress freelance developers can be useful for short-term projects because they don’t require the freelancer to commit for a long time. Typically self-employed, developers who work on a freelance basis have the freedom to work from home and set their own hours.

Full-time WordPress Developers: These are your best option if you require a programmer for an extended period of time. If you live in a remote area, it might take longer to find a WordPress developer, but once you do, you can rely on having a committed worker who is invested in getting to know your company inside and out. 

A WordPress developer in the United States can expect to make a median yearly salary of $72,500, or an average of $37.18 per hour, according to talent.com. Those who are just entering the workforce can typically anticipate earning $55,000 annually, while those with years of experience can earn up to $107,500.

Dedicated Remote WordPress Developers: Because of their professionalism, exceptional programming skills, and command of the English language, remote WordPress developers are the best choice if you need more flexibility regarding location and time zone as well as the ability to get the right knowledge at a fair price. 

Additionally, you can hire full-time remote WordPress developers from nations like India for $15 to $30 per hour or $2000 to $4000 per month. Depending on the developers’ level of experience, hiring full-time remote WordPress developers can be expensive.

Companies looking to save money, streamline hiring WordPress developers or grow their project teams should consider hiring WordPress developers.

4.Project Brief

Before your initial meeting, the best WordPress developers will want you to have a project brief created. The tasks you want the WordPress developer to complete for your website are listed in a project brief.

This is what you can expect to find in a well-written project:

Scope of the project: It is essential that you communicate your website requirements to the WordPress developer before hiring them for the job. so that they can determine whether they are qualified to construct whatever your needs are. 

Additionally, if you provide them with your requirements in advance, they can audit your website and determine whether the changes you need to make to your WordPress website are feasible or not. If they are, they can then install the appropriate plugins if they are truly necessary.

Your buyer’s journey: The buyer’s journey is crucial whether or not you have an eCommerce website. With this, the website developer is able to picture how they should construct a website so that users can easily navigate between pages rather than getting lost in the middle. Additionally, if your website’s layout and design are simple to use, there is no doubt that the visitor will turn into a lead and the lead into a potential customer.

Current design assets: If you want the developer but already have a website, you must keep this in mind. You’re going to work with a WordPress developer to make the necessary adjustments. When making adjustments, make sure they don’t harm the current design.

Your branding message: The most crucial element is your branding message because it represents both your business and your output. It will support the development of trust between you and your client. Therefore, it is crucial that your website developers take that into account when creating it for you.

Third-party integration: You are aware of the third-party integrations that you will need for your websites, such as the SEO tools and payment gateways that you will need if you accept payments from customers. In order to properly integrate these into your website and implement the necessary security measures to safeguard your customers’ data, your WordPress developer will be able to do so.

5.Prepare a List of Questions

Interviewing some of the candidates is essential if you’re choosing potential employees. If you want to ensure success, be sure to thoroughly interview and question each candidate.

The majority of video chat services, including Skype and Zoom, also let you share your screen with the interviewee and vice versa. This might make it easier for you to communicate to the WordPress developer your goals and expectations for the website once it has been developed.

By asking the WordPress developer you are interviewing to present their approach to your project, you are giving them a chance to sell you on their approach.

6.Make a Contract

Get everything in writing as soon as you decide to hire a WordPress developer. Even though the person will probably be courteous and professional, you still want to make sure the project is completed according to your specifications. Making a legally binding contract is essential at this stage of the process. This written contract can aid in ensuring that all parties are aware of the terms of the project and how they will be compensated.

Final Thought

Building your first WordPress website from scratch is a time-consuming process that calls for some technical knowledge if you’re just starting a new business. Therefore, to simplify your task, a WordPress developer can assist you in creating a WordPress website for your company. It may seem difficult to find the right WordPress developer for your project, which is why we have created this guide for you.

This blog covers everything you need to know to make hiring as simple as possible, including what steps to take before hiring, during hiring, and where to hire. To determine whether a WordPress developer is a good fit for the team, it is ideal to interview them thoroughly. You can always seek assistance from our skilled WordPress developers if you need ongoing or long-term work. They are the best candidates for your company and offer their services at a very reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q1.How do I contact WordPress support?

To access all of our help resources while logged into WordPress.com, click on the blue and white “?” icon in the lower right corner. Click the Contact Us button after that. To start the chat, enter your query in the box next to “How can we help?” and click “Chat with us.”

Q2.Does WordPress have live support?

Millions of website owners use the well-liked content management system (CMS) WordPress to manage their websites. Numerous features are available, including live chat support. WordPress has an integrated chat feature that offers live chat support. 

Q3.What is support chat?

Using a messaging app or online chatbot, chat support is a popular form of customer service or support that helps customers. Chat support, which can be provided by live agents or artificial intelligence (AI), is an addition to more conventional customer service channels like voice or email.

Q4.Are WordPress skills in demand?

The good news is that there is a high demand for WordPress developers, so if you are one or are considering becoming one, keep reading. In actuality, WordPress powers over 400 million websites, or more than a third of all active websites.

Q5.How much does hiring a WordPress designer cost?

WordPress developers on Upwork charge between $15 and $40 or more per hour. A WordPress developer may set a fixed price for your site based on your project’s requirements and the amount of customization you require (or don’t need). Developers don’t always charge by the hour.

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