24 April

All That You Need To Know About The Gutenberg WordPress Editor


Over the years, WordPress as a CMS has witnessed several changes, all focused on making it better than before. The upcoming WordPress 5.0 “Gutenberg” editor is expected to change the user experience delivered by the CMS. For years now, TinyMCE has been the default content editor but this will soon be changed after the release of Gutenberg as it will be integrated with WordPress core. There are a lot of changes and new features that this new page builder will bring for the existing as well as new sites. Right now, users can preview these changes in a WordPress Plugin that is also called Gutenberg. Let’s know more about it.

All About Gutenberg:- Gutenberg refers to the new WordPress editor that will enable enhanced editing experiences, with the users being able to create content-rich pages without needing the help of builders or plugins. The all-new editor is based on the concept of blocks, which can be changed or moved around for enhanced flexibility in content editing. The varied elements of a website such as block quotes, lists, images, featured images, headers, and even widgets can be broken down into blocks and then rearranged.

Right now, content is styled in different ways, such as using HTML, embedding code, shortcode for widgets, plugins, post formats, custom post types, theme options, meta-boxes, and other formatting elements created by WordPress Developers or third-party integration. The multiple approaches can increase the complexities when the site is to be customized. Gutenberg, with its block-based concept, will resolve this challenge as it will enable rich customization even without in-depth coding knowledge. The editor is all set to replace the complicated code with simple drag-and-drop functionality, making things easier for developers and users.

How To Know Gutenberg Better Before it Comes Through:- For those who really are curious about this big move, the best way to explore Gutenberg is to install the plugin version on your WordPress website to experience it before it completely replaces TinyMCE. It will give a fair idea about the functions as well as help in building a comfort level that will make it easy to align with the upcoming change. The plugin can be installed now but it will not be needed once Gutenberg actually becomes a part of the WordPress Core. It is recommended that you get ready for the change as Gutenberg will be directly integrated into the new core of the CMS, which means that there will be no way to avoid it in the future.

Gear Up For The Future of WordPress:- It is advisable to avail professional expertise while updating your WordPress site because there may be some issues to be resolved and incompatibilities to be handled. The same goes for Gutenberg as there will be a need to replace some functionalities and relocate others after the update. Compatibility is also a major concern as it is hard to predict how each theme and plugin will react to the update. The best way to gear up is to Hire WordPress Developer to install the update when it will be out as well as handle the incompatibilities and fixes as needed.

Conclusion:- Whether you are looking for a Gutenberg preview with the installation of its plugin or plan to opt for the update directly, you would require an expert’s help for both. WordPress India is a leading WordPress Development Company that can assist you with both. Our seasoned team of developers can be trusted for enabling the latest WordPress updates for your business.

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