22 November

An Overall Guide to Create Educational Websites on WordPress

Create Educational Websites

With the advancement of internet technologies and the web, the face of education is rapidly changing. The Internet is used in a variety of ways to improve education, one of which is to create educational websites.

If you are still not convinced that you need to create a website for your educational institution, consider the following points. It’s not expensive, at least if you build it with WordPress. If you exclude hosting costs, you can create a professional-looking, fully functional education website for USD 59.

WordPress is very simple to use. By the end of this article, you will understand the fundamentals of WordPress. If you follow this step-by-step guide, you can have your educational website up and running in an hour.

So, if you are enthusiastic to create educational websites, for your school, college, institute, online portal any other educational hub, read further. Let’s take a glance at the types of educational websites you can build using WordPress.

5 Popular Types of Educational Websites You Must Know

1.Language Learning Websites

These websites are primarily concerned with online language training sessions that assist learners in learning the skills of reading, writing, comprehending, and speaking a specific foreign language. Open Culture, Livemocha/Bilingual, Busuu, Babbel, Internet Polyglot, learn a Language, and others are popular language-learning websites.

2.Educational Video Websites

When it comes to learning and comprehending concepts, visuals are usually found to be more effective. Aside from their learning efficacy, videos facilitate learning relatively faster than text, which is why they are so popular among modern students and teachers. Teacher Tube, Discovery Education, Ted Videos, National Geographic Video, Neo K12, and many other websites are among the most popular educational video websites.

3.How-to Websites

How-to websites have been around for a long time on the internet. These websites answer a wide variety of how-to questions. EHow, WikiHow, and many other newer examples of how-to websites are among the most popular.

4.Science Websites

Science projects have always been an integral part of every student’s education. Unlike in the past, the frequency of science-based projects in schools and colleges has increased significantly, which is why students frequently require the assistance of such science websites. 

These websites provide a greater amount of information on various science-related subjects such as biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, botany, and so on in a simple and easy-to-understand language for all types of students. 

Furthermore, as web development technologies have advanced, these websites have become interactive, improving the quality and pace of learning. Edheads, Curiosity Machine (AI), The Exploratorium, Teachers TryScience, and many others are among the most popular science learning websites.

5.Digital Libraries

As the name implies, digital libraries are digital repositories that store educational information in digital formats such as videos, audio, text information, images, books, and a variety of others to facilitate convenient learning. Google Books, Universal Digital Library, World Digital Library, and others are examples of popular digital libraries.

Reasons for Choosing WordPress to Create Educational Websites


WordPress is free and open-source, which means that anyone can access and modify the code. This immediately reduces the cost, and if you want to use custom themes or templates, you can do so as well.

Premium plugins are most likely where you would spend the majority of your money to keep your site’s design and functionality up to date. WordPress is a fraction of the price of most other CMS platforms. It’s also simple to stay current.


Website for schools have the main marketing forum as well as microsites dedicated to specific programs or departments. WordPress can host all of your subsites, allowing different departments and offices to manage their sites. WordPress’s backend is multilingual and available in over 70 languages, in addition to multi-site functionality. 

You can write language conversions or use a plugin to automatically translate content for posting in multiple languages. When it comes to plugins, they are what makes WordPress so versatile. There are more than 50,000 free and premium plugins available, and more are being developed daily.

When very specific custom functionality is required, the wide availability of existing plugins in every conceivable category can provide a starting point in the development process, often saving hundreds of hours from a project that would otherwise have to be developed from scratch. WordPress can be transformed into almost anything, from a student portal to an employee directory, using themes and plugins.


While cost and functionality are important considerations, what it comes down to is management ease. Fortunately, WordPress is one of the most user-friendly CMSs available. WordPress can be learned in minutes by anyone, even those with little to no experience with a CMS. 

This is especially useful in higher education, where there are frequently multiple content contributors from various departments. WordPress can be learned and navigated by any member of the staff. Management simplicity is critical, especially with the Google Search feature designed specifically for colleges and universities.

Advantages of choosing WordPress to Create educational websites

User-friendly CMS

Because of its roots in blogging, WordPress is a powerful content management system. An administrator can easily navigate the backend of their WordPress site, edit pages, and upload new content. Without a lot of website management knowledge, WordPress makes it simple to organize content.

Personalize Plugins

If you are thinking to create educational websites, you will have access to over 54,000 plugins, the majority of which are free. These plugins enable you to personalize and improve any WordPress website.

If you need to make specific changes to your site’s functionality, chances are there is a plugin for that. We created a guide on how to evaluate the quality of these plugins to ensure they do not compromise the security of your site.

SEO Friendly

The significance of SEO best practices has never been greater. WordPress does an excellent job of promoting best practices. There are numerous SEO plugins available to aid in the optimization of content, meta tags, keyword focus, and much more!

Having access to free plugins such as Yoast ensures that each WordPress site is SEO ready. When it comes to SEO optimization, there is no better platform than WordPress.


WordPress offers thousands of themes to choose from. In general, these themes are very dependable in terms of responsiveness. With an increasing amount of internet browsing done on mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly site with consistency across all devices is critical to the UX; WordPress excels at this. Choosing the best WordPress theme for your needs will help you identify the perfect theme.


WordPress is open-source software that anyone can use, study, change, and redistribute. Many of the themes and plugins are free under the GPLv2 license, and because WordPress is open-source software, programmers can freely share code online. The ability to save a lot of development time and money by using existing code can result from code sharing.

When developing your WordPress website with a third-party partner or agency, using an open-source platform is also advantageous. You will not be forced to work with proprietary software that only a small group of developers can access. There are a variety of WordPress developers available who can support your website if you ever need to change partners.

Disadvantages of Choosing WordPress to Create Educational Websites


Installing updates is critical to the health of your WordPress site, but it can be inconvenient if not done carefully. Premium WordPress themes are frequently updated and improved. These updates are critical for keeping WordPress websites secure. Updates may cause minor issues with a website; in which case you may need to revert to an earlier WordPress state.

To avoid this, WordPress India updates before implementing them across client sites and monitors each site after the update is installed. This is one of the reasons why, if you lack a developer or an IT team, it may be best to have a professional host and support your WordPress site.


WordPress is appealing to potential hackers because it is an open-source platform. To mitigate this risk, be knowledgeable when selecting plugins and themes for your WordPress site; always evaluate the quality of a WordPress plugin and install it with caution.


Certain themes contain a lot of unnecessary generic code. This can decrease the speed of the site and cause slow load times. Without prior WordPress experience, it can be hard to understand what code you need and what code you can do without. Again, this is something an agency like WordPress India can help you navigate!


We are all hesitant to invest in customization because it can be costly. Unlike many other drag-and-drop web builder tools, WordPress is a very flexible tool. However, if you are not a WordPress expert and did not hire one to build your site, this can be a problem. 

As previously stated, updating core WordPress may cause issues with your site. These updates may break up some of the functionality, which can be an issue if best practices are not followed when designing the site.

With all of these factors to consider, you must consult with a WordPress expert while developing a WordPress website. Many of the disadvantages listed above can be mitigated by the right person and agency in charge of your website. Consider reading our blog post about selecting a web agency to assist you in launching your most user-friendly and secure website yet.

5 Interesting ways to create Educational Websites on WordPress 

In the preceding context, the significance of developing an educational website was emphasized. Which tool facilitates the creation of an academic website? Everyone will give the obvious answer to WordPress. 

WordPress assists in the creation of a customized website, allowing institutions and organizations to launch with ease. Some methods for establishing an educational website are listed below.

Instant visual appeal

Because most web users do not conduct in-depth research, it is difficult for educational institutions to express themselves in front of students and other people. Web-launching institutions should not flood their website with more images while also adding more content to them. When creating a website, a reasonable balance should be struck.

As previously stated, WordPress is an ideal platform for educational institutions to create a website. Because WordPress has so many built-in tools for web designers to create an appealing website for students and their parents, learning how to use WordPress for students is simple.

Institutional authorities can create a website by logging into the WordPress official website and purchasing the web products they require. The content engagement expertise will assist institutions in developing a comprehensive sensational website to use.

When it comes to instant visual appeal, there must be a clear idea about the object of educational institutions. Students can understand visual appeal much more easily than other types of content.

The images used for visual appeal must be relevant to the website’s content and institution. It is only possible to understand the school’s programs and facilities by posting a perfect picture concept that attacks the student’s consciousness.

The homepage of the website should be clutter-free, allowing students and parents to browse other related information in the menu bar. WordPress offers custom-built websites for institutes for free or at a cost based on what the institute requires.

Pulling out precise information

The educational authorities’ factual update to the students is one of the website’s primary benefits. Some students do not know how to properly search for information, and some institutions do not prioritize providing necessary information to students.

This type of web-based advancement behavior is a total loss for the institution in terms of web space development and maintenance costs. Instead, educational institutions should devote some time to the development of the website, which will benefit both the educational institutions and the students.

Institutions should prioritize WordPress when searching for the ideal platform tool. WordPress analyses the keyword index and content engagement services to create personalized tastes for students and parents. Precise information must also be original, and institutions must consider this.

Institutions should create an account on the official WordPress website and pay the web processing fee to gain access to premium tools for creating a fantastic website. Using WordPress is simple, and even if the institution does not create a website, students can learn how to use it on their own.

User-friendly management

Aside from being informative, to create educational websites, developers can use WordPress for students who are looking for a website loaded with a lot of information related to the institution. Students are always looking for educational websites that are easy to use and offer convenience and comfort. The theme and appearance should be appealing, with ready-made posts about the content.

WordPress India has a separate category for educational content. They expertise team assists academic institutions in creating high-quality websites for the student to use it.

It offers free and premium membership to institutes interested in learning how to build an eLearning website. WordPress India product package offers you several themes to choose from, for your website. Educational institutions must ensure that the website is built on a school-specific CMS theme.

This type of theme is recommended to increase student web traffic on the website. The theme file will be downloaded in a zip file, and web developers must ensure that the correct zip file was downloaded before uploading the website dashboard theme.

WordPress can be used to create an educational website in the form of an institutional community platform for students. They can be more open and ask whatever questions they want. A transparent header with the appropriate color combination must be used on the website. 

Similarly, the educational website must be accessible and inclusive of work completed by institutional authorities and students. This will strengthen the bond between the student and the educational institution. 

Use the online WordPress exam plugin to improve the effectiveness of the educational process. The Quiz Maker plugin is an excellent way to motivate students to become more involved in their studies. 

If you own an educational website, you need to motivate your students with Certificates that are automatically generated and fully customizable. Send the certificates to the successful students after they complete the WordPress quiz, and encourage others to strive for even better results. Cheating during online exams is a serious issue.

Patronization of Historical Significance

Some schools and institutions are well-known for their teaching abilities, while others are well known for their historical significance in education and other related fields. Such historical significance can be used to create brand concepts in which the institution’s image is always at its best. 

The historical significance serves as a trump card for the institution’s website promotion. WordPress provides similar themes for developing a branded website. This historical advantage will attract an increasing number of students to the institutions.

The historical significance of an institution may sometimes be related to its location. The preceding context makes it easier for WordPress to quickly create an educational website. 

These websites do not require any special effect images and do not require a clutter-free process. The institute’s benefits can be conveyed through good content, a well-explained website, and the history, significance, and quality of the institute.

Online streaming platform

With the advent of digital distance education, many institutions are now developing an e-learning platform. The eLearning platform is a popular one in which subjects and notes are delivered to students via their devices. 

These notes can be saved and retrieved at any time. The questionable issue to be addressed is accessibility and user interface. These, however, can be solved by using a specific programming language.

As a result, many institutes use WordPress to create educational websites for eLearning. WordPress users can use an eLearning theme in which specific web tools are used to provide seamless video streaming.

Eduma is a highly rated theme for the WordPress platform as well as other platforms. By paying for the necessary changes, educational institutions can download this theme from the official WordPress account.

Steps to ace blogging

Blogs are low-cost websites that are used to communicate information effectively. When a blogger creates a blog, he or she should take the necessary steps. Even in the IT industry, the actions of starting a blog are critical. Everyone can keep up with it on the blog. 

Bloggers must remember that the proper approach to a blog is dependent on its content. Because of the ever-changing trends in information technology, blogs are extremely useful in terms of content.

Blogs in the current generation are an excellent area for a content writer’s profession because subjects such as information technology have a potential future scope. These subjects give blogging assignments to students who take the course, so they can learn how to make one in real life.

Information Technology blogs are extremely important in both the software and educational worlds. Many organizations now have blogs and social media platforms to spread information about information technology.

These are useful for students in extracting information from various scientific data sets. Many competitive exam websites have seen an unusual increase in the Information Technology sector during this pandemic situation.

Teaching assignment writing

The pandemic has compelled the student population to switch from traditional to cyber platform education. Students on this platform are required to complete all of their assignments on the internet platform itself. Person-to-person evaluation is lacking in today’s learning education trend, and evaluators support it because online corrections save a lot of time.

Students are now one step closer to facing reality because everything is handled on the internet platform. Human coherence with one another is missing in the aftermath of the said practice because the internet does not allow the sixth sense to react to any situation.

Similarly, writing assignments in the classroom assist students with virtual education. Instead of spending time answering student queries, teachers have begun to avoid such responsibilities. The reason for this behavior leads us back to the introduction of online education.

Wrapping Up

Many other promising business entities have sprung up to support the eLearning process as a result of online education. This adds value to the online knowledge platform by introducing the concept of blogging, online assignments, and numerous substitutes for traditional education methods. Hire WordPress developers from WordPress India for building a website that attracts the attention of your audience and compels them to stay longer on your webpage. 

However, you can focus on the expansion of such online education; if a student is diverted or distracted from fulfilling the essential requirements of education, it may jeopardize his or her future career.

Frequently Asked Questions : 

Q1.How much does a beginner website earn?

Larger websites can earn far more than $10,000 per month. An ecommerce business’s average conversion rate may be 2%. This means that for every 100 visitors to your store, you can expect two people to place an order. Small ecommerce stores may have an average order value of $45.

Q2.Which software is best for Education?

  • Blackboard Learn: The LMS for Assessment and Content Reporting
  • Canvas: The LMS for Easy Learning and Productivity
  • Google Classroom: The LMS for Course Creation.
  • Workday Student: A Web-Hosted Campus Management Tool.
  • Wisenet: Leading Cloud-Hosted Education and Training Application.

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