31 January

Going Multilingual Can Boost Business for your E-commerce Site


The advent of e-commerce has opened up the global market for businesses. In this scenario, it is vital to communicate with prospective customers to increase your market reach. When it comes to communication, language is the key. You cannot be just confined to English as only 26% of online users are native English speakers. The solution lies in making your e-commerce website a multilingual one so that you can expand your market for global reach.

Here is how going multilingual can take your e-commerce business to the next level:

Expansion of Client Base:- Multiple languages on your website make a smart marketing move to promote your business globally. You can now target those buyers who were earlier being missed. Speaking the customer’s language gets you in direct touch with them and help you build trust and long-term relationships.

Competitive Edge:- Adopting the multilingual strategy gives you a competitive edge over the rivals because it is a concept that is yet to be explored. You can be a step ahead and stand apart from other e-commerce websites. Multilingualism will be a USP for your website as customers will love to shop in their own language.

The SEO Advantage:- Making your website a multilingual one gives you the SEO advantage. It extends your visibility beyond the Big Three search engines and people are able to see you on local search engines too. A little extra optimization effort for your website enables you to access country-specific markets and boosts your global SEO ranking.

Enhanced User Experience:- Multilingual websites score high in terms of user experience as they address people in their local language. Enhanced user experience can strike the right cord and improve the conversion rate for your website.

Going multilingual is a small investment with big benefits. Typical WordPress sites can be made multilingual by using multilingual plugins such as WPML, Google Language Translator, Polylang, and qTranslate X, to name just a few. These plugins offer multiple language support and enable you to translate and handle multilingual posts, menus, and taxonomies.

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