8 July

How To Fix WordPress CMS Pain Points Experienced During Website Development?

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WordPress websites dominate the web. Every company with a tight budget on internet marketing uses this amazing CMS to get a fully-functional website, promote products and services on the web, and achieve the business objectives. The main reasons why brands are investing in a WordPress development company are that it is an open-source platform, offers thousands of themes and over 50,000 plugins, provides ease of use and is backed by a large, active WordPress community that is always ready to help users with WordPress CMS pain points.

Why Do Brands Invest in a WordPress Development Company?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that is being used by business owners all over the world for creating brand websites. Here are a few reasons why many brands are investing in a WordPress development company.

• Open-source program

• User-friendly
• Easily customizable
• Thousands of themes and plugins available
• Robust
• Scalable
• SEO-friendly
• Large, active WordPress community

Initially built for the blogging purpose, WordPress is currently used to build a website for every purpose whether it is business, e-commerce, informative or social networking. Also, it is supported by millions of users and every web host in the world. These unique benefits encourage businesses to hire WordPress developers from a professional 
WordPress development company over other CMS service providers. From HTML to WordPress conversion and WordPress theme customization to WordPress website development to WordPress plugin customization, a reliable WordPress website development company can help you with everything with its WordPress support services.

Although WordPress offers a plethora of benefits that make it a great platform for users, there’s still a little doubt that WordPress is one of the best platforms to build your website on. No matter how well seasoned you are at WordPress, you might run into some common WordPress problems that can leave you scratching your head in dismay. Moreover, if you’re a beginner, it can be pretty scary. That’s what will make you look for WordPress support services from a trustable WordPress website development company.

Let’s find out what the WordPress CMS pain points are that you might experience during the development phase and how to fix them.

Biggest WordPress CMS Pain Points of Users

Just as there are two sides to a coin, there are two sides to every story. Although there are many reasons to choose WordPress for your site, you must also be aware of some of its drawbacks. Almost every WordPress user faces several problems when developing or operating WordPress websites. So, let’s discuss some of the WordPress CMS pain points that individuals experience during the WordPress website development and ways to fix them.

1. WordPress Security

WordPress security is one of the major concerns among users. Although WordPress core is a highly secure piece of software on its own, this platform as a whole is considered to be one of the most widely-hacked CMS’s in the industry. This is largely caused by user error and WordPress’s high usage rate that makes it more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. To make WordPress sites more secure, WordPress releases its newer versions that come with some security fix or another. However, studies reveal that about half of all WordPress websites are not updated to the latest version.

Furthermore, WordPress is an open-source, self-hosted solution with tens of thousands of third-party WordPress plugins available in its repository. If you’re not cautious, you might put yourself at risk by installing a poorly-coded, unsupported plugin filled with security glitches. Above all, WordPress requires you to run the website on your own hosting server which compels users to look for a reliable hosting partner that offers secure servers, SSL certificates, a firewall, and malware protection. If they don’t, you’ll have to implement this yourself or install a WordPress plugin that will take care of it.

2. WordPress Website Performance

Load time is one of the important metrics to measure your website’s performance. This is what most of the WordPress users complain about. It is mostly because WordPress is an open-source platform. The open-source feature of WordPress is useful for customizing website design with a few basic clicks and several functionalities without knowing the code. However, it is harmful when it comes to the security of websites. Every new WordPress theme and plugin adds a code to the website. If you happen to install poorly-coded or unnecessary plugins on your website, you’ll only hurt your website’s performance and speed.

3. WordPress Themes and Plugins Update

WordPress themes and plugins updates are major pain points of WordPress users. Since this CMS is a self-hosted solution, most of the website owners are expected to handle updates by themselves. However, the updates are known for breaking the websites they’re implemented on, several people feel the process a bit difficult or completely over their heads. Updates are a huge pain point for several website owners. They want to perform WordPress theme customization and update all plugins to ensure that the website is running most securely. However, they are quite reluctant to update as it has the potential to break the site when implemented on.

4. WordPress Plugin Management

Not only WordPress users are hesitant to update themes and plugins, but they’re also overwhelmed with plugin management. Updates play a pivotal role in this pain point, however, there are other factors as well.

First, you need to research properly to find the best WordPress plugins for your site. If you hire WordPress developers, they know what to look for, however, it still eats up a lot of their time and effort. If you’re a general user, you’ll need to rely on an expert’s advice.

Second, third-party plugins become incompatible with several functionalities of your site. When installed on the site, they have the potential to break your site and become a security liability. To avoid such situations, users or developers need to ensure that the plugins have been updated and are still supported by their developers. If not, they need to be replaced at once. The best way to ensure proper plugin management is to hire WordPress developers from a reputed WordPress development company who can help you get the job done through their WordPress support services.

Some Other Major WordPress CMS Problems that Users Experience

WordPress Migration from One Host to Another
Migrating a WordPress site built locally to a live server requires strong expertise and newbies should rather stay away from it. It’s a good idea to hire a WordPress website development company for their WordPress support services.

• Plugin Boat Issue

This occurs when a developer starts adding plenty of features to a plugin beyond what was originally intended, and what the website owner needs. As a result, the plugin does too much and hogs a lot of resources.

• Disappearing WordPress Developers

Many users have also complained about web developers and even web hosts disappearing shortly after the WordPress site is launched. This overburdens the users with a lot of work and they have nowhere to turn to get help if they get stuck.

How to Fix WordPress CMS Pain Points

So how will you fix the pain points? Avoiding these issues is time-consuming, irritating, and stressful. Switching to another CMS is not the right way to deal with the situation as it will lose all the functionality of your existing website. If you’re a busy website owner who needs time to focus on business growth and not on the maintenance of the website, the best approach is to hire a reputed WordPress development company.

The experts working at the company will scan and update the website to ensure not a single breach happens. They will improve the website speed, update on a timely basis, and share the report every weekend. You can avail of all of this at monthly membership.

The following are the time-saving and stress-preventing features:

• Content and WordPress updates.

• Installation and configuration of Security features.
• Daily malware scanning.
• Regular backups to the cloud, to ensure no data loss.
• Real-time monitoring to ensure the website remains live and secure.
• Installation and optimization of premium plugins to boost performance.
• Image optimization with the installation and configuration of the Imagify plugin.
• Database optimization to boost processing time.
• Installation of plugins to generate leads, search ranking, and more.

With these features, it will be simple to secure the WordPress website as a whole from any threat.


WordPress, no doubt, is an amazing CMS and a development platform for building perfect business websites. However, when it comes to performance, security, and website backup, WordPress CMS needs some sort of expertise to manage. People are opting HTML To WordPress Conversion in large numbers as it helps to boost the website performance. That’s why it is important to install high-quality plugins and widgets on the website to make sure they don’t slow down the website performance at later stages.

WordPress India is a leading WordPress development company that is committed to touching and resolving the WordPress CMS pain points of users. We totally understand your frustration when dealing with annoying WordPress issues and therefore, we are readily available with our WordPress support services to help you fix all the issues that you encounter with your WordPress site or meet other requirements. Just get in touch with our expert WordPress developers to know how they can help.


Q.1. Why do I see a white blank page (White Screen of Death) on my WordPress site?

Ans. This is one of the most annoying WordPress issues which you may encounter a couple of times during WordPress development. The WordPress white screen of death error usually results in a white blank page with no error message which actually confuses the users. to fix this issue, you need to first check with your WordPress website hosting provider or try disabling your WordPress theme and plugins, and then enabling them one-by-one until you fix the error and find the culprit. For more solutions, you may get in touch with our WordPress developers.

Q.2. How do I improve the security of my WordPress site?

Ans. There are several ways to harden WordPress security. It is a good practice to keep your WordPress site and plugins up-to-date. Additionally, you may use Jetpack site management, install Jetpack brute force protection, or install All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin t enhance the security of your WordPress site. If you’re looking for more powerful WordPress security plugins, we can help you with our WordPress plugin development and customization services.

Q.3. What to do if my WordPress site got hacked and I lost data?

Ans. This can be a very annoying situation. You should be always prepared with a disaster recovery plan. Make sure you back up your website regularly using Automatic’s Vaultpress or WP-DB-Backup. If you need further help, we are just a click away!

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