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How to Fix WordPress 500 Internal Server Error Using Easy Steps

WordPress 500 internal server error

Is your WordPress website showing an internal server error?

If yes, then you need a rapid solution to fix this issue. Well, the simplest way is to follow our suggested steps to fix the WordPress 500 internal server error.

The other way is to take the help of WordPress technical support services from us to resolve the error.

No matter what, we have covered the ideal internal server error fixing solution for you.

A. Common Scenario of 500 Internal Server Error

B. What is the 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress Site?

C. How to Fix Internal Server Error?

C. 1. Reload your Webpage

C.2. Clear your Browser Cache

C.3. Deactivate WordPress Plugins or Theme

C.4. Increase the PHP Memory Limit

C.5. Check the .htaccess File

C.6. Reinstall your WordPress Website

D. Common Causes of Internal Server Error

E. Final Note

Common Scenario of WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

Suddenly, you got to know from the team that your website is showing an error to customers. It means you are down with your WordPress platform which is creating a direct impact on your business reputation and business efforts.

The most common and easy to resolve error to see on the WordPress site is the 500 internal server error. However, it can create a lot of downtime for your site causing a great deal of organizational havoc and keeping a toll on your reach and revenue

How can you fix the WordPress 500 internal server error?

Luckily, we have got the solution covered for you. All you need to do is take a look at simple steps to resolve internal server errors and hire WordPress developer to make the significant changes to the site.

What is a 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress Website?

Again, we are saying this, 500 internal server error on the WordPress website is a generic error. It implies that the server is unable to load or showcase your website on the web, especially to you as an enterprise and to the customers.

Whenever a user tries to enter the URL of your website on the search engine platform and search the same, it showcases Internal Server Error.

An error can also be visible as per different terms like the following:

* 500 Internal Server Error

* Internal Server Error

* HTTP Error 500

* Erro 500

* Temporary Error (500)

* HTTP Error 500- Internal Server Error

* HTTP 500

* 500 Internal Server Error. Sorry Something Went Wrong

No matter what your WordPress site error has any of the mentioned names reflecting on the search engine page result. You ought to fix the same.

Next to look at a few ways to fix the internal server error on the business site.

How to Fix Internal Server Error on your WordPress Site?

Now, we come to the most important part of our discussion and i.e., to fix 500 internal server errors on the WordPress website.

Here are we have a few suggested ways for you to implement.

1. Reload the Webpage

It is the first and foremost thing that you can do to eliminate the error on the site. You can refresh your webpage because the server gets overwhelmed with new updates related to plugins or themes.

2. Clear your Browser Cache

As the name implies, you need to clear your browser caching history. It is an ideal way to troubleshoot our site and find the error be gone.

3. Deactivate WordPress Plugins or Theme

One of the ways of rectifying the internal server error on the WordPress site is when you are unable to access the Admin Area.

In that case, you can deactivate the current plugins or theme for a while. To do this move, you need to use FTP access to your site’s files.

There are several options available to access the FTP of your website including that of using FileZilla.

All you need is to:

* Download the FileZilla.

* Connect the software to your site.

* Use the username for your FTP account.

* Set the password for your FTP account.

* Leave the Port as blank unless the host specifies the same.

* After that click on Quickconnect to see the FTP client on the right-hand side of the folder.

* After that, you can rename the plugins or theme accordingly.

* If all goes well, then you will find Internal Server Error on the site be gone away.

4. Increase the PHP Memory Limit

There might be a case that the exhausted PHP memory limit of your WordPress website is causing an internal server error at the front end.

In such a scenario, try to increase the PHP limit of your website to stop the internal server error.

Thus, to do the same, follow the below-mentioned steps:

* Open your FTP client.

* Find the wp-config.php file.

* Right-click on the file and select View/Edit.

* Choose the default editor.

* Save the file to the computer and find the same on the left-hand side of your FTP client and click on it.

* Select upload.

* Next is to refresh your FTP client and your site to see the error is gone or not.

5. Check the .htaccess File

Installing new plugins or themes on your website can corrupt your WordPress site’s .htaccess file.

But you can fix the issue quickly by using your FTP client. All you need to do is the following:

* Start the .htaccess file and right-click on it.

* Select View/Edit and rename it like that of .htaccess_old.

* Check your website after that and see if the 500 internal server error is gone or not.

6. Reinstall your WordPress Website

There might be the case that when you first installed WordPress and set up your site onto that, some of the files might get corrupted.

And, because of that, you are receiving this internal server error.

Well, you can fix that too by replacing the old files and downloading a fresh copy of your WordPress.

Final Note

We hope the fact that above-mentioned solutions help you get rid of 500 internal server errors. And, get back your WordPress website resumes to the normal working mode.

The listed solutions are not the only way to fix the error. Sometimes, you need a deep-rooted solution to best avail from WordPressIndia assistance. We are a pioneer WordPress development company in India that offer design, development, technical support, and maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Internal Server Error on WordPress?

The internal server error on WordPress is a common issue when the server is unable to load your site due to plugin, theme, or any other. It causes an error visible on the website while accessing the same on the search engine.

2. What is the Cause of Internal Server Error?

The common cause of facing such an error is the webserver crash issue. There can be any other reason as well because not all times web server is responsible for the error.

3. Can a WordPress Developer Fix this Error?

Yes, a professional and certified WordPress developer knows all the ways to fix 500 internal server error on your site. With this assistance, you can get your website running normally without facing any internal issues.

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