1 July

6 Awesome Features of WordPress CMS for Website Development


WordPress CMS comes with several incredible features and is regularly upgrading itself to provide the latest benefits to developers. Some of the most prominent features may not get the attention and stay hidden. In this blog, we will show you 6 awesome WordPress features that you are unaware of.

1. Show/Hide Functionality:- You may have seen several times the Screen Options button on the WordPress admin area. This option allows a WordPress Developer to show and hide functionality on the website you are currently managing. Many developers are unaware of this incredible feature.

2. Modify Dashboard Widgets:- By default, users are offered the dashboard page in the WordPress admin area where they log in. The dashboard section has numerous important shortcuts referring to different sections of the website. These sections named as dashboard widgets. You can show/hide them with the Screen Options button. You can also rearrange items on your WordPress dashboard with drag & drop feature. If it seems difficult for you to perform, simply Hire WordPress Experts India for best results.

3. Make URL in Visual Editor:- Many WordPress users didn’t know that instead of implementing a popup to paste a URL, they can simply select a text and press CTRL+V keys to paste the link. The visual editor converts it into a link automatically.

4. Accessibility Mode:- We all prefer using drag and drop widgets into the sidebars. But, for many people, it seems difficult to drag and drop things using the mouse or track-pad. WordPress also provides Accessibility mode. This accessibility mode is easier for adding widgets without needing any dragging and dropping job.

5. Preview Themes without Downloading:- Many people worry that customizing their WordPress theme will have bad consequences for the website performance. Their concern is genuine, that’s why it is important to do the following activities. One of the most important things is to test the new theme without activating it. Just install the desired WordPress theme and open Appearance » Themes page.

6. Edit Images:- For developers, it is simple to add images to the posts and web pages. What beginners don’t know about WordPress is the basic image editing features. Just open Media » Library page and next click on the image. From the image popup just tap the Edit Image button. In the editing section, you can simply crop, rotate, and resize the image as per the need. Another feature is the flip of an image in horizontal as well as vertical directions. These features are very beneficial when you need to instantly crop or resize an image straight from WordPress.

Wrapping Up:- We hope this blog post has provided you relevant information regarding the latest features of WordPress CMS. Just implement them and get the desired result for your website development. If you are looking for best results and need customization with the WordPress website, simply contact the team of Custom WordPress Development company. Discuss your business requirements with them and get the desired solution for your website.

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