20 May

What Are The Latest Features Included In The WordPress 5.2 Version?

wordpress 5.2

WordPress is a popular CMS used to build appealing, smooth and quality websites. The best thing about this CMS is the regular updates offered to the developers. WordPress 5.2 was recently launched and will serve the developers for a very long time until a new update comes. Everyone knows the significance of this CMS when it comes to website development. We have already seen there was some sort of improvement required in earlier versions and all these features are integrated into WordPress Version 5.2 for building feature-rich websites. A development company will definitely have the advantage of using the latest version. In this blog post, we have mentioned some of the prominent features that will be very useful during website development.

1. Critical Error Protection:- In earlier versions of WordPress, there were errors that restrict users from accessing the admin dashboard. To deal with this, users need to make changes by using an FTP client or get help from the hosting company. But, with WordPress 5.2, a new recovery mode is available for the administrators. When any critical error occurs, an error popup will be displayed. After getting the popup, the admin will receive an email from the WordPress team having a special login link. Once you log in, it will become easier to make the necessary changes that might have led to critical errors. It is a great feature for developers who find difficulty in fixing the errors.

2. Updated Block Editor:- The block editor was introduced with WordPress 5.0 and has experienced regular development to make it more functional. But with WordPress 5.2 development enhanced features are integrated into the block editor. The best thing is that the improved block editor is super fast and reliable. In the earlier versions, it was observed that block editor becomes slow while editing long posts. This problem has been resolved in the recently updated version. Developers will save 35% of the load time that was earlier used to edit massive posts.

3. Updated PHP Coding Standards:- With WordPress 5.2, developers can implement the latest coding standards like namespaces, short array syntax, anonymous functions, short ternary syntax, and assignments with conditionals to develop appealing websites. These updates might not appeal to a developer using PHP 7 or its higher version, but the good thing is that WordPress is making updates on a regular basis.

4. Privacy Updates:- With WordPress 5.2 is now available for installation and upgrade via Softaculous. If you have an auto-update for Major versions enabled, WordPress 5.2, several improvements with Privacy Policy pages and data exports are provided to the developers.

The below mentioned are four new helpers that will ease the customizing process of privacy policy page:

  • A new theme template file:privacy-policy.php

  • New function:is_privacy_policy()

  • New body class:.privacy-policy

  • New menu item class:.menu-item-privacy-policy

The other improvement is offered related to data exports:

Developers are not restricted to a specific list of User Data exports, but now has access to the default list of tags inwp_kses(). A new filtering facility is also provided to the programmers.

5. Easy Access:- WordPress CMS is always appreciated for making publishing and software access a simple process for all users without any complication. The changes in the website content in terms of logos and banners are trouble-free. Thanks to the updated WordPress 5.2 and WordPress 5.1, numerous improvements are made in terms of accessibility. This comprises of:

  • Support for reduced motion settings in the user’s web browser.

  • Freedom to label the post URL slug and quite easy to find.

  • A pixel-perfect and consistent styling for keyboard navigating.

  • Enhanced screen-reader experience with a refined speak message functionality. The existing variant of speak messages is also upgraded for better clarity.

Conclusion:- So here are the latest features of WordPress 5.2, that makes it a perfect CMS for developers. This helps developers to build quality and secure websites. If you are looking for a commercial or a blogging website, simply share your requirements with us. At WordPress India, you will get a perfectly designed website, that will grab visitor’s attention and boost your website traffic. Our WordPress Developers understand the client’s requirements very well and deliver appropriate solutions. Contact us and get a website developed that promises to be a game-changer for your business.

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