5 December

Facts About WordPress Plugin That Everyone Needs To Know


Though WordPress has garnered huge popularity as an e-commerce platform, it is not perfect in itself. It has to be enhanced with specialized functionalities to deliver near-perfect shopping experiences. The role of WordPress Plugins is crucial in this context as they are capable of extending the functionalities of the websites so that they meet the entire business requirements. The platform offers thousands of free plugins and a large number of paid ones as well. With such an extensive choice available, it becomes confusing to pick the ones that would be really useful. Additionally, these plugins do bring some woes despite the extensive functionalities they offer. WordPress Developers in India and abroad have a checklist of facts that help in using these to their advantage:

1. Plugins Can Be Used Integrate The Site With Other Platforms And Tools

Although there is an impression that plugins are meant to add independent features, there are many that are capable of integrating the WordPress sites with other platforms and tools. In other words, these enable you to have these other programs work seamlessly without even a little coding knowledge.

2. There Are A Number Of Destinations To Pick Them Online

For a newbie, the WordPress Plugin Directory serves as the best destination to find free ones. Here, they can also evaluate them with the customer ratings and reviews being available. However, there are several other websites and directories where they can find more options. These will generally be premium but the fee is often reasonable, considering the complex functionalities they provide.

3. Some Plugins Are Essential For Almost Every WordPress Site

There are some plugins that every WordPress Plugin Development Company will recommend for almost every site. For instance, a shopping cart plugin is a must-have for an e-commerce store. Similarly, a reliable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin and a security plugin are the need for every business website. These are the basic ones that every website owner should be well aware of.

4. Premium is Not Always The Best

There is a notion that the best things come at a price but this is not same in this case. Even though there are several well-made premium plugins in WordPress, there are plenty of free and useful ones too. Being a part of the platform’s community helps as you can get suggestions from fellow-users and gather reviews about such options.

5. The Number of Plugins Makes A Difference

It is important to have an optimal number of plugins on your WordPress site. Having too few of them means that you may miss on functionalities while too many of them can cause conflicts. This is one issue that developers usually come across, with a huge number of setup combinations across WordPress installations and WordPress Customization Services.

6. Quality Matters Too

Quality is important, rather more important than numbers when it comes to taking up plugins for your website. Focusing on quality allows you to be selective while making a choice; you can pick the ones that really enhance the functionalities and also are sure to remain functional in the future too.

7. Keep Them Updated, Always

Having a plugin that adds to the functionality and security is a bonus for any site but it remains useful only when updated whenever there is a need. The outdated ones are most likely to add to your woes as they may compromise the performance as well as the security of the site. For this reason, they must be evaluated periodically to ensure that they are running on the latest versions.

8. Deal With Deactivated Plugins

A deactivated plugin can be a security concern as it can still be exploited by the hackers. The best way to deal with the ones that you do not plan to use in future is to remove it. On the other hand, you must keep them updated if you still need them on the website for future use.


Plugins make one of the most powerful elements of WordPress. However, they come in such a huge variety that they can overwhelm the users. Experts can help you in making the right choices to add the apt ones to your website. WordPress India is a leading WordPress Customization Company that extends quality services at affordable cost. Hire expert professionals to create exceptional websites with rich features and functionalities.

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