17 March

Enhance Website Security with New Version of WordPress 5.7

WordPress has recently announced the launch of its new version 5.7 that allows single-click conversion from HTTP to HTTPS.

Until now, it was a tough deal to transform HTTP to HTTPS of a WordPress website that consumes a whole lot of time and effort. Now, it has become a matter of single click only owing to the support of the latest WordPress 5.7.

WordPress 5.7 is known as, “Esperanza” which is named after the musician Esperanza Spalding. It offers manifold advanced features in the process of WordPress development.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a mechanism that safeguards your browser to securely connect with your website. HTTPS is inserted before every single URL of the website that makes the browser look safe and secure. It is essential to transform website URLs from HTTP to HTTPS to secure information like customers’ credit card details, logging details, and other crucial information at the back-end of the website. HTTPS on your WordPress website showcases the SSL encryption to make browsing goes fully secure. Now, WordPress 5.7 version is available to bring optimum WordPress support by transforming HTTPS in a single click phenomenon.

Features of WordPress 5.7

  1. Easy to Edit
  • Font size controls are available in List and Code blocks making them easy to access without going to another page.
  • You can use reusable blocks that are more stable than before. Also, they can be saved automatically after making substantial changes.
  • Newly improved drag and drop feature.
  1. Changes without Code

WordPress 5.7 comes with the functionality to make few changes to the website without writing custom codes:

  • Easily make a block to adjust the alignment.
  • Choose to have a vertical or horizontal layout of the buttons and also resize the width of the button using the percentage framework.
  • Make any change to the social media icons.
  1. Default Colors

The new WordPress 5.7 default color palette is much simple and streamlined. You can access the color range of 56 shades to meet the WCAG 2.0 AA recommended color contrast ratio.

  1. Lazy Loading iFrames

Now, WordPress 5.7 comes packed with the new feature of set iframes to lady load. It will add a loading lazy attribute to iframe tags with having height and width specified. 

Benefits of Changing from HTTP to HTTPS?

 Several benefits prove the fact that WordPress website owners should switch to WordPress 5.7 and think about migrating HTTP to HTTPS in a single click.

  1. Enhanced Security 

HTTPS brings added security to the website. By migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, you can serve your website over SSL/TLS to protect crucial data no longer passed in plain text. It is a must-have for eCommerce platforms to secure credit/debit card information. It is even applicable to WordPress blog pages, especially running on multi-author WordPress websites. HTTPS is vitally important to secure connection at all levels.

  1. Improve SEO 

Google has already pushed the fact that websites migrating to HTTPS in their URLs have high ranking factors. You can take the advantage of WordPress 5.7 single-click transformation to get quickly into SERP and stay ahead of the competition. 

  1. Maintain Trust & Credibility 

HTTPS brings a level of trust in customers while browsing your website. As per the survey by GlobalSign, 28.9% of visitors look for a green address bar in the browser with having HTTPS on it. On the other side,  77% of browsing HTTP platforms are worried about sharing their data on the same.

In a Nutshell

 Keeping your WordPress website safe and secure ensures high traffic from the targetted set of customers. Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS using the latest version of WordPress 5.7 to let users trust your platform while sharing sensitive information. In times of increasing data thefts, it becomes a crucial affair to adopt HTTPS in website URLs. Thus, bring the same with the aid of WordPressIndia which is a leading WordPress development company.

Simply hire professional and experienced WordPress developers and switch to WordPress 5.7 to add HTTPS and SSL security to your enterprise platform.

Frequently Asked Questions


 Q1 . What is HTTPS for a WordPress Website?

HTTPS is a WordPress URL-protected function to bring security to the core. It saves the personal information of users like debit/credit card details, email id, etc. HTTPS saves the information from being misused by third-party owners.

 Q2. How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS? 

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS is simple with the new WordPress 5.7 release. It is a matter of one-click only to migrate the same and all the URLs of the website will be updated. Hire WordPress developers to migrate to the latest version of HTTPS and also add SSL encryption to your platform.

Q3. What is the Estimated Cost of Developing a WordPress Website?

The cost can only be decided based on your business requirements, the nature of the industry vertical, and the complexity of your project. Here at WordPressIndia, we provide you cost-effective solutions right from development, migration to maintenance.

Hire WordPress Developers to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS to Secure Enterprise Platform