31 January

How to Enhance Speed of WordPress Website in 2022?

Enhance Speed

WordPress is the most popular CMS which is used by millions of people across the world. In fact, it has been downloaded more than 20 million times. Did you know that WP runs nearly 43% of top 10 million websites over the web? So if you run a WordPress site, the most important factor to always consider is the Enhance speed. 

How fast your site loads determines its success in digital world. In this blog post, we will talk about how to Enhance speed up your WordPress website in 2022. 

Top Tips to Enhance Speed up WordPress Website 

  1. Select Faster Web Host 
  2. Install Caching Plugin 
  3. Optimize Databases 
  4. Use Content Delivery Network 
  5. Optimize Images 
  6. Audit Plugins 

Here the most successful tips are mentioned regarding WordPress website Speed optimization for desired business outcome.

1.Select Faster Web Host

One of the biggest reasons behind website speed is their web host. Your web host plays a vital role and no one would spend their time waiting for a website to load. Everyone prefer faster websites including Google. The key factors that determine how optimized your web host include: 

  • Type of hard drives it uses  
  • Cloud hosting web hosts load faster 
  • Https encryption & CDN enabled  

2.Install Caching Plugin

A website retrieves information from multiple resources before they are provided to the website visitors? To fasten the process of providing information to site visitors, caching is implemented.  If you’re wondering about page caching, it is the temporary storage of HTML pages and images. Usually the web browser stores copies of recently visited web pages to reduce its bandwidth usage, server load and provide faster speeds. 

Luckily, you can enable page cache by installing the caching plugin like W3 total cache. Although there are hundreds of caching plugins available but one caching plugin that is remarkable is WPRocket. 

3. Optimize Databases

Whether you know it or not, WordPress website databases store countless stuff including unwanted data like trashed/unapproved/spam comments, stale data, pingbacks, trackbacks and many more. All these unwanted things cause more burden on the databases which affect the website speed. So hire WordPress developer to optimize databases regularly to clean up unwanted data. 

There’s an amazing WordPress plugin named WP Optimize that can be used to optimize the databases which easily cleans the database, compresses images and caches your site. 

4. Use Content Delivery Network

If you’re getting website visitors from across the globe, you must use a CDN. A CDN is a perfect way to deliver website’s content to people quickly, based on their geographic location. A CDN is what offers both your desktop and mobile users a faster website experience from any location. When someone visits a website, the CDN closest to user will deliver images, and Java files ensuring the shortest distance for the data to travel. 

As you can see above, CDNs ensure the website visitors to view data from servers that are closest in geographical. That’s how a CDN supports the website visitors get the fastest browsing experience. 

5. Optimize Images

Whether you are aware or not, images consume a lot of size and create a burden on the website databases which at last results into slow loading. Here web host doesn’t matter, if you’re using multiple images on the website, it impacts your page loading. So optimize image sizes if you really want to boost your website loading speed. 

There are basically 2 ways to reduce image sizes: 

  • Resize them in size before you upload onto your WordPress library 
  • Use plugins to optimize image sizes after uploading to the website 

6. Audit Plugins

The next thing is to take complete inventory of all the extensions working on the WordPress installation. Do you have plugins not enabled on the website? Delete! Do you have plugins that are enabled but are of no use? Disable and delete! Plugins are a savior and save both development time and money but bloat a website. Hence be alert with the use of plugins and keep an eye on relevant ones.  

Hopefully you will come across major improvements in website  speed after going through optimization steps. If not, it is the time for a new website, in which case, consult WordPress Development Company for pixel-perfect web design. They have all the resources and expertise to build a great website with optimized performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I increase my WordPress website speed on mobile?

  • Serve Different Content to Mobile Visitors 
  • Choose a Great Web Host 
  • Enable a CDN  
  • Consider a Caching Plugin  
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages 
  • Optimize Images 
  • Optimize Plugins and Themes

2.Does site speed affect Google ranking?

Yes, since the beginning of 2010, Google started taking site speed as a ranking factor. So faster websites are getting better search results when compared to slow loading times. 

3. Is WordPress perfect for E-commerce?

WordPress is widely used for e-commerce selling because it’s easy to adapt. It is secure for e-commerce website developments. It is not particularly designed for e-commerce functionality but it is easily added with the use of a plugin named Woocommerce. 

4. What is the cost of WordPress Website Development?

The cost of WordPress depends on the size, features and functionality of the website. Estimating cost initially is not possible before analyzing the overall requirements and complexity of the website.  

5. How do I maintain my WordPress website?

Smart Ways to Maintain WordPress Website 

  • Keep your site up-to-date 
  • Backup your site regularly 
  • Delete Unused plugins 
  • Focus on your site’s security 
  • Optimize your database 
  • Keep an eye on your site’s speed 
  • Manage user accounts 

Wrapping Up: 

Being a popular CMS, WordPress offers remarkable solution important for setting up an online selling store. It has high-level security, thousands of plugins, well-designed themes, API, and much more. But with time website becomes slow in performance and to meet competition it becomes crucial to optimize performance. The steps mentioned are part of WordPress maintenance services and enhance speed optimization is one such service.  

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