4 May

How to Duplicate a Page/Post in WordPress: The Easy Way

WordPress is by a wide margin the most well-known content management system in the world. It has a few striking elements that make its administration a breeze for everybody.

In any case, there are sure capacities that are “covered up” from the eyes of normal clients and require some digging around to use them to the most extreme. One of these is Duplicating pages.

Here, we talk about a few straightforward and more refined strategies to play out this project with WordPress support. 

WordPress India has been a dynamic WordPress website development company competing in the web development, WordPress advancement, and configuration market for more than 10 years.

We’ve effectively constructed a huge number of online stores and destinations given the scope of the content management system. The biggest divide between these has a place with the world’s most famous stage for making and changing content — WordPress. 

With this multitude of upgrades and improvements, WordPress support has a few privileged insights to uncover for its clients. One of the capacities that the engineers have liked is the feature of Duplicating WordPress pages.  

The Most Common Reasons to Duplicate Pages in WordPress 

There are different situations when you might wish to have an indistinguishable duplicate of a page or post. Here are the most normal: 

  • A page or post has a particular design that no other page has. Why reproduce it without any preparation? It will require investment, which you could somehow spend making the content.
  • This is where you can Duplicate a page in WordPress and save yourself these valuable hours.
  • A page or post has a ton of content you can use on one more page for certain slight alterations. For instance, this can be an item page for a model of a vacuum cleaner or a climate control system.
  • Another model regularly has comparable, however, different attributes. The page can be all around arranged and contain photographs, recordings, tributes, etc. 

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress? 

Introduce the Duplicate Page Plugin 

Duplicate Page is recorded at WordPress.org, so you can introduce it by going to Plugins → Add New and looking for it by name: 

Duplicate Your Page 

When you introduce and initiate the plugin, open the content list for the sort of satisfaction you need to Duplicate. That is, go to Pages or Posts (or your custom post type). 

Of course, the plugin will Duplicate the page as a draft with an indistinguishable title: 

  • First — you can see that it’s distributed. 
  • The Duplicate — you can see that it’s saved as a draft. 

Design Plugin Settings According to Your Needs 

The reason why I suggest this plugin is that it likewise incorporates a couple of little elements to control how the page duplication process works. 

These don’t represent the deciding moment highlights, however, they are advantageous. 

To get to these elements, go to Settings → Duplicate Page: 

With the Choose Editor setting, you can choose the manager your site is effectively utilizing and the plugin will add a Duplicate This choice in the editor too. 

For example, on the off chance that you set your dynamic editorial manager to the square editor (Gutenberg), you’ll get another Duplicate This button in the Document sidebar: 

With Duplicate Post Status, you can pick which status to use for the copied piece of content. For instance, assuming that you set it to Publish, your copied piece of content will be live on your site immediately. 

The Redirect to after-click setting allows you to pick what occurs after you Duplicate a piece of content. You can all things considered: 

  • Reload the Posts/Pages list 
  • Open the WordPress editorial manager for the copied piece of content 

At last, the clone Post Suffix allows you to add some additional text after the first title. For example, you could add duplicates to assist you with differentiating between the first and the Duplicate. 

This is what it resembles if you: 

  • Divert to the editorial manager 
  • Add a clone suffix. 


These are only a few strategies to copy WordPress pages. Which of them you pick matters how now and again you want to duplicate posts or pages in your work.

Assuming you do this fair once in a while, replicating code physically will likely do. On a more regular basis? Introduce a plugin. A great deal? Add a capacity to the functions.php record. 

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