15 May

How To Design a Better Website With Latest WordPress Development Trends?

WordPress Development Trends 2019

A large number of renowned websites are made in WordPress and several reasons back this popularity. You might know some of the reasons and we are going to discuss that too. This CMS is full of innovative features and creative themes not available with other website development platforms.

The best part of this CMS is the continuous transformation it has experienced and for which it needs to be praised. Here in this blog post, we will discuss these trends that WordPress Development Company integrate to build interactive, smooth and appealing websites for their clients.

Importance of Trends:- This CMS has some very high-quality features that help the developers to create websites keeping business requirements intact. In simple terms, WordPress has the potential to design websites that impress visitors in every scenario. Also, creating an appealing website is not really that tough if WordPress Web Development service is outsourced. Moreover, if the latest trends are incorporated on the website, there are chances of high conversion rate, sales, and profit to the brand. Let’s discuss these trends for better understanding:

1. Mobile Responsive Design:- The most common trend is mobile responsive design, which completely focuses on the speed of page loading and PWA. The major resource of the traffic for a business is via mobile devices, the Accelerated Mobile Page is light, and visitors do not have to wait long for it. Google also prefers the AMP page and consider it as one of the ranking factors. A WordPress Developer can easily create websites by implementing mobile-responsive themes.

2. Animation:- Flash-based animation is quite popular among website designers and drives visitors in large numbers. With the improvement of HTML5 and CSS3, dynamic user-experience has become more interactive. Many WordPress websites use small animation clips instead of images or a lengthy video. Small animation clips are light in weight and make the page loading faster. Fast loading of pages helps to drive visitors and increases the popularity of the website.

3. Exclusive Website Builders:- WordPress development is getting simpler day by day because a lot of features are available to customize the website. This is becoming a popular trend with the WordPress developers and will be more popular in the next few years. Therefore, a lot of time and effort are saved in web development. WordPress provides simple tools that don’t feel complicated to use. The drag and drop functionality for customization helps a new developer to change the web design without any expert technical skills.

4. Video Headers:- Having an online business, you need to post promotional video content on the website. This has become a major trend in web design work. If you want to use video on your website, WordPress latest version has an innovative functionality to integrate the video header. It will help with some latest design and innovative appearance of the website, and will also support WordPress Customization. Experts recommend video header integration to create interactive websites to impress any visitor.

5. Bold Colors:- Nowadays, people prefer a combination of bold colors and including them have a significant impact on the website branding. In fact, 90% of the visitor evaluate a website based on the colors, later going to check its performance. To drive visitors it makes sense in using the color combinations to make a website more popular. WordPress Developers have implemented this trend and they are experimenting with the color combinations to get desired results.

6. Latest Web Templates:- Web templates are improved to make their impact powerful on website development. Visitors like browsing website that has an appealing, smooth as well as an interactive design interface. Developers are not using the generic pages as they are outdated in appearance. A website designed with the latest templates will drive visitors resulting in higher ROI, conversion rate and popularity.

Conclusion:- These are the latest trends for WordPress Website Development that will definitely drive visitors in large numbers. These trends are helping developers to build secure and advanced websites. If you are also looking for an appealing and easy to navigate the website, hire a WordPress Development Company that has skilled and expert resources. We really hope you will get benefit from these latest trends that will drive potential audiences on your website. If you have any specific requirements for web development contact our team of developers.

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