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Find the Difference Between Custom WordPress Theme & Theme Customization

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To start with building an enterprise-level feature-rich WordPress website, several dilemmas & questions come to mind. Of the common is whether to choose a custom WordPress Theme or go for complete customization of the available theme. No need to worry, you are not the only one facing this obstacle. Several other enterprises come across the same hurdle on their seamless path towards WordPress website development.

Why Bother About WordPress Website Design?

Why should you pay special attention to the design of your website? What exactly is the need for it? Well, the design does matter, otherwise, more than 38% of the users will leave your platform and switch to a competitor’s site. And, that’s not something you afford to lose and want 100% engagement and interaction of users with your WordPress website.

Not just this only, refer to the following points to witness how design plays an effective role in bringing more customers.

* 59% of the uses will stick to the website’s attractive design and smooth navigation flow.

* First-time users find it enjoyable to browse a beautifully designed website instead of simply browsing plain and white one.

* Creative design displays a particular branding approach in front of all the users.

* Customization is possible to design accordingly meeting the branding requirements of your enterprise.

Next, we come to the focal point of discussion to see which one is better: Custom WordPress Theme or WordPress Theme Customization.

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What is Custom WordPress Theme?

A Custom Theme is a WordPress powered design template offering 100% customization as per requirement. Better to say, it is an open-ended design template that allows designers to work from scratch and design according to enterprise needs.

In an actual sense, developers start working on custom-built right from scratch or ground zero. There is no particular start and endpoint of such a theme. Designers can start from anywhere they want and design anything as per their business strategy.

In most cases, designing a custom-built WordPress requires a highly professional approach. So, you will be needing design support to design accordingly from the blank piece of the theme.

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Top Advantages

* Get Complete Control: A fully custom-built WordPress is particularly yours to design, edit, make changes, and evaluate. No one except you to have complete control over the same. Thus, make necessary changes at any point in time to create user-centric interfaces, slides, pages, and more.

* Create Unique Designs: Custom built the theme of WordPress is unique and designed according to your strategic requirements. You have the advantage of creating interactive designs to bring a unique and extraordinary appeal out of it.

* SEO-Friendly: Keep SEO-related points in mind while designing the theme. You can shape it from the scratch, learn, design, and implemented SEO-related key points in design to improve the overall ranking.


* Custom Theme is a Bit Costly: Designing from the scratch, a custom theme comes on a bit costly side. It is because every design and feature is developed from a blank and expenditures might be on a higher side. But in the end, all will be worth, when you see a customized website meeting customers requirements and increasing business ROI.

* Time-Consuming: It may take some time to fully design the custom available WordPress . It is because strategic and detailed designing requires a great deal of time and effort.

What is WordPress Theme Customization?

A WordPress is a readily available customized template available for bloggers and enterprises. It is a pre-design theme with several components inside to design according to varied requirements of businesses. In short, it is an excellent solution to make few design changes in an already built  theme without devoting much time and effort.

Top Advantages

* Cost-Effective: Unlike the virtues of custom-built themes that require a specific budget to design accordingly. Templates are available in both free and paid versions that are simple to design at less cost. There are a lot of easy integrating plugins available to enhance the design of the theme in a hassle-free manner.

* Shorter Development Time: A pre-design theme can save a great deal of time and effort. By simply making few changes to the already built theme, you get it ready for the users to navigate. All you have to do is twist the design a little bit to add content and graphics effortlessly.

* Various Options: On the WordPress platform, there are thousands of free and paid WordPress customization themes available for enterprises. You can lay hands on both free and paid options to meet the diverse requirements of the enterprise.

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* Less Flexible: WordPress built customized theme has its own limitation and less flexibility with not being able to bring whatever changes you like. Of course, you can modify the theme but not too much due to the limited functional reach.

* Unnecessary Code: To meet the diverse needs of enterprises, developers infuse so many functionalities in a single customized theme. As a result, the theme is filled with an unnecessary line of code that makes it difficult to function seamlessly.

Which One is Better Approach for You?

From the above discussion, it is clearly evident that custom WordPress themes and WordPress theme that can be customized have their own pros and cons. The decision to pick the ideal one depends on your enterprise requirements, budget, time, and resources available. Well, in that case, count on end-to-end custom WordPress theme development by a team of developers at WordPressIndia.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is WordPress Theme Important to Update?

Yes, updating your theme in connection with security patches is necessary. It is to avoid security vulnerabilities and safeguard your website against data leakage or any other mishappening.

  1. Will Updating the WordPress Theme Affects the Site’s Functionality?

No, WordPress theme updates will not affect your website in any way possible. On the other side, it enhanced the functionalities, security, and overall outlook of the platform.

  1. Is It Possible to Change WordPress Theme without Losing the Content?

Yes, you can rest assured with the fact that the website’s content will remain the same at the time of changing its theme. You will not lose any of the information while changing or even updating the existing theme with new designs.

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