26 June

6 WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugins That You Should Know About


Cryptocurrency Plugins For Your WordPress Site

As cryptocurrencies have garnered a lot of hype in the past year, there is an increase in the number of websites in this space. Moreover, many of the existing websites are looking to enable crypto-transactions in the coming time. With this, they need to empower the website with the right set of features and functionalities. WordPress is a platform that offers a wide range of plugins to create a website that deals in virtual currency.

Let Us explore the 6 Popular Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins That You Should Know About:

1. WP BitCoin Wallet:- A secure cryptocurrency wallet, the WP BitCoin Wallet facilitates BitCoin transactions on a blog. It is possible to transact in digital cash anytime and anywhere from a dashboard, which can also be accessed to check the wallet balance.

2. CryptoWoo:- Another widely acclaimed crypto-plugin for WooCommerce Integration Services is CryptoWoo that supports transactions in BitCoin, LiteCoin, BackCoin, DogeCoin, and Dash. It enables the conversion of product prices and shopping cart value to virtual currency with real-time exchange rate updates.

3. All Currencies For WooCommerce:- All Currencies is a WooCommerce Plugin that is compatible with multiple websites and also supports cryptocurrencies and multiple global currencies as well. It allows the users to transact with as many as 28 cryptocurrencies and more than 100 language.

4. BitCoin Rates:- This plugin enables the WordPress developers to build a calculator website and BitCoin ticker. It also comes with a backend API which is used to create a mobile app. The plugin supports an amazing163 currencies, in addition having the ability to change the default currency and website color scheme.

5. Bitcoin Calculator:- Like the aforementioned plugin, the BitCoin Calculator renders Bitcoin calculator and ticker website. This one is compatible with 32 currencies and like BitCoin Rates, also allows change of default currency and website color scheme.

6. Digital Paybox:- Another well-known WordPress crypto-plugin is Digital Paybox, which distributes files after the crypto-payments are received. Customers can transact with Bitcoins via Bitpay, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Strip, Perfect Money, and more. After the completion of the payment, the plugin sends an encrypted download link to the email address of the payer.

Conclusion:- Seeing the range of plugins that WordPress offers, this platform emerges as the right choice for creating cryptocurrency websites. Connect with a WordPress India, a reputed WordPress Development Company that can help you use these plugins to your advantage and build an amazing business website.

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