23 August

What Makes BuddyPress A Popular Way To Build A Social Network?


We see a growing need for online social networks, and thankfully with the availability of different software tools, building one has never been so easy. One of the ways to make an online network is to use WordPress and its community plugin, BuddyPress. The plugin, with 200,000 + installations and an average review of 4.3 stars, can be easily deemed as a popular one. Moreover, according to Google Trends, the plugin is even more popular than contemporary social website building tools such as SocialEngine and Elgg.

Let Us Find Out What Makes The Plugin So Popular:

A Cost-Effective Way To Make A Social Network:- Unlike most social network building software tools, the BuddyPress Plugin and its related extensions are free of cost. This only leaves you with the development and maintenance cost of your social networking website. Moreover, the relative ease of WordPress development makes it a relatively cheaper option for making your social website.

Offers A Host Of Essential Features:- The plugin offers a host of basic social website features such as creating member profiles and groups, activity streams of members and groups, member account settings, internal messages, friend connections, notifications, and forum integration.

A Customized Social Network Can Be Easily Created:- Do you want to make a multilingual social website? Or allow users to send stickers and attachments in the chat messages of your site? In short, do you want  more features in your website than the basics already offered? Fortunately, this is very much possible. With the availability of a wide variety of BuddyPress and WordPress Plugins, a website, built with the two, can be easily customized as per needs.

Used For Building Different Types Of Social Networks:- The official website of BuddyPress mentions that the plugin has been used for building a wide variety of social networks including online networks for universities and colleges, companies and particular interest groups.

Actively Developed And Maintained:- The core developers of the plugin have actively come out with new versions of the plugin. The active development and maintenance of the plugin ensure a standard of safety for website owners.

Ease of Development:- The availability of extensive documentation on the plugin and active support forums makes it easy for any WordPress Developer to use the plugin and make a social website.

Considering the above-mentioned factors, one can easily understand the popularity of the WordPress plugin.

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