26 September

Create An Engaging Enterprise Website with Custom WordPress Theme Development

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Are you planning to build your own enterprise website on the WordPress platform? Are you satisfied with the theme you are having right now? No! Then, what is stopping you from WordPress theme development? Follow the below-mentioned steps and build a theme meeting your business ideas. If you want a theme having all features, then design it yourself or avail services of the development company. You can select the best development company from the market to build a perfect design that meets your ideas.

There are plenty of free themes available in the market right now but if you look for the theme as per your exact needs and showcase your business, then it is not possible. So, instead of doing efforts to find a theme just perform WordPress theme customization yourself or build a new from scratch.

Steps of WordPress theme development:

The best thing about using this platform is the smooth customization of the codes and features. Anyone having limited knowledge of coding can also customize their website themes and also you can hire a leading website development agency for fast customization work.

For beginners a few steps are mentioned to build a theme:

Step 1: Build a local development environment

The most important step in the development work is the setup of a local development server. This is the most important step to develop a new theme without doing any change or complications on the existing theme. There are several options available to set up the local environment, you can select anyone from them. We are discussing the Desktop Server here to develop the local server environment.

  • Firstly, install Desktop Server in your device.

  • Enroll for the trial version to start customization work.

  • Download and upload the theme for customization work.

  • Test the functions as you are working on the live website.

Step 2: Understand the working of WordPress theme

Before doing theme customization, first know about the theme templates, which are the building blocks of developing a custom theme. The template files provide the looks of the content and what is the website layout. For example, the Footer.php file decides about the footer layout of the website. Go to the templates hierarchy and select the specific page file you want to update. We have mentioned some examples of the template file available on every theme and that need customization.

  • Index.php

  • Sidebar.php

The file format is Filename.php it actually shows about template you are going to update.

Step 3: Configure your WordPress theme

After knowing the template hierarchy, configure your themes to meet your enterprise website development requirements. You can perform a few basic customization with the functionality ‘Hooks’.

Let us discuss some popular hooks and how they can be used during the customization process:

  • wp_head(): Insert the wp_head() in the header.php to include additional scripts, functions and styles in your header section of the website. It executes once the website is reloaded.

  • wp_footer(): Similarly to perform any changes in the website footer open the Footer.php and make your code run under the Wp_Footer().

  • wp_meta(): This is basically used to add the extra scripts and functions in the sidebar.php.

There are plenty of hooks available that can be used to change the basic functionality of the website themes. You can also add Styles with the help of the CSS Style sheet.

Style.css file is basically used to add the styling on the website. Add your style code and execute the changes in the website template using the styles ID.

Regularly perform the live test of the themes on the local server to ensure the customization of the website is properly done. You can hire WordPress developers to perform more changes with the codes and make your design in terms of looks & functionality.

Step 4: Deploy the WordPress theme to the site

After all the steps, it is time to deploy the customized theme from Desktop Server to your website to meet the enterprise requirements. Reach your audience using the most amazing website functions and features. You can modify the look of your website with the help of customization option. When you extract the theme from the local server it provides you the WinRAR file that can be converted into the zip file. Once converted upload the zip file on your WordPress panel to use it.

Here in this blog, all the major steps required for the customization and development are mentioned as per your ideas.

If the above steps are not possible for you to implement. The alternative option for theme customization and development is to choose the best WordPress development company in the market. There are several options available for you in the industry, who can personalize the WordPress theme as per the requirements and needs.

Wrapping Up:

The popularity of WordPress for website development is undeniable and with the facility to customize themes it has become the first choice for the enterprises. The website developed is a perfect platform to enter the market. Theme development and customization is not a simple job for some users, however, we have discussed all the important steps above. Your WordPress themes are the most important asset, offering the chance to sell the business in the future. While WordPress continues to grow, customizing & developing themes is highly important for an enterprise.

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