27 February

The Power Of WordPress For Creating Business Websites


WordPress has come a long way. From a simple blogging platform to a versatile CMS, the evolutionary transition of this platform has been commendable. While it was used to create blogs, to begin with, WordPress is now being employed for building websites as well as mobile apps. And if these facts are not impressive enough, there are some top brand names that have the acclaimed platform behind them. These include the big ones such as eBay, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Ford, Sony, Time Magazine, and more. WordPress is currently being used by as many as 74 million sites today. There is nothing more that needs to be said about the power of this amazing CMS platform. Let us have a look at the most incredible features of WordPress that make it ideal for creating websites:

Flexible And Cost-Effective:- Being an open-source platform, WordPress is available free for downloading and installation. A domain and web hosting service are all you need to run WordPress.

The code can be modified and customized according to individual requirements. The flexibility of the platform is equally unmatched as it currently offers more than 2600 themes and 31000 plugins for free. These themes and plugins can be used to create a variety of websites to cater to diverse needs.

Easy To Understand And Use:- Another great feature of WordPress is that it is extremely easy to understand and use. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling even a technical novice to get comfortable with it in a few minutes. The user can easily navigate the backend interface to update content, edit blogs, upload images, manage users, and more. There is also a huge community of users who extend constant support to fellow users.

Blogging And More:- Contrary to the popular belief, WordPress is more than just a great blogging platform. It is a powerful, flexible CMS which can power a wide range of websites, such as business sites, classified ad sites, and more. With this platform, the opportunities are literally endless.

Safe And Secure:- The popularity of WordPress makes it attractive for hackers, but the platform excels in security. It prevents security threats with the automatic update feature which carries out constant updates in the software by default. Additionally, users are recommended to download the themes and plugins from trusted sites only.

Multimedia Compatibility:- The multimedia compatibility of this platform is another feature that makes it favored for WordPress Website Development. It not only supports text, but also images, video, and audio content. Therefore, it is easy to insert multimedia files into a post or a page.

Mobile Responsiveness:- With WordPress, it is possible to have a website which is responsive to mobiles without investing any extra effort for the same. WordPress has several responsive themes which can be used to build mobile-friendly websites. The site can be changed to make it mobile compatible, without having to trash it and create a new one.

SEO Compatibility:- WordPress excels as a website design platform because it is SEO friendly by design. The SEO plugin enhances its capability even further. As a result, the WordPress powered websites are easily crawled by search engines.

In addition to these excellent features, WordPress Developers are constantly engaged in making improvements and presenting a better version of the platform. Millions of websites which are already using it stand witness to the powers of WordPress.

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