20 April

Top Reasons To Convert Static HTML to Dynamic WordPress Site

Convert Static HTML to Dynamic WordPress

WordPress CMS needs no introduction to developers and website owners. WordPress has, over the years, dominated the web development industry despite the presence of numerous CMS platforms. Its unique features and user-friendly functionalities attract developers and web users alike. With many tech companies offering HTML To WordPress conversion services, businesses are increasingly moving from traditional frameworks to feature-rich WordPress.

These services help business enterprises to handle complex websites in a very systematic and planned manner. If you have an HTML website that is not meeting the latest trends, it is the best time to do so. Websites not meeting the ever-growing demands are of no use and lead to business loss. That’s why you should choose your web development platform carefully.

Why Choose WordPress for Website Development?

You must be thinking why it is essential to convert HTML to WordPress as your web development platform? Well, a number of prominent reasons are present to prove this and make your mind to shift to WordPress. This CMS allows the developers to build websites meeting business requirements and end-users demand. We would be discussing the benefits of this CMS and these are completely unavoidable.

Key benefits of HTML to WordPress Conversion

1. Highly Customized Websites
The biggest advantage of WordPress is that it is easily accessible by the beginners as well. It is a perfect platform for learning all its options and settings. The changes in website like edit, modify, and delete is easy to perform from the admin panel or dashboard itself. That’s why custom WordPress development is one of the most popular areas of web development services. A WordPress website having basic functionalities can be created within a few minutes.

2. Wide Array of Themes & Plugins
There is a vast database in WordPress offering free themes and plugins. You can use these to improve the site’s performance and overall appearance. Many of these themes are easily available and free. You can find any website theme as per the requirement, but there are paid ones as well named as premium themes.

Attractive themes enable you to effectively engage users on your website. WordPress customization, therefore, also creates opportunities for driving traffic and boosting profits. Create impressive looks and user-friendly functionalities to keep visitors coming back to your site. WordPress also has a diverse range of plugins that lets you improve various functional areas of the website.

3. SEO Friendly Structure
WordPress has inbuilt features to build SEO-optimized websites for higher conversion rate. Websites lacking proper SEO usually remain unproductive in terms of web traffic, conversion, and sales. Besides, a wide range of SEO plugins is compatible with WordPress. Using these plugins, you can easily optimize content. WordPress also enables you to use tools to add engaging snippets and enhance search engine listing.

4. Online Reputation
To drive visitors in large numbers to a website and improve business ROI, it is highly important for a website to have a good online reputation. Many websites are launched on a daily basis and only those are recognized which offer something unique. A simple HTML website needs lots of effort to make a website online visible, but with WordPress, it is easy to get an online reputation. WordPress provides help to developers in building SEO-friendly websites. On top of it, it offers feature-rich plugins like Yoast SEO that guarantee effective and productive results.

5. Security
In comparison to HTML, WordPress is more advanced & secure, all because of its robust interface and dynamic framework. In addition, it has several security plugins that can be used to secure your website against all sorts of cyber-attacks and hackers. Security is one of the major reasons behind the success of HTML to WordPress conversion services these days. You can also download a variety of WordPress plugins to boost the security and efficiency of your WordPress website.

6. Website Scalability
The requirements of a business usually change and grow with time. So, your website, too, should grow with time. With WordPress, you can easily scale your website according to changing business needs. Scalability plays a pivotal role in the long-term goals of a business. Having a scalable website means being prepared for any future need and spike in demands.

7. Community Support
WordPress has a huge community of active members, developers & contributors. Since this framework is basically free of cost and users contribute regularly to improve it. No matter what is the reason behind your conversion, you can simply share your requirements with a professional and reliable WordPress development services to get an engaging website.

WordPress is perfect CMS for all business enterprises whether you own a startup or big company. It offers an instant and simple medium to build a great website that one can see performing with negligible efforts. The admin dashboard of WordPress is so appealing and user-friendly that you would never opt for a different platform other than this CMS.

At WordPress India, we have converted hundreds of HTML websites into WordPress. You can hire WordPress developers from us and reap great benefits from your web presence. Another benefit of converting into WordPress is that no money is needed in purchasing this software. It is an open-source development platform that will never stop the developer to implement its creativity while designing the website on this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wordpress Faqs

1. How do I convert my website to WordPress?
• To start the conversion work, first, build a Theme Folder and Basic Files.
• Copy Existing CSS to the WordPress Style Sheet.
• Segregate your Existing HTML.
• “WordPressify” Header.php and Index.php.
• Take a Screenshot and Upload Theme.

2. Can we use the HTML template in WordPress?

You can simply migrate any HTML template into a proper WordPress theme. However, your task will become simple if you pick a template layout that sticks closely to the core functionality built into the WordPress: posts, a sidebar, pages, a header, and a footer.

3. How do I find my HTML file in WordPress?

To access the files, look for the FTP within your hosting account, then navigate to the wp-content directory and next to the themes directory. Download your existing theme. You can open the files in any plain text editor to check the HTML. You can also view the files through the WP admin panel under appearance > editor.

4. How do I create a dynamic HTML template in WordPress?

Break HTML Theme to WordPress Files
• Prerequisites
• Name Your Theme
• Design PHP Files
• Copy CSS, Images, and JavaScript Folders
• Slice HTML into Header, Index, and Footer
• Configuring CSS
• Configure JavaScript
• Activate Custom Title in WordPress

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