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How to Select the Best Content Layout for Your WordPress Blog

Content Layout

When developing a blog, extensively of your emphasis will be on the content itself. Nonetheless, how you’re relating your subject to the public consequences, too. And we’re not just discussing the impression or content layout here.  

The substantial layout of how your content is illustrated can be instrumental in how website newcomers interact with your article. This can switch the discrepancy between a guest signing up for your email newsletter or bouncing. 

Today, we’ll be concentrating our interest on content layout and how you can select the treaty one for your blog. Mainly, let’s examine the various categories of blog layouts accessible. Then we’ll communicate a limited alternative for each type. Well, you can also hire a WordPress Developer to get the right thing done.  

Aspects for Choice of Content Layout for Your WordPress Website Blog

1.Blog Target

Be open with the accuracy that arises to considerably affect the chosen WordPress blog layout. When choosing the layout, choose what the blog is striving to convey. Furthermore, be detailed with the conclusion respecting the mark audience. Layout relies on the mark audience and how they need it. Be apparent about the subject’s purpose and how you convey it.

2.List of Features

It comprises the blog post components to bring an apparent intention of respecting the decent configuration that conforms to this condition. The essential emphasis includes: 

  • E-commerce compatibility 
  • Custom fonts and colors 
  • Social media Icons 
  • Multiple layout options 
  • Review section 

Moreover, you will have to inquire if you desire to put tapes and infographics to the WordPress website blog. Determine whether there is a necessity to enlarge tailored types for each portion. Assure that you combine social media idols. 


Assure that the content layout isn’t too boisterous with lots of animations, colors, features, and fancy articles. Complete the website layout naturally to secure accessibility and comfort of navigation.  

Build certain that the components aren’t establishing difficulty, overseeing increased bounce rates. In any sense, you shouldn’t clutter your blog post with an extent of characteristics, vigorousness, and elegant texts. 


Configuration arises to be flexible to several wall sizes alongside the tools to bring it user-friendly. It is crucial to fit the search engine’s objectives. It moreover enables increasing elevated orders on SERPs. Assure that you’re enhancing the reaction time of the network sheets which means that they burden within less than 3 instants. 

5.Browser Compatibility

There is a necessity to target additional audiences. It will moreover be boosting in accessing the outlet from numerous browsers. It’s worth assuming that the WordPress layout is normally synonymous with the browsers. Still, there are possibilities that some devices or additions might not endorse it.  

Common WordPress layouts arise to be completely synonymous with all browsers, however, there may be the possibility that few features or expansions aren’t endorsed in some browsers. Improve the accessibility and target extra audiences.  

Kinds of Blog Layouts 

The kinds of content layouts to discover when surveying for blog themes are as follows: 

Single Column Layout or Full page  

Single column, full-page, or even full-width blog layouts cover up a whole pane of a website. The content comprises the entire width of the browser. In growth to that, it contains the large featured picture, script, and occasionally text characteristics, containing the fall lids or elegant quotations. This layout verifies to be highly acceptable for academic bulletins, private blogs, and trip blogs. 

Two-Column Layout (Usually with a Sidebar) 

Two-column WordPress website layout is the conventional or common layout and captions of the main section and includes the blog subject. In growth to that, the additional section or sidebar components have more content-like connections associated with blog posts. Moreover, there are other components, containing a search bar, navigation, “about me” blurb, and so on.  

Three-Column Layout  

The three-column WordPress blog layout arises to be largely valuable for journals and blogs that show a lot of content. The Middle column arrives with the blog post content and the two sidebars show a more extensive arrangement of auxiliary data.  

Grid Column Layout 

Moreover, grid column layout also called masonry, this blog layout is adequate for image-heavy blogs. Yet, this is decent for private blogs. That explained, there is a nicer extent with each tie to a mail-in coupon laid out in a grid. Galleries arise to be similar to the grid layout mode. Still, there is a necessity to evaluate the other alternatives for photography blogs and additional image-oriented blogs. Travelers will receive the chance to click each picture to perceive a full post.  

Traditional Business Layout 

Business websites have a fixed homepage with a blog as an auxiliary link. Content layout attaches to any of the above alternatives. For profitable delivery of your information and desirable subject demonstration, select the adequate content layout that fits the blog. Easy-to-follow configuration, persuade additional audiences, and boost conversion ratio.   

List-based Layout 

The schedule is simple to examine, creating the layout perfect for your website. A list-based layout includes the easy upright progression of blog posts and comprises the titles, captioned images, and brief quotes. However, the style is important, the limitation is there isn’t any extent of advantages.  

The list-based layout is understandable to examine and drive. Moreover, it will fulfill the traditional style people are conditioned to. Revise the width of your list with the utilization of recent themes and plugins, allowing you to alter the width of blog posts, improving readability across gadgets.  

Blogs are also using the list-based layout. List-based formats look further fashionable by playing around with the featured images. Moreover, there is the incorporation of the Read more regulators and characters. Utilize catalog formats for the archive. Hiring a WordPress developer helps you to use these content layouts optimally.  

Masonry Layouts 

Masonry Layouts assist as a blog post layout that is different and fashionable. The variant on the grid design has the grid boxes shoved jointly and have various sizes. This layout arises to be extraordinary. It looks unique for conclusion posts and generates them visually extraordinary.  

WordPress Themes with Full-Page Blog Layouts 

It’s vital to remark that almost any topic can be configured to show blog posts as full-width. Still, we’ve compiled a limited edition that is contemplated to be full-screen themes for those glancing for a very immersive content background. 

  • Full page 

This WordPress theme gives a fullscreen background throughout your area, not only on the blog, and relies on parallax impacts. Predict full-width pictures, fullscreen environments, and no sidebar understanding on the blog sheet itself.  

You can connect with a certified developer for WordPress custom theme development. Just tell your requirements, and the developer will choose the best suitable content layout and theme for you.    

Traditional Blog with a Sidebar WordPress Themes 

This is a variety of blog content layouts that you have alternatives aplenty. You could survey for “WordPress themes” and anything you fumble upon would authorize. There are lots of blog WordPress themes, but below are nice-looking options to give you a suggestion. 

  • Beautiful 

The aptly named Beautiful WordPress theme is groovy simple but brings the job accomplished. It furnishes a regular blog configuration with the manner of sidebar we’ve all arrived to predict. But the across-the-board peek is gorgeously minimalist. 

Blog Themes with a Masonry or Grid Layout 

For blogs and portfolios, a grid is a tremendous layout alternative. If you’re staring for masonry grid WordPress themes there are several options, but here is one of the decent (in our opinion). 

  • Total  

You get entry to a ton of democracies with this theme, one of which is Mason, a masonry grid configuration for blogs. Every post is illustrated as its ad-like character. Formerly connected, you’re put up with the entire post where vast pictures prevail. 

Gallery-Style WordPress Themes 

And here’s a canvass of gallery-style WordPress themes that prioritize pictures and additional outlets. 

  • Soho  

This picture and tape WordPress theme characteristic a variety of layout alternatives. Nevertheless, its fullscreen layout gives a grid-style passageway that contains social media-Esque interchange on the blog homepage.  

Connecting through reveals a conventional blog with a sidebar, yet, it’s, however, image-heavy and provides photogs and pictorial artists a bunch of compartments to take advantage of. 

Business Themes with Blogs 

This is a super common sector, but it’s nonetheless significant to remark that some additional formal company website themes frequently contain blog templates, too. Here’s a rapid sampling: 

  • Elegant (Free Theme) 

Elegant is a free theme. It contains all the features you’ve come to predict from an industry theme like affectionate categories for your team and portfolio, but it moreover has an enormous blog template that’s healthy and to the fact. 


Let’s wrap up the article. In this blog, you get information on how to choose a Content Layout for a WordPress blog. Hopefully, with this blog post, you must have been clear about which layout you want. 

Moreover, you can contact several WordPress website development companies out there in the market. They create the best WordPress websites that suit your requirements as well as the market demands.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What is Content Layout in WordPress?

Ans. Content Layout includes all the arrangements of a paper.  

2.Why should I consider a WordPress website development company in India?

Ans. It’s because you may not have a complete idea of the market standards for a website. Moreover, website development companies keep themselves updated with present requirements. Hence, for a business purpose, it is suggested to take such a company’s help for the best business results.  

3.Where is the Layout tab in WordPress?

Ans. Go to the Appearance tab, then go to theme options, and there you find the layout tab. 

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