10 December

Common WooCommerce Development Mistakes That You Should Avoid


The first step of establishing an e-commerce setup is having an online store up and running. Here, it is the choice of a development platform that really matters as you would want one that is robust, performance-oriented, and capable of rendering the right functionalities in your store. The choices out there are extensive and WooCommerce is one of them. So have you finalized WooCommerce for creating on an online store for your business? You’ve made a great decision because this popular WordPress Plugin has a lot to offer in terms of features and functionalities. What more, millions of e-commerce stores across the globe run on this platform, which makes it a trusted one.

However, everything may not be as positive as it seems because you may encounter some challenges if you are not doing things the right way or getting them done by expert professionals. When you do initiate with WooCommerce Integration Services, there are some mistakes that you need to be aware about so that you can sideline them and save yourself the trouble.


1. Running An Outdated Version:- WooCommerce comes with regular version upgrades and not keeping pace with them is the biggest mistake that you may make. Running an outdated version puts you at a security risk, which can be a major concern for any e-commerce store because it contains vital personal and financial data of the customers. It would, therefore, be best to have your WooCommerce Store Updated with the latest version with every single release.

2. Not Updating The Plugins:- Besides running an outdated version of the platform itself, not updating the plugins installed on the store is another blunder that you may make. Once again, this puts your store at a security risk because only the latest WordPress Plug-In Development versions resolve the prevailing issues. When you do install a new plugin or upgrade an existing one, ensure that you test it in a staging environment before installing on production.

3. Not Prioritizing Security:- If you fail to prioritize security while developing a WooCommerce Web Store, you will probably end in a fix. Security breaches not only open your store to risk of user information theft but can damage your reputation as well. Moreover, Google’s recent announcement states that only websites using HTTPS will be considered for search ranking.

4. Not Running a Staging Site:- Having a staging site is essential to keep the actual one running seamlessly while you contemplate changes. Whether you are working on WooCommerce Speed Issues, changing its design, or testing new plugins, doing in on live store is extremely risky. Therefore, not running a staging site for these purposes can cost you a great deal.

5. Not Running Regular Site Backups:- Another common mistake that people make with stores on this platform is nor running a site backup. Security and backups should be, in fact, on the top of the priority list of e-commerce stores. Even though you may keep running the store without backups, even a single incident can cause massive problems. So it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

6. Not Taking System Misconfigurations Seriously:- System misconfiguration is a major concern for WooCommerce Stores. The plugin provides a System Status report which lists key facts such as the PHP version, web server version, plugin versions, active theme, and availability of core functions. If any of these is shown in red, this is an indication of a problem that needs to be addressed. Not doing so will get your store in trouble.

7. Not Offering Free Shipping:- Besides these architectural challenges, there are certain other mistakes that can cost you a great deal if you fail to avoid them. One of these is no adding free shipping feature for the shoppers. This is one of the major reasons that users abandon their carts because they would not want to elevate the costs by making any superfluous expenditure on their shopping.

8. Not Having Any Unique Selling Proposition:- E-commerce is a competitive landscape and selling will be a challenge unless you have something beyond the ordinary to offer to your buyers. While delivering a superlative shopping experience is one aspect of running your WooCommerce website successfully, having a Unique Selling Proposition is equally important. Not having one can cost you customers and make you fall behind the competitors.

Conclusion:- While most of these mistakes are technical in nature, some pertain to user experience as well. It is best to Hire WordPress Developer who has hands-on experience with WooCommerce to work on your project to avoid these common mistakes and build a store that delivers value. Besides ensuring that best practices are followed while creating a store based on this plugin, experts can also justify the query related to the usability of choosing WooCommerce for e-commerce. After all, it would be quite natural for a merchant to be a little doubtful about choosing a plugin for building an online store as an alternative to a full-fledged platform such as WordPress.

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