9 April

Choosing The Right Plugins For Your WordPress Website


WordPress is a highly acclaimed CMS platform that is enriched with a variant range of features. It is capable of yielding rich and robust e-commerce stores with a multitude of functionalities. A major credit for bringing in the desired functionalities in a WordPress website goes to the plugins that the platform brings. There are thousands of them, free and premium, which can be used to enhance the site the way you want to.

However, WordPress Plug-In Development are like a double-edged sword, with as many weaknesses as the strengths they have. The biggest challenge is to install the right ones that are availed from reliable sources otherwise they would probably do more harm than good. Having too many redundant plugins on your site is also a bad idea as they can hamper the performance and increase the complexities. So there is a need to follow certain guidelines while you choose plugins for your WordPress Website.

Let’s Go Through The Basics:

1.Verify if The Feature is Absolutely Needed:- As a rule of thumb for WordPress Development, you should opt for only those features that are absolutely needed. Check your business requirements and talk to experts before you commit to installing a plugin in your website. The reason that you should be thrifty about using them is that they may lead to certain problems and glitches. For instance, you may end up botching the header or footer files if you lack experience. Another complexity you may face is that the code will have to be re-installed if you need to change the theme. Considering the complications that may surface due to the installation of plugins, it is better to skip the redundant ones. You could look for alternative options first if your site absolutely requires a particular feature.

2.Ensure That The WordPress Theme is Capable of Installing The Code:- Many of the premium themes are capable of code installation as they provide the option for installing and editing the header and footer scripts. With this method, there is no need to edit the PHP code. All that you require is to copy the code for the desired feature into the header scripts section. This means that you can use the code customization option rather than plugin installation to bring in a feature into your website. However, the latter is a better way for sites with themes that cannot install the code.

3.Choose The Right Plugin For Your Website:- Now that you have the clarity that a plugin is absolutely needed, you must ensure that you choose the right one. There will be plenty of options for every single feature and the following pointers will help you pick the right one:

  • Get one from a credible source, such as a WordPress Developer who has contributed a large number of plugins that are running with positive reviews.
  • Look for one that has a good number of downloads as the number of active users indicates the utility of a plugin.
  • The price is equally important as it will decide whether you opt for a free or premium plugin. However, you should not compromise quality for the price.
  • Ensure that you get support for the plugin that you choose because there is always a possibility of issues cropping up in future. Try to speak to their support specialists first to see the level of responsiveness you can expect from them.
  • Check the security level offered by the plugin because one that is vulnerable can open up the site to potential hackers and compromise your business.CONCLUSION

Plugin installation in WordPress sites requires technical guidance, not only for the actual installation process but also for the choice of plugins. After all, too many of them can bring major challenges for your site. Therefore, you should look for expert technology partners who can help you with both these aspects. At WordPress India, we are a leading WordPress Plugins Development Company that offers a complete range of services for creating empowered business websites. Our team comprises of expert developers with rich experience and successful track record of having worked with clients from diverse industries and with unique requirements.

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