8 December

An In-depth Analysis of Building Travel Agency Websites on WordPress

Travel Agency Website

As the world begins to recover from COVID-19, businesses that are involved in travel and leisure tend to spend more money developing travel websites. This is because they understand that customers prefer to book trips, accommodations, and activities on travel agency website

Despite a 20% decline in 2020 due to online travel, the market is still projected to grow by up to $820 in 2023. A well-planned vacation can promote mental calmness and relaxation. Now, with the increased pressure in any of the job sectors, it has almost become a basic need for everyone.

Most customers begin their vacation planning by perusing online trip packages while seated in front of a computer, with the intention of ultimately purchasing them. Therefore, if you want to launch your own travel and tourism company, it’s crucial to build a perfect travel agency website

Even the most discerning travelers can enjoy an amazing user experience thanks to this company’s many different tourism niches. For those who need to improve their health, there are medical travel options. Travel to small towns and family reunions are becoming more popular as a result of closed borders. 

When their movement to contact travel agents for new sports tourism opportunities in their country was rejected, the enthusiastic and active people who couldn’t imagine their lives without sport did not give up.

Types of travel websites

1 or 2 million people were employed by travel agency websites worldwide during the pandemic 2020 year. The situation opened up new horizons for the travel industry, which was compelled to adapt. Many business owners are currently considering how to launch an online travel website and turn it into a web sales channel in order to gain market share. 

A travel website, in the broadest sense, is focused on offering booking services, comparing travel prices, and providing users with educational and entertaining content in the form of articles, guides, visuals, and virtual tours. You might be wondering how to find a special market niche for your online travel agency website, where to begin, and what features to use to advance.

What must you include in your travel agency websites?

It may differ from one company to another. Depending on the type of your site, different information will be included in your travel booking site. If your goal is to build a small travel booking website as opposed to an international travel agency, the process will be different. 

You must include information on your site in the proper manner if you want to build a travel booking website where your customers can quickly and easily find the packages they want. Small travel websites and international travel agencies can create travel agencies using largely the same basic building blocks. If you want to create a tourism website for booking travel plans, you must include a few key pieces of information.

Every online travel agency must have the following features on their website:

Your Travel Agency Websites’ story should be presented

The customer’s first impression is preserved by your company’s story. It persuades them to purchase your offering. You must explain the origins of your business in your company’s narrative. Explain to your clients why you are operating this company and how you arrived here. Instead of making up a fancy story, tell them a true story. 

A real story has a stronger psychological effect on a person than a fancy story. Your clients want you to explain the true cause to them. If your readers are interested in your story, they will continue the purchasing process. You should therefore tell your tale in a way that will persuade your audience to purchase packages from you.

Showcase your company’s trip packages

After telling your tale, you must offer your client tour packages. Until they like your package, your customer won’t purchase it. You must explain to your clients how and why you differ from other travel booking websites. 

What benefits are you offering to your customers that other websites are failing to provide If you don’t offer your website visitors something unique compared to other vendors, they won’t purchase your packages. Therefore, in order to outperform your rivals, you should offer alluring tour packages. Offer your clients the packages they want.

Provide online booking and reservation facilities

You must make online bookings and reservations available to your customers after displaying your packages on your website. With this online booking option, you can not only attract more customers but also turn them into lifelong clients who will continue to use your services after a positive travel encounter.

People are more likely to conduct all of their business online today. Your company won’t be successful if you don’t have this facility on your website. You must give customers the option to learn about your tour packages online before booking and reserving their preferred options.

Provide an online payment facility

Include a system for accepting payments online on your website because most purchases are now made this way. Customers’ work is made easier as a result. Until you offer online payment options, your customer won’t book any packages. Online payments can be made using the WordPress travel plugin.

Traveling will be more comfortable and enjoyable for your clients as they offer various payment options for various nations. Include information about your business on your travel agency website. You must provide a phone number and a map so that customers can reach you if they have any issues while purchasing your packages or later.

If the location where you are offering your services doesn’t provide any information to your customers. Then, it will be difficult for your customers to believe you because they won’t receive any assistance if they run into any problems. 

Therefore, it is crucial to include your phone number and a link to your travel agency website’s map. Make sure to present your company’s information on your travel website in a way that makes it simple for customers to find it.

Include customer feedback

Getting customer feedback is crucial for any type of business, whether it be a restaurant or a travel agency. It might increase your client’s trust in you. Feedback from your customers should be presented in a way that appeals to them more. Before buying any products or packages, every customer reads customer reviews. 

It has a significant impact on your customers. Positive comments have the power to grow your customer base in ways you could never have imagined. So, make an effort to draw attention to customer feedback.

Types of Travel Websites

Want to digitize your travel and tourism company or how to create a travel website for booking tours and vacations? Do not worry; you are in the proper location. You will learn how to use WordPress to build a travel booking website in this article. For amateur website builders, building a website is a challenging task.

However, you can quickly and easily create a fully functional, attractive, and customizable website using WordPress and its themes and plugins. You don’t need to understand complex procedures or know how to code for it. Just adhere to the instructions in this article, and your website will be ready when you’re done.

The modern online travel market offers a variety of services designed to assist travelers at every stage of their journey, from finding a place to stay to booking an exotic sightseeing tour with a travel planner to plan your activities. Each travel agency website has a specific goal that it is committed to, depending on the needs of people as they are getting ready to travel or once they arrive.


The journey starts when a person decides where they want to go and looks for the easiest way to get there. Transportation search engines are tools that allow every traveler to compare options for various routes based on costs, connection flights, and intermodal connections. 

The best feature of flight search engines like Skyscanner, ClearTrip, and Momondo is their thorough fare comparison of thousands of airlines worldwide by date, time, price, and class. Consider travel agency website development which is focused on the search for air transportation, as air travel continues to be the most popular type of travel.


Online travel agencies are aware of the need for travelers to locate quality hotels. Through hotel booking websites, they connect travelers and hotels. With the help of these services, you can select the ideal lodging for your preferences, from the most opulent apartments to the most modest and affordable hotel rooms.

To differentiate yourself from the competition and gain market share, innovate a fresh method for booking hotels, as Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk did in 2013. Through industry disruption, Airbnb gave the hospitality sector a new direction with the sharing economy at its core.


Instead of attempting to create a travel agency website, it is worth looking for some other niches if you want to compete for a spot in the sun. Food is the one thing that everyone must have. Travel website development facilitates restaurant reservations and serves as a network connecting diners and restaurants that accept reservations for both tourists and public caterers. 

Even if they are on the other side of the globe, tourists can make reservations in advance. Additionally, locals’ favorite dishes are now available for delivery at a good discount since the lockdown began.


It takes too long to search for flights, hotels, cruises, and package holidays on separate websites. Travelers can view and compare all available options in one place thanks to travel metasearch engines. These search engines compile data from hundreds of other websites and present users with the best selection of activities, accommodations, and transportation options.

A business that only provides information benefits from the distribution and advertising income. It compares dozens of airlines and travel websites in a single search while still being free for users and charging online travel agencies (OTAs) a cost-per-click fee for each lead. Its business model is very appealing to entrepreneurs who want to build a website focused on aggregation for tours and travels.


Travelers who want to broaden their cultural awareness by getting the best deal, skipping the line, and booking a spot on a tour are drawn to excursions to historic sites. Time-constrained travelers can find specific excursions or day trips on tours and activities websites, saving them the exhaustion of conducting a thorough search.

From conventional sightseeing tours to distinctive VIP experiences, travelers can find value in a wide range of options, and entrepreneurs are motivated by their success to create tour and travel agency websites in the niche.

What Must You Have in a Great Travel Company Website?

It goes without saying that each travel company has a different set of requirements for its website’s various components. A small local tour operator has very different needs from a major international travel agency. 

However, the fundamental building blocks of each outstanding travel company website are essentially the same. In order to create your own travel company website, you must first analyze and determine the types of sections, features, and functionalities that your website must have. 

Presenting Your Company’s Story

Making a strong first impression as a business is essential before you can win over any visitors or potential clients. One of the most crucial things you can convey to your audience is your story about how to create a website for a travel agency. Customers are more likely to use your services if they like your business. Therefore, it is essential that your company’s story be told in the best and most beautiful way possible.

Showcasing Your Amazing Tour Packages

However, your story won’t bring you, clients and customers, on its own. At some point, you must also provide them with enticing and affordable tour packages. You must be able to explain to customers what your services are, how they differ from others, why they should book a trip with you, and what special experience you are providing them with. You won’t have much success unless your website can beautifully and compellingly describe the travel getaways.

Enabling Online Travel Reservations and Booking

Your website must enable online reservations and bookings for your visitors and potential customers. You have a better chance of generating leads if you offer them a simple and comfortable way to make an immediate reservation or even purchase. 

More and more people are choosing to research their travel options from the comfort of their own homes. Your travel agency’s success may be greatly influenced by this.

Making eCommerce Easy and Comfortable

The ability to accept payments online makes it possible to close sales right away, which is preferable. Your customers will find it to be much simpler and more convenient, and you will also have a greater chance of generating leads. Therefore, ensure that the website for your travel agency can accept some sort of online payment.

Displaying Company Information

Naturally, you would want your visitors to be able to easily contact you. A map indicating your exact location should be displayed along with all the other pertinent information about your business.

Providing Social Proof

Given that you are in the business of selling experiences, client endorsements and quotes are very persuasive. Make sure that your website impresses potential customers by emphasizing the favorable comments from your satisfied customers. In this case WordPress theme design will help you out with creating a proper appearance of the website. 

These will be very important and helpful for you later on when you have to choose the features and the actual look and feel of your website. In other words, these factors will be very important when choosing the theme for your website.

Cooperating with a web development company

Business analysis

You must carry out your own market research and business analysis before developing a travel website or portal. While it is possible to complete these tasks on your own, hiring business analysts from a software company is much simpler. Advanced development firms are adept at creating websites for travel agencies. 

You will gain an understanding of the online travel market, discover some untapped viewpoints, and learn how to take advantage of emerging trends like m-commerce tools, web and mobile apps favored by millennials, or strategies for maximizing the influence of social networks on travel.

The basic scope of the project is clarified by domain research, which also aids in identifying your niche in relation to the objectives your online resource should pursue. Business requirements include fixed functional, operational, and technical elements that serve as a foundation for developers to work on your website.

The launch of an MVP

A minimum viable product reveals the real worth of your business idea to customers. A travel website’s MVP has essential features for a rapid go-to-market. Instead of releasing a fully developed product that would take a long time to deliver, it is launched to gauge the demand for your online travel agency, booking service, or car rental service.

You can gather the user base of early adopters and gain insight into the preferences and behaviors of your target market by using the MVP. You will have a better understanding of what they want and be able to build features that meet their needs, such as a date drop-down or more convenient booking with more payment options.

 Making MVP has clear benefits, but they are not as sophisticated as preventing significant capital losses and cutting costs for creating a travel agency website.


For the development of your travel website or booking service to be successful, UI and UX concepts are crucial when it comes to web design. A travel website’s visual appeal is determined by its user interface (UI) design. Visitors will be drawn to the exquisite hotel interior design and be persuaded to purchase a tour through your website by the high-quality images, carefully chosen fonts, and overall design theme of your user interface.

UX outlines how to design a user-friendly travel website. It demonstrates how simple it is for them to select a flight or decide on their next vacation spot using your online resource. An obvious, straightforward call-to-action button with eye-catching text in the right place, an intuitive booking process, and comprehensive tourist information all contribute to a positive user experience and highlight the services your website offers. 

Colors are less convenient than the design. To influence users to take the action they desire, we advise concentrating on offer-related design during the creation of online travel websites.

Final Thought

You now have a better understanding of the key players and business models in the online travel industry. You have seen our in-depth analysis of the creation of a travel website and have a clear idea about the price of a comparable project. You can hire Developers to streamline your website development projects to expect a result-driven approach. 

Frequently Asked Questions : 

Q1.How much does it cost to build an ecommerce website?

A standard eCommerce website will cost between $35,000 and $80,000 with basic features, and a premium website’s design and functionality will cost between $70,000 and $4,000,000. Price ranges for custom-coded eCommerce websites range from 80,000 to 4,000,000.

Q2.Is it worth building your own eCommerce website?

Building your own eCommerce platform gives you unrivalled control, freedom, and design flexibility. Custom eCommerce builds assist businesses in streamlining their sales processes for both customers and the system’s backend users.

Q3.Which travel API is best?

Leading travel search engine Skyscanner provides millions of travel options. The Skyscanner API integration enables programmers to quickly get flight information and integrate their application into the platform.

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