24 October

Building A Social Network With BuddyPress: All That You Need To Know


If you are planning to create a social networking site for your business, WordPress is one of the options that can be considered. It has all the required tools and features that are needed to create a great networking website. The one that deserves a special mention is the BuddyPress Plugin, which is capable of transforming a simple website into a powerful social networking website. Let us tell you all that you need to know about this amazing plugin before you invest into it.

What BuddyPress Has To Offer:- Described as a “social network in a box”, BuddyPress is a plugin that packs all the features to build a social networking sites and online communities for businesses. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress as well as offers a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. Moreover, BuddyPress development turns out to be the best alternative for those looking to create a social networking site as it is simple to install and easy to configure. Besides being apt for building websites, it can be used for creating social networking apps as well. This offering of BuddyPress is extremely significant as it ensures that your business network or community is accessible for the mobile users too.

How BuddyPress Can Empower Your Social Networking Site:- Now that all has been said about the reasons that BuddyPress is considered idea for creating social networking sites, you need to know more about the features that it can render into them. The plugin empowers the site admin with the abilities to register members and users, share custom feeds, and send relevant notifications to the users. On the other hand, it has several useful features for the users as well, ranging from user profiles to account management, private chats, groups, and ability to post, like, comment, and tag other users on the network.

What are The Benefits of Investing in a Mobile App For BuddyPress:- One you have a BuddyPress site up and running, the next question is whether you should invest in a corresponding mobile app or not. The most feasible approach would probably be affirmative as apps definitely make a value-addition for any business. They enable you to connect with a larger audience as well as serve as a direct communication channel as you can target the users with personalized push notifications. They give your business a branding advantage with a presence on the App Store and also on the device screens of the users. Additionally, having your social website on the mobile gives you the advantage of being available on the go.

How To Get Started With a BuddyPress Website:- Here are the steps that you need to follow to get started with a BuddyPress website:

Installation and Configuration: Installing the BuddyPress Plugin from the WordPress repository is the first step to get started. Login to the WordPress Admin Dashboard and navigate to the Plugins. Then click on the Add New and search BuddyPress. Once you locate it, click Install and Activate. BuddyPress can be configured from the Settings tab by navigating to WordPress Dashboard → Settings → BuddyPress. There will be various components for your site and you can enable or disable them according to your needs.

Setting Up Pages: In the next step, you can set up useful pages by navigating to WordPress Dashboard → Settings → BuddyPress → Pages. Here, you can list the Member, User Groups, and Activity Steams pages. These pages are significant as they provide detailed member list to your users. They can view their activities from activity streams and also know about the groups they have joined. Other key pages are the ones that allow them to register and activate their profiles. These pages are created by default though you can also specify custom pages. You can customize different settings from the Options tab under the BuddyPress Settings.

Selection of a Suitable Theme: WordPress comes with numerous Free and Premium themes. You have the option of using the free ones or buying a premium theme from a marketplace. Add the theme from Appearance → Themes menu or upload the one you have bought. You can also customize the way you want.

Creation of Menu Bar For Easy Navigation: With the installation and configuration done, there is a need to tell the users about your BuddyPress pages. For this, you will have to create or customize the existing menu bar and add the pages there.

Addition of Widgets: BuddyPress comes with built-in widgets for social networking site. The default WordPress widgets can be removed and replaced by the BuddyPress Widgets according to your needs.

Enablement of Social Network User Registration: In WordPress, website registration is disabled by default. Therefore, it has to be enables from the settings by navigating Admin Dashboard → Settings → General and enabling the register option.

Setup of Homepage For Social Users: After this, a social networking site is created in WordPress Development and all that is needed to be done is to set up a home page for your users. This is to be done by navigating to Setting → Reading. From the front page displays, choose A static page and pick the one you need from the drop down menu.

Conclusion:- The installation of Custom BuddyPress Development plugin is a tedious process that requires extensive skills. The best approach is to Hire WordPress Developer who can follow all the steps and get it done thoroughly. Considering the benefits that a social networking website can bring for your business, this is one investment that you should make happily. WordPress India is a leading WordPress Development Company that specializes in creating all kinds of business websites, e-commerce stores, and social networking websites with this feature-rich platform.