13 May

7 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins to Keep Your Listeners Engaged

7 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins to Keep Your Listeners Engaged

The number of podcast listeners growing consistently over the past couple of years. Organizations and individuals alike are launching their podcasts. With the rising popularity of music streaming services like Spotify, podcasts are the future of online listening. Besides, the coronavirus lockdown has prompted further growth in the number of people listening to podcasts. If you are planning to launch a WordPress podcast, this blog is for you!

The global community of WordPress developers has responded to the rising demands for podcast development. The community has launched several different WordPress podcast plugins. In this blog, we have evaluated the best WordPress podcasts, highlighting their key features.

1. Seriously Simple Podcasting
Seriously Simple Podcasting is an easy-to-use podcasting platform built on WordPress. Using this, podcasters can broadcast multiple shows from one platform. The most striking feature of this plugin, as indicated by the name, is its simplicity. The plugin features a streamlined interface and a simple configuration. So, users can set it easily and start podcasting. With efficient WordPress plugin development, this solution can help you achieve your podcasting goals.

Key Features of Seriously Simple Podcasting:
• Capability to broadcast multiple podcasts from one platform.
• Supports audio and video podcasting.
• Collect listener statistics with free stats add-on.
• Easily manage podcast episodes and simple buttons and widgets for episode lists.

2. Simple Podcast Press
It’s a flexible podcasting solution that you can use both independently and in combination with other podcast plugins. This podcast tool smoothly integrates with BlubrryPowerPress and Smart Podcast Player. Simple Podcast Press features a stylish podcast player with user-friendly functionalities.

Key features of Simple Podcast Press:
• Automatic podcast publishing capabilities from your feed.
• Clickable timestamps in show notes that integrate with other podcasting platforms.
• Showcase iTunes reviews of your podcast.
• Social media sharing button (click-to-tweet).

3. Libsyn Podcasting
Libsyn Podcasting enables users to easily sign up to host their podcast episodes. It also lets broadcasters offer their listeners a custom mobile apps and listening statistics, among other features. This podcasting solution, however, is available for subscribers only. The cheapest subscription for hosting starts at $5 per month.

Key Features of Libsyn Podcasting:
• Capabilities for external cloud hosting of podcasts.
• List podcasts on Libsyn’s podcast directory (subscription only).
• Features an HTML5 compatible media player and custom mobile apps.

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4. BlubrryPowerPress
BlubrryPowerPress is one of the top podcasting solutions available at WordPress.org. It’s wildly popular among podcasters and has a 5-star rating. The podcasting solution’s popularity is mainly due to its wide-ranging features and functionality.

Key Features BlubrryPowerPress:
• Import podcasts automatically from other podcasting platforms and other devices.
• Enables you to create iTunes-compliant podcast feeds.
• Page shortcodes to help you increase the number of subscribers.
• Built-in social media sharing buttons and “show notes” to provide listeners with more information.

5. Smart Podcast Player
Smart Podcast Player is considered as one of the most comprehensive podcasting tools built on WordPress. The unique functionality of this solution is what sets it apart from others. While features like WordPress theme customization have always been popular, these solution goes beyond normal customization.

Key Features of Smart Podcast Player:
• Highly customizable in terms of design and layout.
• Supports all major MP3-based podcast feeds.
• Features ‘speed up’ and ‘slow down’ playback.
• Enables listeners to download episodes directly from the player.

6. Buzzsprout Podcasting
Buzzsprout Podcasting, like Libsyn, enables podcasters to integrate podcasts episodes into other platforms. It’s an independent podcasting solution laced with numerous attractive features.

Key Features of Buzzsprout Podcasting:
• Seamlessly upload and optimize podcast episodes.
• Publish RSS feeds compliant with various streaming services.
• Easily create a web player for your podcast.
• View listening statistics and make insights-driven decisions.

7. Podlov Podcast Publisher
Podlov Podcast Publisher has been designed with WordPress in mind. The platform offers subscription features and in-built analytics for podcast broadcasters. This podcast plugin comes with modular design to suit the needs of professional podcasters. WordPress developers can use codes to customize the experience on this platform.

Key Features of Podlov Podcast Publisher:
• A subscription-only podcasting platform.
• Features in-built analytics decoding podcast episodes’ performance.
• HTML-compatible web player with advanced features.
• Modular design and flexible templates.

The WordPress community has offered you a diverse range of plugins to accomplish for podcasting goals. Keep in mind that each one of these podcasting solutions is different in terms of user experience and functionality. You need to be careful while choosing. The best way is to keep your target audience in mind while choosing a solution. At WordPress India, we offer highly customized WordPress plugin development to keep your audience engaged. We cater to a diverse group of clients, fulfilling their unique business needs.



Q. What is podcasting and how does it work?

Podcasting is an audio broadcasting service that allows Internet users to listen to audio files from a podcasting website/app. The users can listen to a podcast on their computers or personal digital audio players.

Q. Are plugins on WordPress free?
The WordPress site offers both free and premium plugins. You can get entirely free plugins from WordPress.org or third-party developers from all over the world. But the free version of a plugin may not always be the best choice, especially due to security concerns.

Q. How much does it cost to develop a WordPress plugin?
The development cost for a WordPress plugin depends on what kind of solution you need. Costs are lower for plugins with basic design features. If you need a highly customized plugin development with more advanced features, the cost will be different. We offer competitive pricing every kind of theme and plugin development.

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