6 June

10 Best WordPress Plugins To Boost Your Business Website In 2017


WordPress is an acclaimed platform used for creating high-quality websites for e-commerce businesses. It is enhanced with useful tools and features that serve ideally to build flexible, secure, and high-performance web solutions. In addition to the core features, the platform is powered by a variety of versatile WordPress Plugins. These plugins can be used to add unique functionalities to the e-commerce websites. From animated pop-ups to social sharing, analytics, search engine optimization, and more, there are plugins to handle virtually any feature you can think of.

Here are the most highly acclaimed plugins that you must consider for WordPress e-commerce store development in 2017:

1. WooCommerce:- WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that runs almost 30% of online stores. The standard version of the plugin offers a host of unbeatable features and tools for inventory management, calculation of taxes and shipping costs, and management of multiple payment methods. The premium version comes with advanced functionalities such as one-page checkout and reminder e-mails for abandoned shopping carts.

2. Yoast SEO:- SEO plays a significant role in the growth of an e-commerce business because it ensures that your store is visible online. SEO encompasses the optimization of content, keywords, images, meta descriptions, and titles to get them high search rankings. Yoast SEO is a plugin that rates the content and helps you with its optimization. It comes with features such as real-time page analysis, readability analysis, post preview, automatic URL generation, and more.

3. Google Analytics Plugin:- Next on the list of the most popular WordPress Plugins in 2017 is the Google Analytics Plugin. As the name suggests, it tracks the visitors on your online store and analyzes their behavior. The plugin generates reports that indicate the performance of individual posts and pages and also, the store as a whole. These reports serve the purpose of creating strategies to increase conversions and sales for the business.

4. WP Rocket:- The loading speed of your e-commerce website can make all the difference in the user experience it delivers. With the premium plugin called WP Rocket, you can activate page caching for the store and give it an immediate speed boost. In addition to reducing the page load time, it also improves the indexing of the website by search engines.

5. WP Smush:- WP Smush is a plugin that is instrumental for optimizing the images on the e-commerce store. This is a free plugin that helps you capitalize on the power of images to catch the attention of the visitors. It enables you to compress the images without compromising their quality. At the same time, Smush also saves storage space and improves the site speed with faster-loading images.

6. Akismet:- One of the default WordPress plugins, Akismet comes with every new core installation of the platform. The basic function it performs is to manage and filter spam comments. It need not be configured but works in the background to check each of the comments and eliminate the ones that appear spammed. Akismet comes free of cost for blogs and personal sites while monthly subscription plans are available for business websites.

7. Search WP:- Featuring next on this list is the powerful plugin called Search WP, which adds search functionality to the e-commerce store. It bundles up advanced search features such as indexing of post titles, keywords, and descriptions. The plugin can be used to create search boxes for product searches to ease up the user experience on the store.

8. Wordfence Security:- Security from hackers is a crucial issue for e-commerce store owners. Wordfence Security has been acclaimed as one of the best security plugins for WordPress in 2017. It enables powerful features such as Firewall protection, live traffic monitoring, login security, malware scan, and more. With the ability to monitor real-time traffic, you can identify security threats and resolve them in time.

9. WordPress Social Login:- Social login is an important feature for an e-commerce store as it enables the visitor to register, login, comment, and even shop using their social media accounts. The WordPress Social Login supports a myriad of social networks so that you can get visitors across these platforms.

10. Form Maker:- Form Maker is a WordPress Plugin that enables you to create custom forms for your store. It allows customization of the fonts, sizing, and colors as well as offers drag-and-drop functionality to facilitate form creation.

WordPress is a platform that is appreciated for its extensive versatility and the credit goes to the thousands of plugins it offers. These are just a few best ones and there are countless more that can be availed for their unique functionalities. Expert WordPress Developers would understand your requirements first and integrate the relevant ones in your e-commerce store.

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