19 September

Reliable A/B Testing Plugins To Optimize Your WordPress Site


WordPress is a user-friendly CMS that enables a fast and easy creation of professional-looking websites. WordPress Development is as simple as installing a theme, creating some pages, and adding content and you’re good to go! But the big question is whether you would get results from the site or not. The website needs to be tested and optimized to ensure that it drives your business. The solution lies in A/B Testing, which plays a fundamental role in identifying whether it is having an impact on the users or not. A/B testing which also referred to as split testing involves evaluation of two variations of the same website by comparing them with each other.

Here, you have to test two versions of the site elements, with the original site (variant A) to be compared to the other variant (variant B), which has been subjected to certain changes. The test identifies the version that performs better amongst the two, with relation to parameters such as the content, landing pages, calls to action, descriptions, colors, layouts, images, videos, and more. A/B testing is effective for gauging the response of the visitors to specific elements on a web page. However, it is a time-consuming process as sufficient data has to be gathered to measure the site’s performance. Certain WordPress Plugins can be used to perform A/B testing in a fast and reliable manner. Let’s check them out:

Neilo A/B Testing:- A full-featured solution, Neilo is designed exclusively for WordPress and does not need an external code. It is effective for tracking and optimizing conversions. Moreover, it is compatible with WooCommerce, making it just right for e-commerce websites. With Neilo, it is possible to A/B test the posts and pages, descriptions, themes, images, widgets, product names, and more. The plugin can be used with Heat-maps to identify the areas of the website that are getting more attention.

WordPress Landing Pages:- The WordPress Landing Pages is a free plugin that serves the purpose of testing solely the landing pages instead of doing the same for the single elements on these pages. It enables the tracking of conversion rate, customization of templates, even multivariate tests. The plugin allows cloning of the landing pages and running split tests on the variations.

WordPress Call To Action:- Another free plugin, WordPress Call To Action is useful for evaluating the conversion rate of calls to action. It enables multivariate testing along with conversion tracking. The plugin can be used for testing links, file downloads, social media buttons, and setting up CTA templates.

Simple Page Tester:- Simple Page Tester is a simple yet powerful A/B testing plugin that can be easily set up without the need of coding. It integrates a split testing section in the WordPress dashboard to enable the monitoring of ongoing tests in a single location. The plugin follows the guidelines of Google Webmaster for SEO as well as uses Google Analytics for providing key information about the site visitors. The best feature of Simple Page Tester is that it offers a graphical view of the performance of the pages which facilitates a comparison of the performance of the main page and its variations.

Kissmetrics:- Kissmetrics is a plugin that is more suitable for businesses that have big budgets, yet it benefits completely justify the investment. Besides the conventional A/B testing, it serves effective tools for conversion rate optimization. It enables the customization of every aspect of the customer’s journey along with generation of multiple reports.

Thorough testing is absolutely essential if you are looking to boost conversions and sales on your WordPress website. On the other hand, you may lose on potential sales if you do not test the site. WordPress Developers rely on these plugins to ensure that their sites are well-tested and optimized for conversions and growth.

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