19 December

10 WordPress Plugins To Bring Festive Cheer For Your Site This Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and businesses are looking to capitalize on the festive mood of the shoppers. There are decorations everywhere and online stores are no exception. And if you are running a WordPress e-commerce Store, there are plenty of choices you have for making your store look just right to replicate the festive cheer. The platform offers numerous plugins that can be used to deck your site for the season. Let’s check the 10 best plugins for Christmas:

1. Christmas Countdown Widget:- As there are still a few days to go, you can start by installing the Christmas Countdown Widget. This WordPress Plugin adds a widget to the Widgets page and it can be dragged and dropped in any sidebar where you want to display the countdown. It works automatically, with the countdown getting updates automatically every year and starting all over again.

2. Christmasify:-Christmasify! brings a wide range of Christmas-related features that can be added to the site to give it a festive makeover. These include falling snowflakes, animated flying Santa, Christmas music, decorative images, and font. The options page lists these features that can be chosen by checking the checkbox that lies beside each one. The effects are togglable so that you can choose the ones you like.

3. MMX- Make Me Christmas:- This is another plugin that enables you to add eye-catching animation and special effects such as Christmas hanging, Christmas tree, snowfall, snowman, and Santa Claus.

4. WP Christmas eCard:- This is a great option if you want to design a welcome card for inviting your friends, families, and colleagues to the site. It offers several amazing features such as 16 backgrounds, 10 sound files, style editing, ability to write personalised greeting text, and more.

5. Christmas Lights:- This is one of those plugins that will instantly give a cheerful look to your website as it offers a string of animated lights that features on it to welcome the visitors. Nothing much to do with this one but the impact is simply awesome!

6. Random Christmas Fact Widget:- This plugin showcases more than 40 Christmas facts in a widget that is placed on the sidebar where you want to display them. The facts are refreshed every time the page is refreshed by the visitor.

7. Christmas Music:- A melodious offering for your visitors, Christmas Music allows you to play soft Jingle Bell music on a single page(s) or the entire website, as you may want to do. It includes pause and play buttons on the right base corner so that the users can disable or re-enable it.

8. WP Scheduled Themes:- With this plugin, you can manage different types of WordPress themes according to your needs. The current theme on the site will be overridden by the managed theme for a scheduled time interval.

9. Christmas Panda:- Another good festive addition is Christmas Panda, which allows you to add the snowfall effect, put decorations on the site, and even add a greeting pop-up to welcome the visitors. The modules can be turned on/off separately so that you have the option to choose the ones you like.

10. Snow Flurry:- This plugin enables you to customize the snowfall animation on the website, with the options to control various factors such as the snowflake size, color, falling speed, number of visible snowflakes, etc.

Conclusion:- Besides installing one or more of these plugins, there are some other measures that you need to take to gear up for the festivities. WordPress Speed Optimization is a must to ensure that your site is ready to meet the booming traffic demands of the season. There is also need to rework on the marketing strategies to pull in maximum traffic and boost conversions. WordPress India is a leading WordPress Development Company that you can trust for delivering a complete range of services needed to run a successful e-commerce website.

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