21 June

What Benefits The Minimum PHP Version Update for WordPress Offers To Developers?


From the past few years, the debate was going regarding the WordPress minimum version requirement, but it has officially ended with the announcement of PHP 5.6.2. WordPress has clearly mentioned that no support will be given to websites developed in PHP versions 5.2 to 5.5. PHP code works in the back-end of the WordPress website to build a fully feature-rich website. It is the only programming language that WordPress relies on, to make your site appealing in the way you want. Millions of people are unaware of the PHP version they are using.

But recently, it has become official WordPress Ends Support for PHP 5.2, thus users are getting notification regarding an upgrade to the latest PHP version and WordPress 5.2. Site owners who are not performing the upgrade will receive the security updates but would not have the benefit of the latest version until they avail upgrade service. The notification also helps the website owners with the necessary information to update.

Keeping PHP Up-to-Date Will Help The Website Owners in Multiple Ways as Mentioned:

1. Faster Website:- The latest version of PHP is more efficient and it will improve the performance of the website around three to four times. You will see a complete change than the previous versions.

2. Secured Website:- Security is the biggest concern of being online. Popular development platforms are the major targets of hackers. In order to integrate the latest security features, it is of very crucial to consider Updating the Minimum PHP Version. Older versions will not have sufficient support from the official community base when it is about security threats.

3. Better Online Visibility:- A smooth and engaging website is only successful if it is visible to end-users in search engine results. A faster loading site having properly placed content along with other features get a higher position in the search engines like Google and Bing. Search engine prefers websites that have optimized code.

4. Improve Customer Retention Rate:- Customers switch to another website which takes less time to load. If your website is fast in loading and effective, it will engage the visitors for a long duration. These are some of the most important reasons to update to latest PHP version today.

With unsupported versions, it will be difficult to upgrade to WordPress 5.6. Manually updating will also become impossible. WordPress encourages the website owners to directly update the PHP version to the latest PHP 7.3 version. The upgrade will benefit the site owners in driving more ROI, by improving the website speed and security.

Before You Upgrade To The Latest PHP version, Consider The Following Important Factors

The major concern that is faced by the WordPress Developers while updating the PHP version is the themes and plugins on the current site. The new version is not compatible with the older version plugins and themes. In such scenarios a couple of steps need to be followed:

1. Back-Up Your Existing Website:- If anything goes wrong during the update process, a back up will help to go back to the original version. A wide range of back up plugins are available for free, which you can use any time.

2. Update Themes and Plugins:- To ensure that the new version website works as per the requirement, it is important to update the themes and plugins on a regular basis.

3. Identify The PHP Compatibility:- To verify the plugins and themes compatibility, just install PHP compatibility plugin for better results.

4. Fix The Compatibility Errors:- You can take guidance from the experienced team of developers and ask them to fix the problem. If the issue can not be fixed, you can look for a similar functionality plugin and use them instead.

WordPress provides complete documentation for updating the PHP version. Many WordPress Development Services can help you with the update. WordPress India is a prominent development company that can perform the upgrade service in a very efficient way. Just share your requirements with us to get the best possible solution for the update service. Our team is experienced and skilled to handle all the challenges during the update work.

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