25 February

9 AMP WordPress Plugins for Enhancing Website Search, Speed & Tracking

It’s not easy to make your website visible and engaging in the ever-expanding digital space. Factors like speed, searchability, and content play a critical role in the success of a website. WordPress has long been known as a reliable platform for website development and content management. The availability of a vast array of plugins is what makes WordPress web development so popular.

The performance of websites on mobile devices has become one of the most important technical aspects of website development. This is mainly due to the unprecedented surge in the use of smartphones across the globe. Today, more people browse the internet from a mobile device than from a personal computer. Hence mobile devices are so important for websites. WordPress plugin development and related areas focus on improving a site’s performance on a mobile operating system.

In this blog, we’ll talk about 9 powerful WordPress plugins that use the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology. These plugins can dramatically improve the speed and search engine rank of your website on mobile devices. Many of these plugins are free. You can customize some of them according to your design needs.

1. AMP for WordPress (the official plugin)

The official AMP platform is the most commonly used WordPress plugin development tool for improving performance on mobile devices. The design of the plugin makes it functional for almost every kind of website. Major capabilities of this plugin include core theme support, CSS tree-shaking, and automated AMP markup insertion.

2. AMP for WordPress Plugin

AMP for WordPress is equipped with an array of functionalities, including AdSense support, email opt-in support, call to action support, etc. This plugin is most suitable if you are planning to redevelop your website. The use of this plugin will improve the scope of promoting your site across mobile devices.

3. Progressive Web App for WordPress
This AMP plugin enables developers to enhance the WordPress web development process by creating a snippets-like appearance of websites. The plugin ensures that the website appears in the form of snippets in mobile browser search results. The plugin is also called offline support. That’s because the website can load a split second if the user is somehow disconnected from the internet.

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4. Schema & Structured Data for WordPress
This AMP plugin provides different schema sorts for a website. It also offers a platform for publishing posts, news articles, product information, and videos, etc. The plugin also supports conditional display fields, enabling the website owner to decide what content, post, or pages get marked up.

5. Glue for Yoast SEO Plugin
The Glue plugin enables you to use both the Yoast SEO plugin and the official AMP plugin for a website. This plugin also enables you to customize your AMP content while retaining the beauty of the design features for AMP browsers. It’s highly useful for WordPress speed optimization service providers. They can use it for improving both the speed and the SEO ranking of a website.

6. Google AMP for WordPress
Google AMP is one of the newest entrants in the WordPress plugins market. This plugin, however, has already got immense popularity across the arena of WordPress web development. With this plugin in place, website owners can get as much as 5x faster loading for product descriptions. This plugin offers functionalities like slider support, related posts view, support for Google Analytics, and optional sticky header.

7. weeblrAMP CE
The weeblrAMP plugin creates a near-complete AMP version of an entire website. Besides, this plugin can integrate with several other WordPress web development tools, including Disqus, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook pixel, Yoast SEO, and WooCommerce.

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8. AMP It Up!
AMP It Up! Promises to make your website seamlessly AMP-friendly. This tool enhances the WordPress plugin development process by offering an array of functionalities. The plugin supports GDPR, HTTPS, Google Analytics, and YouTube. Besides, this tool adds social share buttons to website pages. It also improves website content by adding photos and AMP-compliant carousel.

9. AMP Stories for WordPress
AMP Stories enables you to create fast-loading website content even with heavy sites. This plugin is an important tool for WordPress speed optimization service. These stories are similar to Instagram stories which prompt website visitors to more closely engage with the content. More engagement is always better for your website and the overall business.

At WordPress India, all these WordPress development plugins are used according to the specific needs of our clients. Our developers repeatedly use these plugins to create the desired performance of websites. You can hire a WordPress developer to increase engagement and conversion on your website.



Q. What are the most important WordPress plugins?
Some of the most widely used WordPress plugins include AMP for WordPress (the official plugin), AMP for WordPress Plugin, Progressive Web App for WordPress, Schema & Structured Data for WordPress, Glue for Yoast SEO Plugin, Google AMP for WordPress, weeblrAMP CE, and AMP Stories for WordPress.

Q. Do WordPress plugins cost money?
WordPress plugins are code-based add-ons that enhance the performance of WordPress sites. While many plugins are free to use, premium plugins come with a charge.

Q. Do Web developers use WordPress?
WordPress is widely used by web developers across the globe. WordPress because it’s a popular content management system that’s easy to use and flexible system. WordPress as free, open-source which gives web developers access to the software source code and they can build any website on it.

Q. How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?
The cost of developing a WordPress website varies depending on your needs. If you need a basic website without any plugin, the cost will be lower. Customized websites with multiple plugins cost more.

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