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Top 7 AI-based WordPress Plugins You Can’t Afford to Miss Out

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Many WordPress site owners turn to a WordPress plugin development company to add a distinct functionality to their websites for a unique user experience. The use of artificial intelligence can play a vital role in the success of a WordPress website. The right artificial intelligence WordPress plugins can save you a lot of time, enhance your site performance, and make your website more secure. This article lists the top 7 AI-based WordPress plugins you can’t afford to miss out on. 

Why is AI Important for WordPress Plugins?

Your WordPress website will continuously evolve with time after its development. Standard WordPress plugins without artificial intelligence may work well initially but will lag in performance over time. You will need to hire WordPress experts to optimize your website performance and to make WordPress plugins work optimally.  

AI-based WordPress plugins keep learning and performing better while improving your website. Sometimes WordPress plugins using artificial intelligence take some time to learn about your website to perform well. So, you need to first allow these plugins to study your site before you judge them harshly. 

List of Best AI-based WordPress Plugins 


If you’re involved in WordPress customization services, you might be aware of this WordPress plugin. Akismet is one of the two plugins available on every website by default. It uses artificial intelligence to spot spam comments on your site. 

Spam comments are one of the serious problems faced by bloggers. Going through hundreds of comments can be time-consuming. And, if your comment section is filled with spam, you would want to remove spam comments from your page. This is a crucial part of your blog maintenance. 

2.Google Language Translator 

If your WordPress site targets a global audience, people from all over the world must be able to read your website content. But, can you do it without creating sites in multiple languages? Yes, of course! Google English Translator makes this possible. 

This WordPress plugin uses artificial intelligence from Google to automatically translate your site into multiple languages. Using dedicated WordPress hosting helps your website to get translated logically and appropriately into the user’s preferred language.  

3.After The Deadline 

Many content writers face challenges meeting the grammatical requirements. After the Deadline utilizes AI to check your grammar and enhance the readability of your content. It is a simple and smart way to write better content. 

Whether you write in British, Canadian, or American English, this AI-based WordPress plugin can make useful grammar recommendations for you. It also offers limited support for French and German. 


For bloggers or business website owners, it is important to ensure that your blog or web pages show up in search results to increase viewership for the websites. Therefore, optimizing your website content for search engines is crucial for your online visibility. WordLift automatically understands SEO guidelines to make your web content more SEO-friendly. 

It provides information associated with other articles and generates a knowledge graph that improves when you add more content to your site. 

5.Live Chat 24-7 

Integrating live chat functionality into your blog can be expensive for small-medium-sized blogs. This application allows you to provide some live chat features free of cost. You only need to sign up for a free account. 

One of the reliable AI-based WordPress plugins that provide live chat support is Live Chat 24-7. This plugin uses artificial intelligence to learn and deliver real-time customer support service. It keeps on learning to perform better over time. 

6.Quttera Web Malware Scanner 

As a WordPress website owner, you want to keep your site secure against malware and hackers. This is one of the popular AI-based WordPress plugins that can scan your website to help you know if your site has been compromised or hacked.  

However, it doesn’t guarantee the complete protection of your website. It only suggests remedies and plans when you have a problem. It is an effective defense tool that you can use on your website. For advanced security of your WordPress site, you can always hire WordPress experts for your website’s security requirements. 

7.Related Posts for WordPress by Bibblio 

Interlinking related pages on your WordPress website is a good way to enhance your SEO and keep users on your website. However, keeping track of relevant web pages may as your create new pages is not an easy task. 

This WordPress plugin analyzes the behavior of the users who use your website to show relevant posts to them. You can persuade your users to navigate different pages on your site without linking manually between different pages. 

How AI-based WordPress Plugins Improve Your Site 

Using AI-based WordPress plugins can improve the performance of your blog or business websites. You can use these plugins can help you enhance your website, increase the visibility of your website on search engines, and reach out to a more global audience. They can do much more for you at a very affordable rate. 

However, if you’re looking for advanced solutions for your WordPress website, you can hire WordPress experts from a reputed WordPress development company 

WordPress India is a leading name when it comes to WordPress website development. We offer a wide range of WordPress development services at an affordable rate. So, whether you need to build a WordPress website from scratch or fully customize it according to your needs, you can contact us with your WordPress requirements today! 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1. What is the cost of custom WordPress plugin development? 

Ans. The cost of custom WordPress plugin development may vary according to the features and complexity of your plugin, the experience level of the WordPress plugin developer, the time taken to build the plugin, and the location of the WordPress plugin development company you choose.  

Q.2. How do I know if a WordPress plugin is safe to use? 

Ans. If you want to know if your WordPress plugin is safe, you can check this at WPScan Vulnerability Database. This service lists plugins along with their known security vulnerabilities. You can check a plugin by name or filter all security issues related to the plugin alphabetically. 

You can even hire WordPress experts if you want to ensure that your website uses secure plugins or you want to fix any security vulnerability of your WordPress site. 

Q.3. Can you fully customize my WordPress website? 

Ans. Our WordPress customization services enable us to customize WordPress websites according to your requirements. We have expertise in customizing WordPress themes and plugins and adding a unique look and functionality to your website. 

Got More Questions? Feel Free to Ask Our WordPress Experts! 

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